85 Part 1


  1. Taking The Kings’ Encampments: Part Two


“Good grief! Tiara is doing something unpredictable as always.”


“Keith, everything will be over if you say something, won’t it?”


“Wait, I don’t want to be told that by you, Pheles.”



Watching Tiararose and Crail stormed out of the room, Keith let out a long sigh. Pheles might be mocking them, but viewing from a third-person perspective, the three of them behaved similarly.



Akari’s heart was racing with excitement, while quietly witnessing the series of scenes and anticipating what was to come.



“Prince Aqua, are you going to take the encampment and bless Marineforest?”


“Yes. … Speaking of which, why is Miss Akari here?”


“It’s only natural for me to come rushing when there’s an important matter regarding Marineforest! I was lucky to come just in time to join Miss Tiara.”



Even though Akari announced her purpose with a triumphant face, anyone watching would personally think it was a nuisance ….



“But doesn’t that mean you have to go around the entire Marineforest? That sounds tough.”


“I’ll go around, indeed. I think very highly of this country, after all.”


“… Prince Aqua.”



Moving across this territory from one end to the other would certainly take days. The fairy kings could use transference in the first place, but Aquasteed couldn’t.


That aspect could be an overwhelming disadvantage for him.



With her fingers on the lips, Akari mumbled, “Hmm,” while immersed in thoughts.



Akari loved all the characters in the sequel, including the fairy kings. The main part was undoubtedly for Aquasteed to capture the encampments, but she wished everyone could win. 


Noticing Akari’s troubled expression, Aquasteed was perturbed imagining what in the world she could be scheming this time, though it was only his groundless speculation.



“I’ve got to support Prince Aqua this time! You’re my best friend’s husband, after all!!”


“Uh, what …?”


“Don’t worry, please leave it to me. Even though I look like this, I’m a heroine.”



Brimming with self-confidence, Akari clasped both hands to pray in front of Aquasteed.  This is a sacred prayer only the heroine can handle.



“Miss Akari, honestly what are you trying to do?!”


“Shut up. This is a rare occasion because it’s the first time I’m praying earnestly!”



Grinning ear to ear, Akari started chanting her prayer.



“The magical power of Lapis within me, please transform that power at once and bestow it upon this person.”


“— Ugh!!”



Akari’s prayer became magical power that gradually transformed into Aquasteed’s ability.


A faint light wrapped around Aquasteed, changing form into a new ability that can only be used temporarily.



“Yep, it went smoothly. I lent Prince Aqua the transference ability I possess. With this, I think you will have no problem keeping up with the fairy kings.”


“Is it even possible to transfer such power to someone else …?”


“I was gambling whether it would work or not.”



Akari grinned while giving a peace sign.



“Now, go do your best and become the king. Prince Aqua! I look forward to the new Marineforest you and Miss Tiara will create.”



With a smile, Akari saw the three of them off.





◇ ◇ ◇




Crail was chasing after Tiararose.


Keith started to move aiming to acquire his encampment.


Aquasteed, who was to become king of the Starry Sky, started moving solo as well.



“First of all, shall I look for the form of blessing to pour my power into …?”



Just about everything was his first experience. It was so confusing. As for Keith and the others, this was not their first attempt at taking the encampments. They had previous experience, which gave Aquasteed an overwhelming disadvantage.



For a start, Aquasteed arrived at a place on a hill overlooking the royal castle. It was a popular tourist spot, where flowers were differently colored according to each season.


Could this swift and gentle night breeze brushing on his face be an indication of the blessing from the sky fairies?



“Marineforest encampments, huh?”



The boundless territory of Marineforest had earned its recognition as a great power. The total area easily reached about 7 million km2. If compared to a continent on earth, it would slightly be smaller than Australia ….


Vertical and horizontal lines were formed over the territory, creating square grids. There were ten lines in each direction.



Nonetheless, the area of each grid was still immense.



“It will be tough if I can’t do this efficiently.”



To become king of the Starry Sky, Aquasteed had to win. The condition to win was by acquiring his territory larger than what Pheles currently owned. By doing so, he would show his superiority over Pheles as a king.



Well, let’s move.


At the moment Aquasteed thought so, the atmosphere of Marineforest shook. Then he felt an overflowing power of the forest.



— Could Lord Keith have acquired an encampment?



“I must find the fairy’s blessing soon ….”



A blessing had the same form as things that existed in nature.


It could be a flower, a nut, a coral, or a falling leaf.  To find it, he had to love and be loved by the fairies.



Another possible method would be for the fairies to directly reveal their whereabouts.


Aquasteed looked around his surroundings and spotted three sky fairies flying around merrily. Without further delay, he asked them the location of the blessing.



“I’d like you to tell me the location of the blessing.”


“It’s Aqua –-!”


“He said blessing. What to do? Is it that? It must be that! Shall we tell him?”



The fairies seemed to know the location of the blessing and began a discussion about whether to tell Aquasteed or not.



“If compensation is required, I will make the arrangement. So please, tell me.”



Their eyes gleamed upon hearing Aquasteed’s offer.



“Compensation! In that case, since we are about to look after the trees, please help us –-!”


“Look after?”



Immediately, many sky fairies gathered and pulled Aquasteed, then led him into a small forest at the foot of the hill. As he was observing and wondering what the fairies were up to, a remarkably strong wind blew.





“Aaah –-!”



Leaves were fluttering around the frolicking fairies. The looking after they were referring to was the cleaning up of leaves that had been blown off the trees by the wind.


The fallen leaves were often left sprawled on the ground, but the fairies would help animals create kips when requested.



“Sky fairies do such things as well …?”

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