86 Part 1


11. Taking The Kings’ Encampments: Final Part/Part Three

There might be a way to rescue Aquasteed, Pheles, and the others from the overwhelming power of the Starry Sky. Realizing the possibility and with that purpose in mind, Tiararose dashed with all her might —.


“Hey, Tiararose! Wait!!”

“Please don’t chase me, Lord Crail!”


Tiararose and Crail were running strenuously through the crystal corridor.

However, she couldn’t afford to stop. There was only a three-hour time limit for unifying the rings. She might as well explain the situation to Crail, but time was of the essence.


The method to unify the rings of the fairy kings would require Tiararose to wrap them with her magical power and recreate them into a unified ring. That method was good in itself, but the location where it was to be performed was a problem.

Could it be because this was a maiden game event? It seemed the unification had to be performed in a sacred place called the Prayer Room.


Not only she had no clue how far it would be, the path there might not be direct either.

With these uncertainties, Tiararose had never been in such a hurry before. Incidentally, Transference couldn’t be used to move around within places made with crystals.

Even if she requested Crail to assist, it would be impossible to close the distance.


“I gave Aquasteed the ring of the Sky fairy King. How could it be used so arbitrarily and forcefully for taking the encampments …?!”


Crail thought to himself and wondered if it might have been meaningless to give his ring to Aquasteed.


“As expected, Lord Crail knows everything…”


Crail could finally catch up with Tiararose, who was gasping for air while running. She paced down to walking speed but didn’t stop.

Seeing Tiararose in such a state, Crail sighed.


“I don’t know everything. I think Tiararose and Olivia Ariadel are mysterious existences, in particular. How was it possible for you to possess information that only we should know?”

“Th-that’s ….”

“I don’t even know where you’re currently heading, Tiararose.”


Tiararose perceived Crail’s voice as somewhat vexing.


     — A place where even the fairy kings do not know of its existence?

Tiararose assumed that it would be the most important place so far. Originally, it should have been a place where the sequel heroine Aishira should have gone instead of the villanous daughter herself.


“… Prince Aqua said that he would become the king. If Prince Aqua leads Marineforest, I would like to support him by his side.”

“Is the place you’re heading to now needed for that?”

“Yes. I will support Prince Aqua, your Highness Pheles, and Lady Lilia as well. This is the willpower of the villainous daughter!”



Upon hearing Tiararose’s adamant intention, Crail replied, “Indeed.”


“Indeed, Tiararose is a strong child.”

“Because Prince Aqua was there for me. … I was exiled by the crown prince of my homeland, who was once my ex-fiancee. At that time, Prince Aqua supported me.”


So, this time I will support Prince Aqua.

Since then, she had always wanted to be Aquasteed’s ally at any cost.


“Truly, I can’t rival both of you at all”

“… Huh?”

“I wish I could walk with Pearl together.”


The side of Crail’s face appeared lonely as he was walking beside her.

Pearl had been asleep for a long time since she gave Tiararose and Aquasteed a blessing. Even now, Crail had more often been spending time at the Pearl’s palace than his own temple.


     — But Lady Pearl must have liked Lord Crail.

It would be a long while before Pearl woke up, but Tiararose thought that she would be the happiest of all when she did.


Suddenly, she realized that it would be pertinent for Crail to keep going with her.


“Lord Crail, is it all right for you not to participate in the taking of fairy kings’ encampments?”


Most likely, Aquasteed and Keith were competing in taking the encampments.

Crail stopped walking as soon as he heard her concern. As if it were contagious, Tiararose had mindlessly stopped walking as well. She saw Crail a few steps behind her, cracking a smile as if saying he had forgotten it completely.


“You’re right. I’ll participate in it too. … Tiararose, in case you can’t stand the enormous power, try pouring it in.”

“You said pour in, but into where?”

“That’s the only hint I can give you. I can’t tell you the answer.”



Tiararose listened obediently, thinking that Crail’s advice was irrelevant, but could also be something important. For the time being, she didn’t possess an immense power she couldn’t bear ….

Thinking about the possibilities of what could happen to her body, she became worried.


“Well then, see you later.”



After seeing Crail off to the surface, Tiararose began to continue walking farther inside.



When she thought the crystal corridor would go on forever, an emerald color door was projected into her view. Tiararose felt relieved to finally be able to move farther.

She thought that it would be laborious to continue walking like that along the same passage.


“Well, it would be perfect if this is the Prayer Room …. Huh?”


Upon opening the door, she was greeted with a quiet sea palace.

The floor was soaked with a few centimeters of seawater. Pearl was sleeping at the center of it. Although the view of the bed sitting on top of the water was perplexingly miraculous, it wasn’t the appropriate time to worry about that.


“How come it’s Lady Pearl’s palace …?”


She went to the middle of the room and peered into the bed.

The Queen of the Sea faires, Pearl, was sleeping there with the same appearance that never changed at all.


The beautiful silvery-white straight hair was trimmed just below the shoulder. There were none of the hair accessories that she had always worn, but the shiny hair appeared beautiful just by itself. The comfortable nightwear was a kimono tailored with radiant color.


“She looks so comfortable in her sleep.”


Tiararose hadn’t seen Pearl since she received her blessing. She might have used up all her magical power, but she didn’t die. Witnessing that she was slumbering safely, somehow Tiararose felt relieved.


“But why did I end up here?  I wanted to go to the Praying —?!”


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