The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 156

  1. Country of Slyph and Country of Gnome

“You have something to ask me…?”



Slyph looked at Keith with a look of doubt; however, Keith is not a man who’d be concerned with that.

He shared that Tiararose and the others came to Phylargia to meet Slyph and obtain information about the spirits, mainly about the Gnome, and that it involves the rescue of Luciarose.


“We have already confirmed that Lucia’s magic power is in this country.”



Within the short span of time before Emerald called out to them, Keith has already found Luciarose’s magic power.

He doesn’t know about the exact location, but he knew that she’s located underground of this country.



“What are you talking about-?”

“Tell us the Gnome’s location.”



Keith said forcefully and Slyph was at a loss for words. Right after that the Slyph shouted “no way”. It seems like Slyph refuses to share the information to a total stranger.


“It seems like the Slyph knows the location.”

“The Slyph knows!?”


After Keith said that, Tiararose looked at Slyph.

Just earlier, Tiararose’s happy enough that Keith located Luciarose’s magic power, and now her hopes of going to the Gnome’s location has grown even larger.


Tiararose took a step out and bowed towards Slyph.


“Slyph, please tell us the location of Gnome.”



Slyph was troubled by the straightforward Tiararose and escaped to the back of Emerald.


“What on earth is going on? Lady Tiararose, would you tell me the reason?”


It seems like Emerald is the person who is most confused right now.

She’s surprised that Tiararose and the others know about the existence of Slyph, and to add on to that, they were asking for the location of the Gnome.


From Emerald’s viewpoint, her side might appear like antagonists.

Tiararose decided that it might be better to tell the truth and seek for the cooperation. The kind Emerald would probably lend a help.

With such thoughts, Tiararose was about to open her mouth when Slyph stuck out her tongue cheekily and said no way.


“Emerald, you don’t have to deal with these people!”

“Slyph, you shouldn’t say things like that. I’m sure there’s some reason…”



Emerald was trying to convince Slyph, but the latter used the power of wind and disappeared on the spot.




Tiararose instantly reached her hand out to stop Slyph but she was only grabbing the air.


“I’m sorry. Slyph might look like that but she’s actually shy. She has been rather disrespectful and I apologize for that.”

“…No, I’m sorry for being too intrusive.”


The development of the situation was too sudden that she forgot to take the right steps. Tiararose bowed and apologized to Emerald.


“I don’t mind about it. I know that something bad must have happened.”

“Princess Emerald, please allow me to explain the situation.”

“King Aquasteed… yes, please. It’s a little inappropriate to talk here, so let’s head to my room.”


Tiararose and the others headed to Emerald’s room from the rooftop and Aquasteed explained about the situation.




Emerald linked her fingers with a grave look and sighed deeply.

The black tea that was prepared for them has already become cold.


“I have never expected for something like that to happen…”


After hearing the situation, Emerald became dizzy. After all, she did not believe that Gnome has kidnapped the princess of a huge kingdom…

However, if that’s true, it’s an international problem. Even though the country of Gnome has not been acknowledged, Aquasteed and the others know that they have contacts with Phylargia.


Tiararose drank the hot tea that were prepared for them and tried to calm down. She has become quite mellowed compared to earlier.

Even so, she still hopes to rescue Luciarose as soon as possible.


Emerald looked at Tiararose and furrowed her eyebrows worriedly.


“I’m sure you cannot sleep at night as Lady Luciarose was taken away… the soil spirit Gnome has contacts with our country.”


“Yes, I have never met the Gnome in person before, but we have transactions for food supplies; however, the person in charge of that’s Slyph.”


Therefore, Emerald could not guide them to the location of Gnome, and they have to convince Slyph no matter what.

Emerald shared about the little information she knows about the country of Gnome.


“The land ruled by Gnome is in Phylargia… to be precise, there’s an entrance to the underground here.”


Therefore, Emerald does not know exactly how huge the country is.


“Elly kingdom is the country of dwarfs where the Gnome overlords.”



Tiararose was surprised by Emerald’s words.


“It’s normal to be surprised. Dwarfs were thought to be imaginary creatures after all.”

“Yes… I never expected them to really exist.”


–There are still so many things I don’t know about this world.


The fairies appeared in the game but the spirits and dwarfs did not. At this rate, it wouldn’t be surprising if there’re dragons.


“They survive on blacksmith works.”




Blacksmith would mean making weapons like swords.


-Indeed, there are many comics or games with dwarfs as blacksmiths.


Tiararose was thinking about that, but Aquasteed, who’s beside her, looked at Emerald with a serious expression.


“You said that there’re transactions for food supplies, right? Does that involve weapons created by them…?”



After hearing what Aquasteed has said, Tiararose was at a loss for words.


-I see; if the weapons made by the dwarfs had all been delivered to Phylargia…

It would not be thought of as a peaceful small kingdom, but rather one that carries powerful weapons. That would become a threat to the neighboring countries.


However, Aquasteed’s worries were squashed immediately.


“Indeed, there were also weapons, but there weren’t much; most of the goods involve tools.”


Tiararose rubbed her chest in relief when Emerald said that.


“This country is not concerned about wars; the dwarfs mainly make windmills and farming goods for us. They also make cooking equipments like fry pans and cutters for desserts.”

“The dwarfs make dessert equipments…!?”


The wonderful keyword made Tiararose respond subconsciously.

Tiararose covered her mouth and smiled telling her to continue on.


“This is all I know of them; the dwarfs could be rather hard to deal with sometimes but they’re generally kind…”


Emerald said that they were not the type to pick a fight.


“Why did Gnome take Lady Luciarose away? I have heard from Slyph that Gnome does not come out from the underground and tries not to make contact with humans.”


Tiararose received information about the Gnome’s personality, but it is not enough.

Aquasteed voiced out this time round, saying that there’s no other way but to deal with Slyph.


“It seems like there’s no other way but to ask directly. Princess Emerald, is it possible for us to speak to Slyph once again?”

“I will try to plead Slyph too.”

“Thank you very much.”


Emerald stretched her hands into the air and summoned Slyph in the same way as earlier.


“…what is it? I don’t know them.”


Slyph appeared once again, faced away and hid behind Emerald once again.

However, Slyph would appear whenever summoned by Emerald so she might be a good person.


“There’s no need to hide, Slyph. Lady Tiararose and the others are in trouble, so I hope you’d help them out.”

“Why should I do that…?”


Slyph would probably say that she’d refuse it. However, she did not continue her words after seeing Keith’s glare.


“You should stop it. We are in an emergency right now.”


Keith said that and stood up before walking towards Slyph.

After that Slyph stepped backwards to maintain a distance from Keith.


“W-What is it?! I’m the wind spirit Slyph! You think it’d be a good idea to intimidate me like that?!”

“Hah, is a spirit all that powerful?!”



Slyph inched backwards to the corner of the room with nowhere to go and Keith punched the wall.




Slyph was confused and looked like she was going to cry; Tiararose hurriedly stood up. Indeed, it’s urgent, but there’s no need to be this harsh.


“Keith, violence is—”


Tiararose was about to stop Keith, but he stopped her from talking with his left hand.


“I know. I’m not serious. But you’re still a young spirit, right? You should have known from my age.”

“Eh, eh, eh…?”

“What, so you know that I’m not a human, but you don’t know about my true identity?”


Keith laughed when he saw Slyph’s response.


“I’m the forest fairy king. You are still a young spirit so don’t think you’d win me.”



That’s why, even if Slyph tries to make trouble, it wouldn’t bother him. Keith said that and Slyph covered her mouth and was about to cry.


After seeing that, Emerald smiled saying “well…”

All these while, Slyph has been at a high position as the wind spirit. Although Slyph only has contact with Emerald in this country, she has self-awareness of her high position.


However, for the first time in Slyph’s life- she comes across another person who has a higher position than her. There’s someone who Slyph cannot crosses.


“I, I…”

“What, so you’re still not telling us?”


Keith glared at Slyph once again and she shook her head.


“I’ll do anything for Keith!”



This time round, Keith was the one being confused.

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