104 Part 2

Well, you are cute so please smile more.”


Saravia broke into a grin but Tiararose just returned that with a wry smile.


“King Saravia, please have some of the sweets. The professionals have put in their efforts into making it so they’re very delicious.”

“Thank you, I thought about this back at the masquerade ball too, but Marineforest’s desserts and sweets look extremely beautiful. I wish my country would learn something from this.”

“It’s an honour to be told something like that. Thank you very much.”


Regarding sweets, Tiararose has always been leading from the forefront, so the skills of the professionals have been growing rapidly.

They were so professional that it wouldn’t be shameful to display their skills outside of the country. At this point of time, it could be said that they were already one of the representatives of Marineforest.


Tiararose agreed readily with a nod at how her favourite sweets were praised.


“I love sweets too so I often talk to the professionals behind it.”

“Eh, do you make it too?”

“My skills are not up on par compared to the professionals but it’s fairly good.”


Saravia was a little surprised and muttered ‘that’s amazing.’


“Normally royal family members will not cook or bake. I wish you will also make some homemade sweets for me.”

“No, I’m not that good to make one that could be served to King Saravia.”

“Eh~? Kitty’s homemade sweets sound delicious though.”


‘Is that really impossible?’ Saravia said that and looked at her.

No matter what, it’s not something that could be served to the royal family member of another kingdom so Tiararose shook her head. It’s a different matter if it’s her friends like Akari but it’s impossible for Saravia.

He might plot a scheme if she does that.


Tiararose tends to end up speaking casually when the conversation revolves around the topic of sweets so she decided to be mindful of it.

Saravia grinned when he saw that.


“That’s nice, really.”


“You are normally graceful but you looked extremely cute when you let your guard down for a bit. You are not afraid of me, neither do you try to flatter me, it makes me want you more.”


Saravia narrowed his eyes and looked into Tiararose’s eyes with intense heat; this made her want to step back but she could not do that to the King of another kingdom.

She put on a political smile and tried to evade from the talk. While Tiararose was thinking of that, she doubted her ears at what Saravia said next.


“In order to obtain Kitty, I have come here after separating from all my concubines.”


“From now on, I promise to only love Kitty… no, Tiararose. Therefore, please become my wife and come to Sandrose.”


Nononono, what on earth is this guy talking about?

Her mouth was left gaping, just like the saying.

He separated from all his concubines to marry Tiararose? In the first place, Tiararose has a husband, Aquasteed, who’s important to her.

Saravia was resolved to steal her away from him and it makes her want to bury her head.


“Of course, you will become my wife, right?”

“Nononono, I’m Sir Aquasteed’s wife!!”


Saravia winked at her, and without realizing it Tiararose voice trembled; she tried to cover her mouth.

Although Saravia has made a lot of disrespectful remarks, he’s still the King of another kingdom after all. Even if she’s going to reject him, she’s careful to make sure she does it in a respectful manner.


However, Saravia’s not someone who minds about such actions of Tiararose.


“It’s fine, just relax. I like your natural self after all.”

“…No. I’m the Queen of Marineforest after all.”


Tiararose apologized for being rude and corrected her manner of speech.


-Or rather, it’s King Saravia who should not be so frivolous.

Since they were both members of the royal family, Tiararose hoped that he would at least be a little nervous about that.


“I’m grateful for King Saravia’s feelings but I do not plan to leave Sir Aquasteed.”

“I’m prepared for a long battle.”

“That’s not the issue here…”


Tiararose panicked about what to do when Aquasteed has arrived.


“Sorry to keep you waiting, King Saravia. Why are you here today?”

“Ah, King Aquasteed. No, actually I just wanted to talk to your Queen.”

“You mean with Tiara…?”


Without changing his look of smile, Aquasteed walked towards Tiararose’s side.


“What kind of talk? Please let me join in the conversation.”

“Well, it’s a talk that requires the permission of yours. I haven’t gotten a good reply for that, but I’m thinking of making Tiararose my wife.”


Saravia said that he has separated from his concubines and Aquasteed thought that this is troublesome… and sighed in his mind.


“Sir Aquasteed, I…”

“I know, Tiara.”


Tiararose looked sorry and faced Aquasteed with a troubled look.

Of course, Aquasteed shared the same feelings as her and there’s no way he will agree to Saravia.


“I will not hand Tiararose over, even if this meant that Sandrose will become my enemy. Will you want to do that? King Saravia.”

“King Aquasteed, you sure have good eyes. However, I won’t give up either. Therefore, I’ll have you let me stay in Marineforest for a while. Of course, I promise not to do anything overboard.”


Adding on, Saravia said that while he’s staying there, he will finance for the imports from Sandrose. Leaving aside the fact that he’s eyeing for Tiararose, it’s not a bad condition, or rather it could be said to be a rather good one.


Aquasteed sighed openly and looked at Saravia.


“What are you going to do if I tell you I’ll refuse…?”

“Well. I’ll stay in some random inn and continue in my approach to Kitty.”

“…I got it; I’ll prepare a room for you.”


No matter what, Saravia does not seem to be returning to Sandrose, so in that case it was better to have him kept under watchful eyes, thus he gave his permission.

If he’s going to stay in the castle, he can prepare some knights to observe him, under the guise of being his bodyguards.


It seems like peaceful days will not come for a while.

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