105 Part 2

Aishira’s source of information seems to come from the sea fairies. Indeed, it’s not strange for them to possess information that’s not known to humans.

The fairies live in Marineforest and do not go to the territory of other countries… but the sea is connected by water. That’s probably how they obtained the information.


Pausing for a moment, Aishira revealed something shocking.


“…It appears that the oasis of Sandrose has started to dry up little by little.”

“Eh, the oasis?”


Sandrose’s a huge desert so the importance of the oasis was huge. Most of the villages and streets were built in the vicinity of the oasis and it was said to be a blessed place.

If that’s indeed true, the issue might be even more severe than what Tiararose has imagined.


-The King is staying away from the kingdom when it’s in such a state?

Unless there’s a groundbreaking plan, it might be difficult for him to move about? Tiararose thought about that and immediately came into realization.


“Perhaps, what King Saravia wanted from me was… the divination protection of the sea fairy king?”


Using the power of Tiararose, it could be possible for the water of the oasis to be restored. In that case, it was understandable why the King himself forcibly came here.


“It’s natural to think that way… but it seemed to me that he really wanted Tiara for himself.”

“Sir Aqua…”


Aquasteed said that his original purpose might have been for the revival of the oasis, but it might not be strange to think that he’s charmed by Tiararose after meeting her.

Saravia might appear to be frivolous but it’s hard to understand his true intentions.


Aquasteed gently stroke Tiararose’s hair with his hand and smiled ‘it’s alright.’


“I won’t hand Tiara over to Sandrose. I had Elliot conduct various investigations too.”

“It must have been difficult to conduct an investigation about other countries.”


Elliot made a wry smile and explained about the Sandrose’s situation.


“It was as what Lady Aishira has said; Sandrose’s oasis has started to dry up. However, it seemed like the water level has just dropped and not many people noticed about it. The ones who noticed are probably King Saravia and a few people.”

“Therefore, he cannot make an official movement, huh.”


If he were to deploy a large group of people to conduct investigations about it, the fact will be made known to the citizens. However, if Saravia makes the move himself, they would not have guessed what he’s up to.

If he’s normally a frivolous playboy, the civilians will probably think that he’s just trying to pursue a lady from another country.


Even so, that’s just a conjecture about Saravia’s movement and they do not know the truth.

Elliot made a wry smile and revealed his conjecture.


“Indeed, King Saravia might look like a lazy person at first glance, but it’s also true that he possesses power in the Sandrose Kingdom. He was enthroned as the King three years ago and things have not declined since the days of the previous King.”

“Even though he looks like that, he’s doing his work properly huh…”


He’s someone who calls Tiararose kitty with a smile, but he did reveal a gap in his personality during the conversations and competition he had with Aquasteed.


-King Saravia seems more and more like a mysterious person.

For now they have to observe him for a while and Tiararose gave a soft sigh.




“Shall I do some digging into the situation? King Saravia visits me almost every day so…”


Tiararose thought that he might tell her everything if she asked about it and proposed the idea, but Aquasteed immediately dismissed it with a ‘no’ and shook his head.


“Tiara, do you understand what kind of situation you are in now? In fact, I really want to have you cooped up in my room so that the King Saravia will not be able to see you.”


“Of course I’ll not have you approach him yourself.”


Aquasteed leaned towards Tiararose. They were so close that their lips were almost touching and she uncontrollably gulped.


“I won’t give you the permission, got it?”



Aquasteed warned her while narrowing his eyes and Tiararose could only just nod repeatedly.

Her heart was beating hard and she’s actually happy to be told that… Tiararose decided to be obedient this time round.


She always made movements by herself and cause Aquasteed to worry.


“However… if this continues like this, wouldn’t it take a while before the issue will be resolved? Sandrose is a huge country so I was thinking that it’d be good to help them out to be on their good side…”

“Well, that’s indeed the case but… let’s think about that later. Tiararose should not do anything for now.”



Aquasteed seemed to be thinking seriously about that… so Tiararose decided to let him be when she was suddenly kissed.


“S-Sir Aqua!? Why are you doing this so suddenly at such a place…!!”


‘Everyone’s in the office!’ Tiararose sounded anxious and Aquasteed grinned.

He then looked around the room and said ‘is that so?’


“I mean- eh no one’s here!?”

“Elliot’s occupied by something else, Philiane has retreated, and Lady Aishira bowed and left to ask the fairies about the matter.”


Aquasteed said that since Saravia often visit her recently in the afternoon, there aren’t much occasions where the two of them could spend some leisure time together, and that’s probably the reason why Elliot and the others decided to be considerate.

Tiararose also thought about that, but they were in the middle of an important conversation! However, it’s true that it’s not like they will come up with a conclusion just by talking.


Tiararose furrowed her brows while leaning against Aquasteed’s shoulder in a spoilt manner.


“In that case, I’ll allow myself to be spoiled by you! It was tough dealing with King Saravia after all.”


He’s looking at her in a romantic manner and he’s also the King of Sandrose, so she has to be careful in every interaction she had with him. There were several times when she wanted to burst out in anger and say ‘stop it already!’


Looking at Tiararose being like that, Aquasteed said ‘should I chase him out?’



“He’s indeed the King of Sandrose but I don’t intend to forgive him for causing so much unhappiness to you, Tiara. Marineforest is not inferior to Sandrose after all.”


She could not figure if Aquasteed was joking or serious about it.


-After all it seemed like he would really do that.

Or rather, if the matter with Tiararose escalates… he will really probably do that.


-It makes her extremely happy to be told that.


“I understand that you are saying that for me, but you shouldn’t get the country involved in it.’

“…That’s so you to say that, Tiara. I got it. I will protect Tiara so there shouldn’t be a problem. However, please tell me if there’s anything that bothers you or makes you uncomfortable.”



Since Aquasteed told her he will protect her, he will definitely do it. It makes her feel secure and she does not feel uneasy at all.

Aquasteed will definitely protect this country and her this way.


-She wants to do her best for Sir Aqua who has always been supporting her by her side.


Thinking about that, Tiararose held Aquasteed’s hand.

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