Welcoming Party

“Tiara, are you tired?”

”No, but thank you for asking, Aqua-sama”


 Aquasteed gently wraps his arms around Tiararose while slowly stroking her hair. She felt relieved by this action as if all of her worries were being washed away.

 After arriving at Marineforest, she had met the heroine Aishira. That terribly rattled Tiararose, making her even more scared.


 Coming to the end of their 20 days of travel, they have finally arrived at the royal palace so Tiararose is now resting in her room.

 She is scheduled to greet the king and the other nobles after tomorrow. Right now, the anxious Tiararose spends her free time being pampered by Aquasteed.


“Tell me immediately if you need something, okay?”

“Thank you”


 Aquasteed surveyed the room, pondering if everything is complete. However, since all of her essentials has already been prepared, Tiararose shook her head, convinced that everything is alright.

 Her room that was beautifully arranged is composed of a parlour, the main chamber and the bedroom. The parlour is currently being arranged by Philliane so they are currently having their tea time at the main chamber.

 The types of furniture in the room are white based with a relaxing feel to it. Even light coloured curtains were prepared which definitely matched the ambience of Tiararose.


“My room is located upstairs. If there’s any problem, do not hesitate to visit me”



 Since Tiararose has not yet grasped the places inside the palace, she must rush and familiarize it. And thus, busy days will continue for a while for her.

 ’If I do so, I might be able to get Aishira-sama off my mind’  Tiararose thought as she sips her tea.


“Just like what you’ve been told, it will be your welcoming party 3 days from now. And of course I have prepared a dress for you, will you wear it for me?”


 Aquasteed has prepared a blue empire line dress in advance, thinking that it will surely suit her.

 In his opinion, the dress was perfect for the adorable and fluffy Tiararose. For this reason, Aquasteed couldn’t wait to be her escort.


“You have prepared a dress for my sake? I’m so happy, thank you so much”

“Aahh, seriously, you’re so adorable”



 Seeing Tiararose smile so happily, he couldn’t help but hug her, finding her cute.

 Travelling in a carriage is quite uncomfortable. Since they are finally in the palace, he wanted to pamper Tiararose.

 Just like always, he landed kisses on her forehead, then on her eyelids, to her cheeks down to her lips. Although he has done this so many times, Tiararose gets embarrassed each time, with her cheeks flushed pink.

 It was that innocent part of her that is so adorable, it makes Aquasteed kiss her even more. He lightly touched her lips with his as he secretly looked at her reaction.





 ――Just what is this cute little creature

 With a trembling body, Tiararose gazed over Aquasteed. It’s as if she was some kind of small animal, it just wanna make Aquasteed protect her.


”There’s still a year before our marriage huh……”



 Aquasteed murmurs, gaining a curious look from Tiararose. She then asked him about why he seemed to be complaining.


“That’s too long. I want to make you my wife right away……”

“Aqua-sama…… My, that is not good, you know? I must undergo a bridal training to be a useful wife for you. So please wait for a bit more”

“I know that”


 He let out a long sigh before kissing her once more. The sweet moans that spill from her lips tingle the ears of Aquasteed.

 As he tastes her lips for a little longer, a huge affection wailed up inside him.




 ◇ ◇ ◇


 Days passed by and the day of the welcoming party came.

 Getting ready for the party, Tiararose sat in front of her huge dresser. Philliane beautifully dressed her up while the ladies-in-waiting assist her to do so.

 Since the ones who were doing her preparations were all women, they all were having a very lively conversation.


“What kind of hairstyles are currently popular here in Marineforest? Since Tiararose-sama is the main lead for tonight’s party she has to be the most stunning”

“Half up hairstyles are really popular among the ladies these days. Since Tiararose-sama is really cute, how about we put some flowers together in it?”

”That is a wonderful idea”


 Philliane asked as she ties Tiararose’s hair. Since they seemed to be having a lot of fun, Tiararose didn’t chime into their conversation.

 She was happy to see Philliane and the other ladies-in-waiting do their best for her so she decided to let them do what they want.


“If that is so, I wonder if you could also put in a dark blue coloured flower for me?”

“A dark blue?”

“I thought that it would really be wonderful if I have one that is in the same colour as Aqua-sama’s hair”


 The ladies-in-waiting were taken aback by Tiararose’s words. They quickly agreed and told her how great her idea is.

 Tiararose’s cheeks flushed with embarrassment when she thought that what she had told them was too daring of her but she felt relieved upon seeing their reaction.

 One of the ladies-in-waiting excused herself to get the flower while Philliane and the others decide on what will the exact details of the hairstyle be.


“You are really pretty. I am sure his highness Aquasteed will be delighted once he sees you all dressed up”

“Thank you. Then I must really do my best for tonight”

“You will be alright, Tiararose-sama. You have been the example of every lady when it comes to a social gathering.”


 Philliane proudly said; it was as if she was talking about herself. But indeed, back in Lapis Lazuli, Tiararose serves as an example for the ladies.

 That’s how graceful she is.


 They stick the light blue and a bit of bright pink flowers on her hair. Then the lady who went ahead to get a flower presented a dark blue rose.

 Its uniqueness is absolutely stunning. Especially since a blue rose is very rare and cannot be easily obtained.


“That is…- Strangely, when I was looking for a flower in the garden, the rose was dyed blue right in front of my eyes”



 The lady who has brought the rose claimed that she herself does not know the reason behind it.

 When Tiararose was wondering about how it happened, Philliane spoke, saying, “Could it be?”


“Perhaps it is a gift from the fairies of the forest?”

“Eh? But can they do such a thing?”

“I have read it in a book before. It is said that the fairies of the forest are able to grow plants.”

“I’m sure that is it.”


 The ones who immediately agreed on Philliane’s words were the ladies-in-waiting.

 According to them, no one in the palace has ever received the blessings of the fairies of the forest before. Although there seems to be an account left stating that a princess who was liked by these fairies received a beautiful flower as a gift.


“Oh, I’m really happy. I should go and thank them next time.”

“Truly. If there are things that fairies would like, I would prepare them for you.”


 Tiararose felt happy by the unexpected present that she received. Now, she is wondering if Aquasteed would be delighted if he saw her wearing a rose of his colour.

 Those thoughts run in her mind as she restlessly awaits for Aquasteed’s arrival.




 ◇ ◇ ◇


 Trumpet sounds echoed loudly in the hall as Tiararose and Aquasteed made their entrance.

 The king and the queen were already present. The invited nobles who support the kingdom also filled the hall.


  Tiararose heads to the centre of the hall right after their entrance. She curties with Aquasteed by her side before they perform the first dance.

 By dancing, everyone would be able to acknowledge Tiararose’s presence. That is how a welcome party works in this world.


“Tiara, come”

“……. Yes”


 Aquasteed took Tiararose’s hand and slowly began dancing. The music matches their gentle movements.

 As Tiararose dances while smiling so happily, everyone got captivated by her. But of course, she wasn’t aware of that fact……


“Good grief, my Tiara is just so cute that I’m troubled”



 Although Aquasteed let out a wry smile while dancing, happiness was still evident from him. He puts his hand around her hips and elegantly escort her dance.

 It actually surprised Tiararose for it was her first time seeing someone who’s easy to dance with.


“That blue rose on your hair is really beautiful too. It’s in the same colour as my hair, it makes me think that you’re all mine alone”

“Ah……. But I am yours”


 The conversation that they were having as they dance was really sweet.

 Tiararose honestly nodded to Aquasteed’s words, saying that she belongs to him. Being told that by her with embarrassment visible in her features was too much for him to take.


 ――Is she doing this unconsciously? Really, she’s just too good in swaying me around.


“…… Now then, the dance is over”

”Yes, indeed”


 Lastly, they gazed at each other and ended the dance with a slight bow. Tiararose curtsied elegantly as they received a round of applause.

 Being escorted by Aquasteed, Tiararose makes her way to the king and queen to give them her greetings.

 And as if trying to calm herself, she walked slowly, step by step with Aquasteed by her side.


 Beyond the carpet, the king is sitting down on a luxurious chair, waiting for Tiararose to come.

 The name of this man who is the king of Marineforest and also Aquasteed’s father is Sotiris Marineforest. At the age of 40, he serves as the king who greatly steers the kingdom.

 While the person who serves as the queen and also Aquasteed’s mother is Lavina Marineforest. She, who is tolerant of everything, is also Aquasteed’s sympathizer.


 Tiararose kneels in front of the two and let out a words of joy.


“We were also looking forward on this welcoming party. Lady Tiararose, Marineforest welcome you with open arms”

“I am deeply delighted to have a lovely lady like you to be the wife of Aquasteed”

“I am not worthy of those words. but it makes me really happy. I will learn thoroughly for a year in order to support his highness Aquasteed in the future”


 Tiararose felt relieved by the warm welcome she received. She softly smiled, looking forward to what lies ahead.

 For the sake of that, she must not let the sequel’s heroine, Aishira, take Aquasteed away. In front of the king, she silently swore in her mind that she will definitely not run away this time.


 But then, her vow was put right into a test.

 After finishing their greetings, they went back to the hall and the first to greet them was Aishira.

 It made Tiararose flinch for a moment but she put up a front and curtsied. Aishira also returned it with a beautiful bow.

 The announcement of Tiararose and Aquasteed’s engagement has already been done prior to their arrival. And Aishira was the very first person who congratulated them.


“How do you find Marineforest? Is there anything that cause you discomfort?”

“No, his highness Aquasteed is taking a very good care of me so I do not feel any discomfort at all”

“My, I’m so glad to hear that. I actually want to get along with you more so…… Please do come and visit my house next time”


 Aishira took Tiararose into consideration and talked to her but Tiararose just can’t help but be defensive. She glances over at Aquasteed, seeking for what she should do.

 When she saw him nodded with a smile, she felt a little discouraged thinking that her visit is now decided. It’s a secret that she was kind of expecting him to refuse.


“Thank you Aishira-sama. I would love to”

“I’m happy to hear that. My estate is just right in front of the sea. It is really beautiful so please look forward to it”


 Aquasteed nodded to Aishira’s words.


“Lady Aishira’s sea is the best one here in Marineforest. I’m sure you’ll also be delighted upon seeing it, Tiara”

“I’m really looking forward to it. Since I still do not have any friends in this kingdom, I would be really happy it if you would get along with me”

“Why of course, I would love to”


 ――Even though I didn’t really want to get involved with her too much and yet I suddenly told her that I want us to get along……!!

 They were getting along faster than she had expected, this baffled Tiararose as she replied to her with flattering words. If the Tiararose and Aishira grew closer with each other, that would mean Aishira’s opportunity to approach Aquasteed will also increase.

 Even though she doesn’t want to let Aishira steal Aquasteed away from her, what she just did was to set the stage for Aishira to do so.


Just when Tiararose was feeling miserable inside, Aishira spoke, saying “I should excuse myself now”

 It was because there was a lot of nobles around who wants to greet Tiararose. Aishira can’t simply keep the two for herself.

 Aishira then left after bidding them goodbye.


“Greeting the guests will last for a while but, are you not tired?”


 It takes a huge amount of time to receive all of the guest’s greetings. Aquasteed was concerned about Tiararose but she is someone who will be the future queen and a bride in training. It is ridiculous for her to complain over small matters such as this.


Once she answered “I’m alright” with a smile, different nobles came towards them one after another.


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