The Abduction of Tiararose

In a room where sunlight passes through the window, Tiararose was there all alone, feeling under the weather.

The reason for it was because she didn’t just fail on preventing the essential event from happening, she also ran away in front of Aquasteed and Aishira.

She knows in her mind what she needs to do but seeing things happen before her eyes, she just wasn’t able to do so……

“I wonder how I can get stronger.”

――Does Prince Aqua’s heart still belong to me?

 Will he end up liking Aishira instead throughout the game’s events? Tiararose couldn’t help but be uneasy.

“But, I do not know the outcome of the game. That’s why I can’t look at Prince Aqua with all my might.”


 I was able to remember this time’s event by chance but I do not know anything more aside from this one. Akari, who has been reincarnated as the heroine of the previous game, most likely knows what will happen but I shouldn’t ask her.

It will probably be favorable for Tiararose if she has the information about the game but, if that happens, she wouldn’t be able to look Aquasteed straight in the eye.

“It will be alright. Prince Aqua has his eyes only on me.”

Her eyes began to water due to the words she is saying to herself. She looks up in order to prevent her tears from falling.

As she did so, something suddenly covered her eyes.


Her body stiffened as she tried to process what on earth was happening. Then, she heard a snickering laugh behind her.

It seems like what’s covering her eyes are hands and she was able to find out who’s behind it just by their laugh. She quickly turns around and calls out the name of the culprit.


“What’s this? Did he make you cry again?”

“You’re wrong.”

His long dark green hair brushes over Tiararose’s cheeks, giving her a tingling sensation, enough to stop her tears.

And although she was mad for him suddenly appearing out of nowhere, she just let out a sigh, knowing that no matter what she says to him, it would be useless. Also, even though he jokes around too much, he is still a king.

Tiararose frowns as she denies Keith’s accusation. 

“But, your heart is crying. You can just come to me if it hurts so much.”

“……It is not like he made me cry. It’s just because I’m one-sidedly assuming things.”

“Humans are really troublesome as usual.”

Tiararose had told Keith to not visit her in her room anymore but he was just too free-spirited and did not listen to her at all. Since things like this will worry Aquasteed, she does not wish for them to be alone in the same room.

“And you are free-spirited as usual.”

Letting out a laugh, Tiararose went and prepared some tea.

Although she was not sure if tea that is made for humans will suit his taste, she at least needs to do the formalities.

As she pours the hot tea into the cup, Keith said, “It smells good,” as he nodded in satisfaction. It seems like he likes tea and that made Tiararose relieved.

“So fairies love tea too.”

“Yeah, especially the forest fairies. Naturally grown flowers make a good tea, I’ll give you one next time as thanks.”

“Thank you.”

The set of tea that was in her room are composed of her favourites and other different kinds of tea that Aquasteed has prepared for her.

All of this was in order for her to feel relaxed and comfortable.

“It seems like your tears stopped.”


Sipping his tea, Keith took a peek at Tiararose’s face. He laughs in satisfaction and takes Tiararose’s hand.

Having no clue of what’s happening, Tiararose gives Keith a puzzled look. Keith, who is always free-spirited, always acts suddenly.

“Anyway, let’s go.”

“Eh? To where?”

Without any answers, he pulled Tiararose towards his direction and used his teleportation magic. And of course, he did it without Tiararose’s approval. 

――And then, just as they left, a knock from Aquasteed resonates in the room.

Tiararose suddenly ran away so he got worried and searched for her but since he wasn’t able to find her anywhere, he went to her room.

“…… Is she not here?”

His voice echoed in the quiet hallway. But the knight that was guarding her room indeed said that she’s back.

――Is she crying?

His lovely princess rarely wants to be doted on and, due to the fact that she’s a marquis’ daughter from another kingdom, there are many times where she holds herself back. Aquasteed wants to protect her but Tiararose is just so excellent so he couldn’t show it too much.

“I’m coming in,” he said as he opened the door of Tiararose’s empty room.

The inside of her room was far more silent than in the hallway.

As he suspiciously searches the room, he sees the teacups that were still warm. Considering its position on the table, it is unlikely that Tiararose was sitting while drinking it.

“…… Is it the fairy king?”

Aquasteed— who quickly made a conclusion— bit his lips. He is certain that it is the fairy king who took Tiararose way.

Aquasteed concluded that Tiararose’s figure couldn’t be seen in the room because the fairy king used a teleportation magic. Aquasteed then left the room in order to make certain preparations in order to take her back.

◇ ◇ ◇

A tree gate that was made as if to surround the forest trees. Beyond it lies the castle of the fairy king.

Different kinds of colorful flowers were blooming as if welcoming Tiararose’s arrival. Meanwhile, the forest fairies gather around her and the fairy king while giggling.

『“Huh? It’s Tiara〜!”』

『“Your Highness, welcome baaaack”』

『“What’s wrong〜?”』

The forest fairies welcomed Keith’s return. And what was seen inside his arms was the figure of Tiararose.

Amongst the lively atmosphere, Tiararose was the only one who was panicking.

“Keith, what is the meaning of this!?” Tiararose demanded an answer due to the sudden teleportation he made.

“Don’t shout like that.”

Just like the last time, she hasn’t told about this to Aquasteed. Tiararose became panicked, thinking that she cannot commit the same mistake for the second time.

When she told him to send her back, Keith shook his head.

“You probably don’t notice it but Tiara, you don’t look good. —— you should take some rest.”

“Th-That doesn’t matter…-”

“I won’t do anything to you.”

Keith made her lie down on the bed and said: “Just sleep for now.” 

After that, the fairies covered her with a blanket while saying

『“A lack of sleep?”』

『“That’s not good for your skin!”』

“Ah, umm… I am indeed happy for your thoughtfulness but I am really alright.“

『“But Tiara, your eyes are red!”』

『“Here, I’ll give you this flower〜!”』

The fairies kept on telling her to rest. Indeed, her eyes were red because she does lack sleep and it was also due to crying.

And due to the shock about the event happening, she is also not particularly lively.

“…… Thank you. But I will take my rest in my room. So please let me go home.”

“That I can’t do. You know that forest fairies are capricious, right?”

“Keith. But, even I-……”

Keith gently puts his hand on Tiararose’ head and, in an instant, her sight was engulfed by darkness and she lost her consciousness.

The deep soothing voice of Keith saying “Rest for a while” echoed in her head.


“No matter how defenseless she is, who would’ve thought she’d fall asleep in an instant. She must be having a really hard time……”

Keith carried her under his arm and laid her on the bed once again. “You can take your time and rest for now,” he says as he gently caresses her cheek.

『“Your Highness, what’s wrong with Tiara?”』

“She’s a bit tired. Play with her once she wakes up.”


While being excited, the forest fairies lay down beside the sleeping Tiararose. It seems like they’re planning to take an afternoon nap so Keith just let them do as they like.

“…… Really, so troublesome.”

Keith lets out a sigh before exiting the room.

The fairies will most likely take care of Tiararose so he doesn’t particularly have anything to do.

――The princess that’s loved by the forest fairies, eh.

There are 3 types of fairies that live in Marineforest.

The forest fairies, the sea fairies and the sky fairies. Each has their own Fairy King that leads them.

A person can gain a blessing from the fairies if they have taken a liking to that person.

The most friendly ones among the three are the sea fairies, next to them are the sky fairies and lastly—— the forest fairies.

The forest fairies, who are the most capricious amongst them all, rarely show themselves in front of a human. Much more for the king to show himself— it is unimaginable.

“If I’m right, the favourite of the sea fairies is a human named Aishira. Although humans are troublesome, the same goes for the sea fairies.”

That being said, Keith can’t do anything to the sea fairies.

The sea fairies are too attached to the things that they like. There was a time before when the girl who was loved by the sea fairies suffered badly, the sea turned red, saddened by what had happened.

Fishes disappeared and even the corals withered. Since then, the kingdom of Marineforest’s treatment for the human that is loved by the sea fairies has become very cautious.

“When was that again? Was it a hundred years ago……?”


 ’I don’t think that happened recently,’ Keith tried to remember but stopped doing so. It’s because it was too troublesome.

However, it is a fact that the humans that are loved by the fairies have a great deal of importance. Other than that incident, nothing serious has happened so far.

Above them all, the forest fairies aren’t really attached to humans to such a point.

“Aquasteed as the next king eh. Will he be able to protect the kingdom, his woman, the forest, sea, air— everything?”


 I wonder how many kings were able to do so up until now

 The one who is recognized by the fairy kings is to be considered as the true king of Marineforest.

“Now that I think about it, there was only one man who was able to do so in the past,” Keith said to himself as he remembered.

While snickering, he teleported to where Aquasteed is.

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