The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 60

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“This…is Prince Aqua’s ring?”


It was on Tiararose’s ring finger. Aquasteed’s ring was placed on her finger so that it sat just above her old wedding ring. It was decorated by shining, starry jewels, just like a night sky.






Before she knew it, there were tears falling from her eyes.

She called his name, ‘Aqua,’ over and over again. Realizing that it was the name of her beloved. The memory returned so strongly that she wondered how she had ever been able to forget it.


Aquasteed was relieved when he saw this. He immediately pulled her close and repeated her name, ‘Tiara,’ over and over.


“Prince Aqua…! I remember now…”



She pulled tightly into him and rested her face in his chest. Ah, what would she do if she ever forgot him again?


“I’m sorry, I have hurt you many times over, Prince Aqua…”


She cried and sobbed as words of remorse came to her lips.

She had memories of what had happened when she had forgotten him. Perhaps it was because she had said how afraid she was, but Aquasteed’s new ring did not take her new memories away.

While stroking her head, Aquasteed said, ‘don’t worry.’


“Even if your memories did not return, I would not have let you go.”

“Prince Aqua…”

“If you hated me…I might have held you here in the castle.”


Though, she had not hated him. Aquasteed smiled.


“Even without my memories, I would not have come to hate you!”


“I wouldn’t. That is something that I am certain of.”

“Strangely, I am certain of it as well.”


They laughed. They knew that no matter what happened, they could not come to hate each other.




“So is this the happy end?”


Akari tilted her head and asked Olivia, who stood next to her.

They were watching Tiararose and Aquasteed hold each other right in front of them. She was glad that these two were happy, but the other Fairy Kings were not here, and the monster had not been defeated.

Though, she didn’t entirely hate that things had played out different than in the game.


“Probably… I do believe, yes.”

“But, Lady Olivia. Your butler has been thrown into prison after working much mischief against Princess Tiara and Prince Aqua. Can you really call this a happy ending?”

“Lady Akari, have you forgotten? …I am Olivia Ariadale. The villainous daughter.”


Olivia added that having your own butler in prison was the most appropriate ending for a villainess.

However, Akari was not satisfied with this. She had become friends with Olivia, and did not like to see her sad. Besides, this butler was not in the game, and his existence made her very curious.

She told Olivia as much, but Olivia only replied with a noncommittal laugh.


“I picked up Levy when I was very young. I gave him a name and he was raised to be a butler. But…”



Akari was impressed. She did not think Olivia was the kind of bold person to pick people up.

She told Olivia to continue, but Olivia seemed like she was not sure how to proceed.


“I often talk to myself. And sometimes, I would talk about the contents of the game…and it seems like Levy memorized all of it.”


“And that is why he knows everything about this game.”


He had taken Olivia’s mutterings seriously, believing them with his whole heart. Of course, in a way, it was all true, but this world was not strictly that of the game.

There were differences…but in regards to them, Olivia had made observations as well, and Levy had reflected on them by himself.


And now Levy had turned into a powerful partner who was not a character in the game.


“A butler who remembers everything. That’s very formidable.”

“I’m proud of my butler.”


After Akari and Olivia’s conversation was ended, the room was suddenly overcome with a chilling, heavy, air. They all looked around and wondered what it was. Aquasteed and Elliot immediately put their hands on their swords.


“Could it be the seal…!?”


Tiararose asked, and everyone became nervous.

However, Pheles had said that there was no problem of that. Tiararose looked towards the throne and saw that Pheles was sitting there as before.


“King Pheles…”

“…It is fine. Still.”


Pheles used his power, and the room was immediately cleansed of the chilling air. While they were relieved, they were also still a little frightened at this small taste of the monster’s power.

They wondered if they really did not have to defeat it. However, the first king had declared it safe. And no one present felt like contradicting him.

To be sure, Grail could have, if he had been up to the task. However, he showed no signs of saying anything.


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