The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 63

The Small Visitor



Tiararose watched as Aquasteed returned to his office, then she finished making preparations. She remembered that her schedule was mostly empty for the day and that it might be a good idea to make a map of all the sweet shops in the city.


She went out to her balcony and looked down at the royal garden and city. The morning sun reflected off the sea with gentle sparkles. This moment was one of Tiararose’s favorites.

The city had become much more lively recently. There were more decorations that used flowers, and the cafes all looked so much cuter.


“I hope that sweets become even more widespread.”


She said, wanting even more.


Then she suddenly remembered that she had not asked Aquasteed about the ring. He had seemed so busy, and the change had not been that big. So she had forgotten to tell him.

She stared down at the ring on her left hand. It had a gemstone that shone like the night sky in it.

The feeling that had bothered a while ago was gone, and she wondered why she had felt that way at all. Within the games, typical story developments would include, the ring being a key to open a door or as something to prove your identity or an item to use magic. Also…


“…Maybe it will show me Prince Aqua’s locations?”


After all, it had been Aquasteed himself who made the ring. So it might make sense to have such a feature…perhaps.

But then again, that would feel like a GPS. And she felt a little uncomfortable with the idea.


“But since there are no easy ways to get in contact here, it would be convenient.”


It was possible to use magic to contact people. However, it was among the more difficult forms of magic to perform. And Tiararose was never very good with magic, so of course, she was unable to use it.


She either had to send letters to Akari, or use Elliot to send messages.


As she thought of such things while staring at her ring, the light in the jewel began to fluctuate again.




At the same time, it felt as if the ring was being pulled by something.

Was it Aquasteed? She wondered. However, the ring seemed to be pulling her…

–It seemed to be the castle garden.

Aquasteed was working in his office, which meant he would be in the castle. As it was not moving towards him, she wondered where it could be leading her…


“But, I should go and see, at least.”


There should be no problem if it was just the gardens…

Maybe there was an event or hidden item…something of that sort. Tiararose decided that she would go and see. If there was anything there, she could tell Aquasteed later.


Once she knew what to do, she wanted to hurry.

Tiararose called Philliane and told her that she wanted to walk in the garden. Tarmo would be her guard as usual.


“Princess Tiararose, please wear this. It is still cold during the morning.”

“Thank you.”




Tiararose greeted the other busy maids as she made her way down to the garden. There was beautiful roses still covered in morning dew, which made her feel very luxurious.

As watching the flowers had been her excuse, she pretended to be most interested in them as she walked in the direction that the ring was pulling her.


–Where could it be?

She usually did not walk so far into the gardens. And so she did not even know how far it went.

However, perhaps Tarmo was aware of it all.


Philliane saw that Tiararose was walking much further than usual and called out to her.

“How far will you go?”


“Just a little further. Surely that is alright?”

“If it is just a little further… Uh, Tarmo. How far does this garden continue?”


Philliane asked what Tiararose had been wondering for a while.

Tarmo nodded and explained.


“There is a spring up ahead. And it is surrounded by flowers and is very beautiful. But it will take you about twenty minutes to reach it on foot.”

“The garden is so much larger than I had imagined.”


Philliane said in amazement. Tiararose agreed.


–Maybe that spring was the event spot.

It was possible that it wasn’t, but Tiararose still wanted to see this beautiful spring.


“I do not mind walking. We should go and see it, Philliane.”


She said enthusiastically, and Philliane said, ‘Of course,’ with a smile. Like Tiararose, Philliane wanted to see it too, much to her relief.




She touched the garden flowers lightly with her fingers as she allowed the ring to lead her towards the spring. Thankfully, they were in the same direction.

The spring was just passed an arch of roses. ‘Right over there,’ Tarmo said, and Tiararose became excited.


“This is the…spring?”


Tiararose was the first to pass the arch and see. She was so shocked that she stopped in her tracks.

There was a spring that was about five meters in diameter. And the water was black. And while there were pretty flowers growing around it, the sight was incredibly strange.


–The ring really was leading me here.

But before she could think about what it all meant, Tarmo moved in front of her and said, ‘Please move back!’


“I don’t know what this is. But there is a danger of chemicals being mixed inside…!”


Tarmo seemed frantic and Philliane looked worried.

As for Tiararose, she was quite calm. To her, it was as if the usually beautiful spring had used the power of the ring to call out to her for help…

Tarmo inspected the spring when…the center of it suddenly started to bubble. But Tarmo was just looking at the color of the water and did not notice.

Tiararose squinted and tried to make out what was happening. Then the bubbles became bigger and started to splash wildly.




Now Tarmo and Philliane were looking at the center as well.

An animal had suddenly appeared there and seemed to be struggling in the water. After a moment of shock, it became apparent that it was drowning.

Tiararose took a step forward but Philliane stopped her.


“No, please stay away! It could be dangerous! What if the water is poisonous?”


Philliane’s voice seemed pained as she pleaded with her.


“But, it will drown and die if I don’t help it!”

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