The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 65

  1. The Kingdom of Lapis Lazuli



Their journey by carriage went by smoothly, and before long, Tiararose and the others had arrived safely in the kingdom of Lapis Lazuli.

First, they would go to the castle.


“Oh…how nostalgic.”


Tiararose was escorted by Aquasteed as she got out of the carriage.


The sun shined down as if greeting them, while Tiararose looked up at the beautiful castle of Lapis Lazuli.

The building was a pale blue color and there were stairs that led into it. Knights stood in a line on both sides as Akari happily rushed down to greet them.


“Princess Tiara! Welcome!”

“Oh, Akari.”

“You’re as lively as ever…”


Tiararose was a little worried that Akari would trip and fall, but she extended her hand towards her.

“It’s been so long,” Tiararose said with a smile.

She had beautiful black hair and eyes. A cute face and a fashionable dress with ribbons. She was the heroine of the otome game, The Ring of Lapis Lazuli, and she harnessed the power of Holy Prayer.


“Lady Akari, I am so glad to see that you are well. And congratulation on your wedding with Prince Hartnight.”

“Congratulations, Lady Akari. We are very happy to be able to attend your wedding ceremony.”

“Prince Aqua, Princess Tiara. Thank you. I am very much looking forward to it myself. Please enjoy your stay.”


They finished greeting each other. Then Akari said, ‘come with me,’ and she led them to their rooms.


“I’ve prepared so many delicious sweets! Princess Tiara. Lady Olivia has already arrived, so we must have tea together tonight!’



She had not planned on doing such a thing. Tiararose wondered what to do. But then she decided that she could at least introduce Liliarge to Olivia. So it was rather convenient.

Aquasteed looked a little exasperated, but said, ‘you should do as you please, Tiara.’


“That being said, I’m sure she is tired from our long travels. So do not push her too hard.”

“I know that! Besides, if something happens, I can just heal her with the power of Holy Prayer!”

“That’s not the point.”


Aquasteed sighed as Akari snorted proudly.

Tiararose chuckled next to them and thought it was a sacrifice she was willing to make in order to eat some sweets… Of course, she could not say that out loud to Aquasteed.


They continued to talk as they walked and then they reached the guest room.

As they were married, Tiararose and Aquasteed would share the same room. Philiane and Elliot were also given their own rooms. They would have the rest of the day free until dinner, where they would meet the royal family of Lapis Lazuli.




The guest room that was prepared for them had a drawing room, main room, bedroom, and bathing room.

The interior was coordinated in calming white and sepia colors. It was like a promise that their stay in Lapis Lazuli would be peaceful.

It was possible to view the rose garden from above when you went out onto the balcony. The beauty was intoxicating, however, it was a little sad that there were no fairies around.


–No fairies. This had once been so normal to me.

Tiararose thought. But she was glad to think of how accustomed she had become to Marineforest.


“Aren’t you tired?”

“Prince Aqua…I’m fine. There are many things that we must do now, and I must be ready.”

“Indeed. Plus, there is the matter of Queen Liliarge. There is not much time to spare.”


She turned away from the balcony and looked back at their room. Liliarge was lying down on the sofa. She had not been used to riding carriages and had become sick and was a little tired.


Next to her, Philiane was making adjustments to the room to make their stay more comfortable.

As for Elliot, he had gone out to look for the grave of Pheles’s parents.

Tarmo and a few other knights that had come with them took turns guarding their door.


“If only there was something that I could do as well…”


As the princess, she could hardly join the investigation herself. So she had no choice but to wait in her room. Besides, there were things she needed to attend to as royalty, aside from also taking care of Liliarge.


“We should leave it to Elliot for now. Don’t you have to prepare for the dinner party, Tiara? I will go to the library to do some research. You stay here and take it easy.”


As she was the first queen, Aquasteed thought that it would be better for Tiararose to stay close by. Besides, they were both women, after all. He said with a smile.


“…Yes. Thank you, Prince Aqua.”


Tiararose watched as Aquasteed went off to the library. Then she prepared some hot milk with honey and some meringue for Liliarge.


“It’s so hot and sweet.”

“Yes, I like to drink it when I am tired.”

“I see. Yes, this really does seem like it will blow away any fatigue.”


Tiararose petted Liliarge’s back and wondered if it would be a good idea to have Akari heal her with the Holy Power of Prayer. Liliarge drank her hot milk and sighed with contentment. She seemed a lot calmer now, which was a relief.

When she put the meringue in her mouth, her expression brightened.


“Tiara, all of your treats are so delicious that they make me feel happy.”

“I’m glad that you are happy.”


She no longer looked tired at all. Liliarge looked quite lively as she ate.


◇ ◇ ◇



It was night now, and so Tiararose changed into her evening dress.

The empire line dress had ribbons and lace overlapping. The same ribbon was also used around her neck along with a flower accessory. Her soft honey pink hair went well with the blue dress.


Aquasteed was also dressed up to escort Tiararose.

The material was black with light grey lines and framed with gold. His necktie matched the ribbon around Tiararose’s neck.


When they entered the dining hall, they saw that the rest of the royal family of Lapis Lazuli was already there.

First, Alexander Lapis Lazuli Lactomut, the king of Lapis Lazuli, greeted everyone as a representative. He was Hartnight’s father and the one who had excluded him from the succession.


“Welcome. It has been a while since I last saw you two. I’m relieved to see that you look well. I hope you are not too tired from your travels? We’ve prepared a feast for you tonight, so please relax and enjoy it.”

“Thank you. I am pleased to see that you are unchanged, Your Majesty.”


Aquasteed shook hands with Alexander who then shook hands with Tiararose.


“Princess Tiararose. You’ve become even more beautiful since the last time I saw you. Schnauss would cry at the sight of you.”

“Oh, please, Your Majesty…”


Tiararose laughed awkwardly because she knew it was true.


After that, the queen greeted them. Then Akari moved to the front as if to show her authority.

She was wearing a pink dress with white stripes and ribbons. She laughed and said, ‘have you slept well? This will be a long night!’


“Akari, don’t say anything that will trouble our guests.”

“Prince Hartnight!”


He was Tiararose’s former fiance, and was about to marry Akari. Hartnight Lapis Lazuli Lactomut. He had beautiful golden hair and blue eyes. He was the main love interest in the game.


“…It’s been a while, Prince Aquasteed. And Tiara… Princess Tiararose.”

“Yes, it has.”

“Good evening, Prince Hartnight.”


There was tension in the air, and their conversation did not continue after that. Tiararose wondered if there wasn’t anything clever she could say, when a cheerful voice entered her ears.


“Sister Tiara! It’s so good to see you!”

“Oh! Prince Sirius!”

“Has it really been three years since we last talked like this? I was so looking forward to meeting you today!”


It was Hartnight’s younger brother who sprang out from the back. He was the second prince but the first in line for the throne–Sirius Lapis Lazuli Lactomut.

He hugged Tiararose tightly and seemed to be very happy about meeting her again.

He was still a teenager but had very nice features. One might mistake him for being a pretty girl. Sirius laughed innocently. His hair was a blonde that was a little lighter than Hartnight’s, and he had clear blue eyes.

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