The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 71

The Monster in the Sealed Room of the King



At the same time that Tiararose had left to get the ring of the Fairy King of the forest, Aquasteed was heading to the Sealed Room of the King to meet Pheles.

Liliarge, Elliot, Olivia and Levy were also with them. Aquasteed was carrying Liliarge, who held the bracelet.


“We came here before, so we’ll have no problem finding it.”



Elliot walked confidently in the lead. Levy was in the rear, so as to be ready if something unexpected were to befall them.

Perhaps they all felt uncomfortable, because hardly anyone talked as they traveled. Liliarge clutched the bracelet as if she were praying. As he was holding her, Aquasteed was the only one who knew that she was shaking.


–What would happen next?

Would Pheles, the first king of this country still be there in the same state? Or would he have transformed into something different… Such worries plagued Aquasteed’s mind.


“…I don’t know, but the air seems so much more intense than last time. Olivia, are you cold?”

“No, I am fine. Actually, I think I am a little hot from all of this excitement.”

“That’s good to hear.”


It was just before they reached their destination that Levy, who had been silent up until now, opened his mouth. He was worried about Olivia but also added that he felt that something was different this time.

Aquasteed had felt it too. And since Levy was also strong, he felt that this only confirmed his suspicions.


They quickly arrived at the door to the Sealed Room of the King.

It was an extravagant door with carvings of fairies and there were two lamps made to look like flowers on each side of it. The door was much the same, but there was definitely something in the air that made their skin prickle.


“Aquasteed, please open it quickly. Pheles is in there…!”

“Please calm down, Queen Liliarge.”


He passed Liliarge to Olivia and had Elliot stand back, so he could open the door himself.




Liliarge immediately tried to go to him, but Olivia and Levy stopped her. She wanted to escape from Olivia’s arms, but Olivia was stronger than she expected, and would not let go.


Pheles was standing inside.

He wore a long white cape and white clothes with an assortment of accessories on them. There was something mystical about his appearance, but he was currently looking down as if emaciated.

And the air felt so oppressive. Pheles slowly opened his mouth and looked towards the entrance.


“…Lilia. Why did you leave me.”

“Pheles. I did it to save you…?!”


She had brought the bracelet to help him. She was about to say this but then stopped and gasped. ‘This point already…’ she said in a trembling voice.

She had thought that he would have remained fully conscious, but it seemed that Pheles’s will was already unstable.

When he looked at them, his eyes—had changed from gold to black.


—Is that an effect of not being able to control the immense power?

She wondered if it would be possible to make Pheles wear the bracelet in this state. He was clearly not in his right mind, and he might refuse to put it on.


Aquasteed walked forward a step and went through the door. That was when Pheles unsheathed his sword and pointed it at Aquasteed.


“Even if you are my descendant, I will not forgive you for trying to take Lilia away from me.”


“You’re wrong, Pheles! Please listen to me!!”


Liliarge raised her voice, but it did not reach Pheles. His colorless eyes were fixed on Aquasteed.


“Wh-what should we do? It doesn’t look like we’ll be able to make King Pheles wear the bracelet now…”

“Indeed. Is King Pheles good with the sword?”


Elliot wondered if there was any way they could put the bracelet on him, but was unable to think of a good idea. Olivia agreed and then asked Levy about Pheles’s skill.


“I believe he is quite good with the sword. While Aquasteed is a master swordsman, the fact that he will try not to harm King Pheles will put him at a disadvantage.”


Levy said as he watched how guarded Pheles was. Furthermore, Pheles had the power from the Fairy Kings which made him king of the starry sky. Perhaps his magic was more dangerous than the sword.

The fight would change greatly depending on if you were trying to kill or capture. If he was allowed to attack mercilessly, he might be able to win… Levy said.


“In spite of everything, you can’t attack King Pheles…oh!!”


Olivia stopped and raised her voice in surprise. Pheles had been pointing his sword towards Aquasteed, and now he moved.

Aquasteed blocked Pheles’s attack with his sword, but he did nothing but defend.


“King Pheles. Queen Liliarge is right here!”



Aquasteed shouted for Pheles to put away the sword. However, Pheles did not seem to be listening, and his attacks did not stop.

He moved his sword with smooth, swift movements. It was an old art that was no longer used.


–He’s strong.


A defensive battle may not last very long. The rapier-like sword repeated its swift attacks. If that was all it was, Aquasteed would have been able to manage. However, this sword had magic that increased its speed even further.

The swung sword also cut through the wind and sent invisible blades towards Aquasteed that he could not block.


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