The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 72

Pheles’s Request



How could her appearance be described?

She was no longer a furry and cute animal. Liliarge now had the appearance of a monster. She was five meters tall and her once rounded horns were now pointed upwards. The horns scratched the ceiling, causing pieces to fall to the ground.


Pheles swayed towards her, but—Liliarge attacked him with fire magic. He immediately put up a barrier, but then a great burst of power assaulted him.




Pheles and Liliarge were connected by the ring of the starry sky.

As Liliarge had lost her own will, the connection was becoming unstable. And so now the power within Liliarge was running backward and assaulting Pheles.

Pheles fell to his knees in pain as he tried to bear it.




While Aquasteed immediately noticed the change that came over Pheles, he could not move as Liliarge’s magic attacks would not stop.

There was no limit to Liliarge’s attacks. As she was well suited to the fairies, she was able to easily control magic.

But she usually avoided aggressive magic due to her calm personality–but in terms of the actual force of her power, she exceeded even Pheles.


Aquasteed was also good with magic, but he was the most suited for attacking.

And since he knew that the monster was Liliarge, he could not kill her. If the fight would just continue as a defensive one, then he would be put in a difficult place.


–He had to do something or both King Pheles and Queen Liliarge would die.


He had to think of something. Aquasteed thought as he desperately dodged Liliarge’s magic.


◇ ◇ ◇


“Keith! Let’s hurry! I’m worried about Prince Aqua and the others!”

“I know.”


While Aquasteed and the others were facing the monster that was Liliarge, Tiararose and Keith were running towards the sealed room of the king.

They were only supposed to go and put the bracelet on Pheles and come back, and yet it was Tiararose who finished and returned first.

They had waited for the others at first, but then it became apparent that they were taking too long, and so she and Keith had decided to go down to where Pheles was waiting.


Had things gone according to plan, her and Aquasteed would now be reviving the dead plants…but that would have to wait.


Keith ran in the lead while Tiararose followed him…


—Keith. He is so fast…!

Tiararose panted as she desperately tried to keep up with him. But as she did not exercise much recently, she was finding it rather difficult.

It had been her who was rushing Keith along, and now their positions had reversed.


“Oh, well. I guess I have no choice.”

“Huh? Ahh!”


Aren’t we in a hurry? Keith said as he picked her up. She nearly shouted about how this was no way to treat a lady of the royal family, but Tiararose was already at the limits of her physical strength.



“I’m going to take you there, so be still. Or would you rather be carried from the side?”

“I’m fine like this!”


Tiararose did not want to be carried like that by anyone but Aquasteed.


“I see. You’ve grown quite timid.”

“I know you’ll just be amused if I struggled. I’d rather you carry me on your back like this!”

“Haha! I see.”


Keith laughed at her words and continued to run towards the sealed room of the king.


After a while, they finally arrived at their destination. Elliot, Olivia, and Levy were standing outside and looking into the room.

Tiararose approached them, wondering what was happening.


“Lady Olivia!”

“Oh, Princess Tiararose!! I am so glad you are alright. Does that mean…?”

“Yes. I have received the ring from Keith.”

“It’s-it’s so pretty…”


Olivia’s eyes shone as she looked at the ring from the Fairy King of the forest. But then she quickly snapped out of it and pointed to the door in a panic, saying, ‘There are more important matters!’





Tiararose and Keith both looked inside and gasped. There was a black monster attacking Aquasteed. Pheles was stunned as he watched it unfold.

Tiararose could not understand what was happening, but then she guessed that it must be the sealed monster.


“Tsk. I wouldn’t have thought Lilia would lose her mind like this.”

“What!? Queen Lilia!?”


The monster was indeed black, but the horns looked completely different.

She was surprised by Keith’s words, but he looked too serious to be lying. It really must be Lilia then. Something had to be done, or Pheles and Aquasteed would be in danger.


As Tiararose considered what to do, Olivia and Elliot explained to her what had happened here.

In order to help Pheles, who had lost his mind, Liliarge had taken in more power than her body could hold.

The result was that the monster in her had awakened…


“No, it can’t… But how can we return her to normal?”

“I do not know. This fight has continued for fifteen minutes now.”

“Fifteen minutes…”


Aquasteed would not be able to continue for much longer then.


“Keith. Is there a way to help Queen Liliia? I want to help her!”


However, he scratched his head in frustration and shook his head.


“If I could, I would have done it already. Even with the power of a Fairy King, she cannot be saved. In fact, we had even tried putting an end to her before…she came like this.”


“Of course, Pheles did everything to stop us. However, we have no choice now that this has happened.”

“You cannot!”


Tiararose could not abandon Liliarge. It was not an option for her.

Even if what was happening in front of her was real, this was still the world of ‘The Ring of Lapis-Lazuli,’ a game that she loved.

There must be a way to a happy end.

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