The World Is Overflowing with Monster, I’m Taking a Liking to This Life 43

I decided to quickly finish alloting status points after my level up.
This time I would also raise the ‘Assassin’ job.
I took it up to LV8 and kept the other 5 points.
If things went smoothly, it would reach LV10 after I leveled up two more times.
I was pretty sure that I would then be able to get to the next level of that job.
But what came after ‘Assassin’?
…It did not sound pretty.
Well, we would just have to wait and see.

Next, I raised ‘Danger Detection’ to LV8, and ‘Hostility Detection’ to LV6.
That was all of the points used up.

I was using these skills, and yet my proficiency wasn’t going up all that much.
You would think that ‘Swordsmanship’ or ‘Vitals Strike’ would go up already.
I guess I had no choice but to continue fighting monsters little by little.

Now, we should get moving.
Ah, come to think of it, there was a store somewhere around here.
I might as well help myself to some supplies while we’re here.

–We walked for several minutes.
And then we arrived at the store.
‘Scout’ caught something.
It wasn’t a monster. It was a human.
Someone had beaten us here.

I hide close by and take a peek. It was the students that were inside the store.
That looks like…Nishino’s group.
There were four people in all. And one of them was the glasses boy.
They were happily shoving food into rucksacks and shopping carts.
It must have been a while since they last found some food. They seemed incredibly happy.

“Woah, there is so much food here.”
“Aha! The coke is so good! Kind of warm, though. Hahahaha!”
“Hey, let’s eat some potatoes, we can’t carry all of this anyway.”
“Yo-you guys… Stop eating, we should hurry up and get out of here…”
“Eh? Ono, who do you think you are? You can’t order us around”
“Yeah. Nishino ain’t watching us now. What’s the problem with us getting a little bonus? Oh, by the way, I’ll kill you if you tell him. Ahahahaha!”
“Hey, ouch. Stop, stop hitting me…!”
“I just touched you. You always take everything so seriously.”
“Yeah, yeah. Hey, Ono, grab the potatoes.”

Ugh… It was a typical scene of a bully picking on some kid.
Poor glasses boy. Not that I was going to help him. He was being ordered around by the others as he silently put the food in the carts.

However, was putting all that food in shopping carts a good idea?
Aren’t those things super loud when you push them?
I feel like there was a strong likelihood of monsters attacking them on the way…

Well, it was none of my business.
I guess I’ll just wait and watch for a while.
They would probably leave in a few minutes anyway.
And then I will be able to collect some supplies as well.

And so I waited for a few minutes.
They finally finished packing their things and were just about to leave, when ‘Scout’ detected something.


There was something nearby…and it wasn’t human.
It was a monster.
I got up and used ‘Telescope’ to look. What I found were two lesser wolves.
They were slowly making their way here.

It just had to be lesser wolves, huh?
Was it me again? Would they come towards me? I wondered, but it looked like I was wrong.
The lesser wolves were targeting the students inside of the store.
They didn’t even look in my direction as they headed for them.

“He-hey! Look over there!”
“Are you serious…it’s monsters.”
“Aren’t those the ones we fought yesterday?”

Glasses boy finally realized that the lesser wolves were approaching.
He seemed to be panicking.
Did none of them have a skill like ‘Scout’?
It was impressive that they even thought of exploring without it.
Also, a monster attack seemed like a reasonable expectation, and yet here they were panicking.
Nishino, looks like you may have picked the wrong crew?

“E-everyone, what are you doing! Let’s run away!”

While the other students all brandished their weapons, glasses boy alone cried a different tune.
He shouldered a bag that was full of food and shouted at them to run away with him.

“What? Ono, are you scared? There are only two of them. It should be easy!”
“Exactly! We gained a level yesterday too. There’s no way we will lose.”
“Bu-but, they might call more of their friends like they did yesterday! We-we won’t be able to fight them if that happens…”

Glasses boy was really wary of that possibility it seemed.
And he was right.
It had even been a huge pain for me when that had happened. Especially because they started to target me for some strange reason.
However, these other students didn’t seem to agree.

“Hah! Then we just need to kill them before they can call more of their friends!”
“Exactly! This is a good chance to raise our level! We don’t want that stupid girl, Rikka to act all high and mighty forever!”

They shouted as they rushed towards the lesser wolves.
It was just a matter of killing them before more arrived.
Woah… what meatheads.

I mean, that wouldn’t even work.
Did they have any grasp on reality?
After experiencing such hell the other day, how can they say that?
Or had they gained enough levels to be able to justify acting like this?


The battle between the students and the lesser wolves began.
It was three against two as Glasses was not participating.
They at least had the upper-hand in terms of numbers, so maybe they would succeed in killing the lesser wolves in seconds…no, no they’re failing.
If anything, they seem to be having trouble. They were being pushed back.

Yeah, they had no idea what their reality was.

They were clearly not very high in level.
I bet their skills were even less impressive.
I have no idea why they were so confident a moment ago.
Didn’t Nishino tell them that collecting food and staying safe was their biggest priority?

Glasses was looking at the fight, and his face seemed to be getting paler by the second.
He quickly picked up his bag.

“…! So-sorry!”

“Ah, hey! Ono! The hell!?”
“Don’t run. Hey!”

Glasses abandoned his friends and ran away.
He quickly became a small speck in the distance.
Man, he was fast on his feet…

Well, he made the right decision, though.
And these guys were not going to listen to him either way.
And they were almost sure to lose.
In that case, he should just grab what he can and run away.

Yeah, it was the right thing to do.
At least, it’s what I would have done.
Now, what will happen to these guys?

“Hah…hah…damn it!”
“Hey, what are we going to do…? I don’t know if we can…”
“Shut up! We came this far, we have no choice but to keep fighting!”

The students were wounded, and they became more and more tired.
They were probably going to die.


One of the students roared and charged into a lesser wolf.
But the lesser wolf dodged this easily, and nearly bit into his neck in the process.
Ah, they were finished now.

Or so I thought. Bang! I heard the sound of a bullet being shot.


The lesser wolf’s head exploded.


The students looked confused. They had no idea what was happening.
I was no different.

What? What was happening?

Then again, bang! The shot sounded.
And then the other lesser wolf’s head exploded.

…Could it be? Was there a sniper?
But, where was it coming from?
Was it some skill that Glasses had?
No, I didn’t think so.
The sound was coming from the opposite direction that he had run.
It was coming from…

I look in the direction that the sound was coming from.
There was a tall apartment building about 100 meters away.
There was a strange light shining from the roof.
That must be it.

“He-hey! I don’t know what that was, but let’s get out of here while we can!”
“Ah, yeah!”

They ran with all the speed that they could muster.
But my attention was not at that pathetic sight, it was now completely drawn towards the apartment building.

Someone shot from over there?
But that’s so far away.
A rifle? …But, this was Japan.
No, maybe it was a skill?

As different questions ran through my head, a voice echoed.



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