Chapter 2 Why? (2)


While Hyuna would never guess, it was easy for Hyungjin to find his sister’s diary.


‘She fell for him hard.’


Hyungjin had to groan at reading her diary as Hyuna praised Hyukwoo every page. He could not make her see the light like this, and it had been the same before. Hyungjin’s parents and Hyungjin had opposed the match as Hyukwoo did not have a regular job and had there were numerous malicious rumors about him. However, Hyuna eloped with him and came back with a child a year later, and that was that. The result had been her and her children’s death.


‘I have to make him go away.’


However, Hyuna was too beautiful to even in her brother’s eyes for Hyukwoo to do so. Fighting would be useless as Hyungjin was merely a weak and studious middle schooler. At the same time, Hyukwoo was famous for his fighting skills.


‘What should I do?’


Hyungjin was still thinking things over when he noticed a crumbled letter envelope in the wastebasket. It had to be a love letter from its red color, and Hyungjin smirked as he realized that Hyuna had thrown it away.


“Let’s see…Dear Hyuna…wow, it’s written by a nerd. The sender’s name is Gwangseok Park…”


While the letter had been sincere, Hyungjin had been about to throw it away since Hyuna had done so when he realized that name was familiar to him.


“Wait, is that really that Gwangseok Park?”


That name had come up from his dream-like life. Gwangseok Park had been a famous prosecutor like Hyungjin had been a famous lawyer. He had gone the elite route of graduating from Hankuk Law School and getting first place in the bar exam to become a prosecutor in Korea, while Hyungjin had gone abroad to Harvard Law to get a law license there after passing the Korean bar exam.

However, Hyungjin had not met Gwangseok in person as Gwangseok was in military service on Hyungjin entering Hankuk University. Hyungjin had gone to military service when Gwangjin had come back and graduated. Also, as a lawyer Hyungjin worked criminal while Gwangseok worked on civil cases.

However, Hyungjin knew Gwangseok’s name because Gwangseok was famous for his severity on school violence cases. He was merciless to the assailants even if they were students and would take on such cases if they came up.

Come to think of it, Hyungjin had heard that Gwangseok was like that because he had also been a victim of school violence and succeeded in getting his assailants to jail.


“That was summer…right?”


Hyuna had come at fall saying that she had divorced him. On second thought, it was strange that Hyukwoo would have let her go. However, Hyukwoo had been in prison at that time…

Hyungjin thought there was a connection there and thought it was worth investigating.



It was almost exactly like Hyungjin had imagined, as he could see that Hyukwoo took money, threatened, and beat Gwangseok up. No wonder Gwangseok had been so merciless.


“I told you to bring 50,000 won!”

“But I don’t…”

“I don’t care. Steal it.”

Hyukwoo hated Gwangseok as he hated all boys better than him and went on ruining lives. However, the school had pretended ignorance on saying they were still young. Hyungjin could not understand that.

Hyungjin hid as Hyukwoo was being especially violent in beating people up and stealing money. However, he had his underlings watch over, so teachers could not see him. Hyungjin had only witnessed this because he was looking afar with binoculars.


‘How do I get payback and keep him away from Hyuna?’


He would run if Hyungjin brought a teacher, and teachers this era tended to view school violence as temporary fits. Even if it became a problem, schools almost always tried to hide such issues.

What to do? Hyukwoo would use that money on Hyuna, which would win her over. His thoughts arrived at one of the many hobbies his father dabbled on and then gave up.



From that day on, Hyungjin went over to the high school once school ended. He thanked his father for giving up hobbies after burning his soul over them for a short period. His father had taken up photography and had bought a DSLR camera which Hyungjin used to record videos for over a month. Now, things were finally ready.



“Who are you?”


Gwangseok stared at Hyungjin as the younger boy approached him on his way home.


“Are you Gwangseok Park?”
“Who are you?”

“I came here regarding Hyukwoo Cho.”


While Gwangseok had been calm seeing that Hyungjin was a middle schooler, Hyukwoo’s name made him shudder. Hyungjin continued to speak.


“I came here because I do not like him.”

“You don’t?”

“Yes, he doesn’t know his place regarding my sister.”


“Don’t you know Hyuna No?”


Gwangseok’s expression was bittersweet as Hyukwoo was paying special attention to him because he had sent a love letter to Hyuna. While she had been silent, one of Hyukwoo’s underlings had seen him place the letter in her desk.


“I think you’re better suited for her than that guy.”

“That’s not true.”


Hyungjin thought, you really are. Gwangseok had been one of the top candidates who would lead the prosecutor’s office. He had been meticulous in every way except for school violence cases.


“Do you still like my sister?”

“I can’t say no.”


Hyungjin smiled at Gwangseok’s embarrassed face.


“Then, don’t you want to meet her?”

“How? Hyukwoo Cho is trying to kill me?”

“We can take care of him.”

“I don’t know how to fight.”


Gwangseok was the same type as Hyungjin, as he never learned to fight in his childhood. Hyungjin tapped his head as he opened his mouth.


“We should fight with our brains.”




“Well, the world is a battlefield. I thought of a plan. Would you care to listen to it?”

“What is it?”

“Well, you may suffer for a while, but we can definitely take care of Hyukwoo Cho.”

“Tell me the details.”

“It goes like this…”


Hyungjin explained his plans, and as Gwangjin was smart, he understood what Hyungjin aimed for.


“It’s nice. How did you know something like this?”

“Let’s say I learned it from a dream.”

“A dream?”

“Yes, something like that.”

Hyungjin spoke with a smile.

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