Chapter 2 – I am LuYa

Ever since then, was the start of everything.

Duan Jiaze, who officially became the head of the Cape Zoo, arrived here and opened the door with a key. It can be seen that the inside was as barren as its external appearance. From times to times, the sounds made by the animals did not contain any liveliness, instead, it sounded even more lonely.

Duan Jiaze walked passed the animal cages and saw thin lions that are forced to stay inside, listless peacocks, sluggish monkey, and other animals. They were dirty and thin, seemly sick.

Cape zoo does not have many animals. At most 10 to 20 types, however, most of these animals need a spacious environment to live in. And yet all these cages were relatively small and vacant of items. In fact, these empty cages seemed to have killed several animals.

The cages were all relatively old-fashioned, unlike many other zoos that have replaced to glass windows for easier viewing. With the current conditions, all these were really wronging the animals.

Moreover, with no owner presented in recent days, all the workers have been dismissed. Lawyer Wang has hired social idlers to regularly feed these animals. Obviously, these workers were unprofessional and have no heart, they even reduced the number of rations for the animals.

The office building was also very simple, the second floor was roughly painted and used as a dormitory.

Walking along, even Duan Jiaze was also infected to be gloomy. He opened the Ling Xiao Hope Project App and pressed on ‘My task’. It was unclear as to when the task appeared or whether someone else was aware that he had arrived at the zoo, the once grey taskbar was finally lighted up- a novice task.

Duan Jiaze’s spirit was invigorated. According to the routine, the novice task should be simple and the reward will be big.

Duan Jiaze opened the task and saw, as expected:

Task Description: A bright and distinctive name will be the basis for a successful business takeoff, change a good name for your zoo!

Task Reward: After completing the mission, you will be rewarded with 30 days worths of high-quality animal rations, daily distributed.

Ling Xiao Support: A zoo is supposed to have a variety of animals. Your zoo currently has only 23 kinds of animals. Lingxiao System will dispatch animals to the animal post, in order to enrich the color of the zoo!

Duan jiaze breathed a sigh of relief. It was not too bad, he knows nothing about animal feeding and domestication. If he has to shop for the food one by one, that is indeed troublesome as now he has no worker under him.

The reward is high-quality ration and this also eliminated the storage problem.

Introducing new animals to the zoo is another problem. Duan Jiaze has no backdoor nor any connection. Even if the account book has sufficient funds, bringing in new animals to the zoo will still be difficult. Ling Xiao Hope Project system was really thoughtful to replace the workers to animals.

-the streets are filled with people, workers (as compared) are easier to recruit, but unique animals that can attract visitors are not easy to find.

Without further ado, Duan Jiaze immediately went on to the search engine to find out what kind of name should be retitled to the Cape Zoo.

Novice tasks are normally easier to complete, Duan Jiaze even thought that any random name should be able to make him pass.

Half an hour later, Duan Jiaze filled in the new name of the zoo on the system: Lingyou. Baidu said that this is the name of the first zoo in ancient times, which also sounds very stylish.

{Baidu is a search engine} {Lingyou = 灵囿]

The system gave him face and let him pass, but the task still remains uncompleted.

Duan Jiaze thought for a moment before he understood that the crucial part was to ensure that all procedures are officially done before it can be counted as a task accomplished.

Not waiting longer, Duan Jiaze immediately went online and found the contact information and address of the factory. He made a phone call for an appointment and then called the relevant department to request for a replacement of name.

After calling, there was a change in “Lian Xiao Support”. Seem like the animals finally could be dispatched. These should be part of the rewards. The first animal has already been sent out while the rest is still on the way.

Such powerful technology should be sending powerful animal too, which company are they using to send the animal? Or is it directly air flown here?

Duan Jiaze, while thinking, went to the animal cage area. He pinched his nose and started cleaning up a new cage, ready to let the new animal life in it.

While he does not know what kind of animal will be sent here, whether it is a beast or bird, he better prepares the cage first. Anyway, the place where the birds live is pretty easy to clear.

Duan Jiaze also thought after that there should be a task to upgrade the living conditions since the current living accommodation and foods for the animals were so bad.

Duan Jiaze had no interest in managing the zoo, but when he saw the lifeless and mistreated animals, he was very sympathetic. If there was no way to let them be free in the wild, he could at least upgrade the living conditions.

In the afternoon, Duan Jiaze went to the factory to take a look. He ordered a big signboard, the kind that can be lit, and some small signs for the interior of the zoo. The design was also done here. They were to be delivered to the door after it was done and the installation fee was to be paid separately.

While waiting for the signboards to be delivery, Duan Jiaze was running around. Firstly, he read through the books given by the lawyer. Flipping through the account book, he knew that was probably less than 20k cash left. These few years, business was bad and the losses were big.

Even though the money was not enough, there is still a need to hire workers. These 10k pluses could sustain a period of time. Of course, he cannot hire too many nor give a high paid salary.

As Duan Jiaze was unsure of the operation procedures of the zoo. He acted according to his thoughts, which is to place a recruitment advertisement online in preparation to hire a few feeders first.

In these few days, Duan Jiaze stared at the villagers hired by lawyer Wang to feed the animals and clean the cages. He took office and the wages were changed to giving on a daily basis so that they could not cut corners.

These were the idle villagers in the nearby villages. They were not dissatisfied with Duan Jiaze’s supervisors. Instead, they asked if he wants to recruit people.

In view of their records, they were all in the same village, and it is easy to pull the crowd over but Duan Jiaze still refused.

After three or four days, the new signboard was delivered.

The original signs were all gone, Duan Jiaze stood at the door to pick up the factory workers and then supervised them to ensure they install the signboard properly.

The driver from the factory talked to Duan Jiaze, “Is this a new zoo?”

Duan Jiaze nodded. “Yes, this is the original Cape Zoo. I have to change the name and reopen it.”

Driver: “Hey, what do you think the head of the zoo is thinking? It’s better to get one in the center of the city. The original one has already closed down.”

There were a few “zoos” in the city. Their operation scale was also not very large, mostly attached itself to some playgrounds and parks. There is only one independent zoo, Donghai City Zoo.

The original Cape Zoo business was bad to begin with, not only because of its own poor conditions and lack of animals but because the geographical location was not very good.

Although Cape Park next to it was very popular, the location itself was too far. Those who came here all the way to Cape Park mostly came here with the mindset to picnic and or barbecue. It is hard for those people to come across this zoo. If they want to go to a zoo, many people would rather go to the city’s zoo.

Duan Jiaze is somewhat embarrassed to say that he is the head of the zoo, and he insisted “In the future, our scale will be expanded, and the city is not big enough…”

The driver smiled and said: “Hey, it looks like your head is doing something big, how about transforming the land of Cape Mountain into a safari?”

Duan Jiaze nodded indiscriminately. “Good idea.”

His dreams could only go as big as how his hearts want to, what if he really did it?

The workers quickly installed the signboards and commissioned the lights. Duan Jiaze settled the installation fee and they left.

Duan Jiaze stood at the door and admired the signboard. He felt quite good. After he officially opened it, he should do something to attract tourists…

“Is this Lingyou Zoo?”

Duan Jiaze suddenly heard a cold voice behind him. He turned and looked.

A man in a black shirt stood within five steps of him, with one hand in his pocket and one hand on the armrest of the luggage at his foot.

He is taller than Duan Jiaze by half a head. His facial features are perfect enough to surpass the limitations of the gender, and whether it is the curvature of the eyebrows or the lines of the thin lips, they are full of arrogance and coldness.

The color of the golden red hair that is highlighted on his head is beautiful, but it does make people feel confused. Such a temperamental male god should not be a hairdresser right?

However, under his imposing manner, this doubt… Anyway, Duan Jiaze was afraid to ask for an answer.

Duan Jiaze was just in a trance before the guy asked the second sentence with obvious unhappiness: “You are Duan Jiaze?”

Duan Jiaze was surprised and said, “I am, you are?”

Faced with this question, the man’s beautiful face changed, and the cold tone contained anger and lingering humiliation that wants to explode. “I am LuYa, the …………….. animal dispatched by Ling Xiao Hope Project.”

Duan Jiaze: “………………?!”

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