Those Years I Opened a Zoo Chapter 35


Chapter 35: An Employee with 10,000 yuan Monthly Salary?!

Not long ago, Huang Qi was still an atheist.

As an employee of a listed company, Huang Qi was an absolute winner of life in his friends’ eyes. Just by his basic annual salary alone, it was already several million. He had also taken on a small leadership role and was dating a dainty girlfriend. In short, his future was bright.

But the turning point began when Huang Qi wanted to break up with his girlfriend. As time passes, he gradually felt that their three views were not matching so he put forward a request to break up. However, his girlfriend was unwilling to break up with him no matter what. She even made a fuss at his company, insisting that there was a third party to blame. She scolded that he was a scum man, and demanded the company to discipline him.

But how could the company make disciplinary actions against Huang Qi for such reasons? What’s more, these were all just sheer imagination of hers. His colleagues only held sympathy for him.

This dragged on for three months, Huang Qi did not realize that the woman who had become his ex-girlfriend had chosen the most unreasonable method after being unable to seek an outcome. She stubbornly jumped down from the 23rd floor and before she died, the only thing she did was to send Huang Qi an audio, cursing him.

When Huang Qi saw the news, the body of his girlfriend had been discovered by passers-by.

Huang Qi received a big shock, his company even gave him a few days off.

But the most terrible thing was actually ahead. Huang Qi began to dream off his girlfriend every night. Nevermind about the nightmares haunting him every night, even in the day time, Huang Qi began to feel tired and spiritless. His condition was gradually getting worse and worse.

When he went to the hospital for a check-up, nothing was discovered. At most, he was diagnosed to be suffering from a psychological illness.

What Huang Qi couldn’t say to other was that the image of his girlfriend in his dreams was getting clearer. His dreams no longer resembled a dream.

At this time, some people suggested Huang Qi to visit the temples. He had no other choice and visited several of them. Most of them couldn’t see anything wrong with him, there was only one person that noticed something was amiss. He performed several rituals for him but it was utterly useless.

Even Huang Qi felt that he had a mental illness.

Huang Qi’s mental condition was getting worse every day, he was just like a walking corpse, getting increasingly negative. At the later period, with each passing moment, there was a voice in his head telling him to die. The day before yesterday, he rushed out of the meeting without even asking for leave.

His impulse to commit suicide became more and more serious. Huang Qi bought a ticket to East Sea City. It was said that thousands of years ago, this place once was a vast ocean and a part of the East China Sea. The Cape Mountain in the city used to be the Sea Glancing Cliff, but now it was a dense forest.

Huang Qi thought it would be good to die in a beautiful place.

Huang Qi sat on the bus to Cape Park. He hadn’t bathed for two days. Mysteriously, he saw a seam of rare bright light at the gate, which prompted him to walk to the zoo next door…

The yellow sparrow rested on Huang Qi’s shoulder. Its beak gently slid across his cheek before it opened its wings and took flight.

Under the leadership of the staff, Huang Qi absent-mindedly bought the ticket and walked into the local zoo.

—— At the moment of stepping in, that layer of restless and noisy voices surrounding him suddenly cleared up!

On the contrary, the seemingly non-existent yet existent urge in his brain disappeared without a trace in a split second, likewise, the indistinct dark aura surrounding his body had also vanished.

Huang Qi felt a quiver, like the layers of dark clouds that was shrouding over his soul had dispersed, and his mind suddenly regained clarity.

In an instant, Huang Qi’s face turned white.

He recalled how he had slowly gave up his treatment during this period. Under the influence of nightmares and auditory hallucinations, he was also becoming duller, which was a complete difference from the previous positive outlook he used to have…

That was definitely not his real mindset. He still has his own life goals that he had not fulfilled. How could he fall into this state unconsciously?

But at the moment of entering the zoo, this feeling disappeared completely!

This was more effective than those monks who have done thousands of useless ritual acts. It could be seen that during this period, he was really haunted by an avenging spirit.

Huang Qi did not know why he suddenly regained his clarity. He looked around: every tourist was a stranger with an ordinary face. There were laughter sounds and animal’s roaring, it was not in the least special.

However, Huang Qi felt that the moment of clarity that led him to walk this direction was because of the final struggle his subconscious mind was putting. There must be something special about this place.

Huang Qi frowned and tried to walk outward, but just as he walked more than twenty steps, he felt a cold sensation hovering around him and the feeling of being trapped would come back at any time. He was so frightened that he hurried back to the vicinity of the zoo.

An air-conditioning remote control was lying on the floor. It was burning and the case gradually changed color.

Duan Jiaze took the tea and madly poured it on the burning remote control, and then desperately realized that the fire could not be extinguished at all. Finally, the remote control made a popping sound and exploded open. The broken parts were still burning.

Duan Jiaze: “…”

Duan Jiaze: “Ah ah ah ah! I hate you! You get back to work now!”

Luya sat on the couch with his leg on one knee, “I will rest another half an hour before I’ll go back. I checked it, it’s against the labor law to work for ten consecutive hours.”

Duan Jiaze: “…”

Just fifteen minutes ago, Luya had slipped out of the Bird Exhibition Zone, where there were just too many birds. Anyway, everyone was watching the peacocks. The tourists would not care too much about him. There were too few staff and they couldn’t always stare at every spot.

Luya went to the lounge for the air conditioning, but because the remote control was out of power and Luya did not know much about human technology, he set it on fire in a rage…

Duan Jiaze splashed the tea water on it and it didn’t work, so he patted it but it was still useless. This fire was the problem.

Therefore, compared to Luya skipping work, the more serious situation at present was that, this fire could not be extinguished.

Duan Jiaze became frantic, “What’s the matter with this fire? It can’t be extinguished! Is this the True Fire of Samadhi?”

Luya mocked and said, “What is the True Fire of Samadhi? This is the True Fire of Sun. If you can extinguish it, then it’s because you’re skilled. This is the ancestor of all fires, the source of all fires, it can burn everything in the world, especially the gods, souls and all feminine matters. All those burned by me, which one wasn’t kneeling to beg for mercy?”

“Besides, I hid a trace of it at the gate for you. If another monster like Hu Dawei comes, it will burn them to death. What do you think? Could dogs do this?”

This made Luya utterly proud.

Duan Jiaze: “… Are you going to let the dog matter go?”

At this time, Wang Yizhao came in from outside and was shocked to see that there was a fire on the ground. “Ai, what’s the matter?”

“No, it’s all right. I’ll come!” Afraid of being discovered, Duan Jiaze grabbed a broom before he realized something was wrong. He patted the flames while sweeping it into the dustpan.

However, the dustpan caught fire and began to burn.

Duan Jiaze: “…”

He blocked Wang Yizhao’s sight with the broom and laughed dryly.

Wang Yizhao did not notice anything unusual. He poured himself a glass of water to drink, “This is rare, Lu Gē is also present during daytime ah.”

“Yes. I’m leaving right away.” Luya stood up, stretched and went out. As he passed Duan Jiaze, he stepped a couple of times on the dustpan with his feet and the flames were stamped out. Then he proudly strolled out.

Duan Jiaze gestured his middle finger from behind.


Huang Qi wandered around the zoo. Because of the bumpy journey and not removing them at night when he slept, the handmade suit had turned wrinkles until it was a pickled-like state, together with his sad stubble, had attracted many tourists’ side glances. Those with children also pulled their children away from him one after another.

Huang Qi seemed to have just returned to earth, he did not have any awareness at all.

Huang Qi realized that although this zoo was small and had few animals, it had the same facilities as those big zoos in the big city. The most frequent zones those tourists visit would be the Bird Exhibition Zone and Canine Exhibition Zone.

In the Bird Zone, Huang Qi heard many people exclaiming praises about the magic of nature. He stared at it and it was really amazing. There were many kinds of birds here and it was reasonable to say that they should be doing their things, but in fact, they were all following the two peacocks’ lead.

Wherever the two peacocks went, they were like Moses dividing the sea. The other birds bowed their heads and retreated respectfully.

This mystical scene made many tourists stop their footsteps and refuse to leave.

A little child asked, “Mommy, is this the king of birds and the queen of birds?”

If Jinmao and Cuicui could understand the child’s words, they might fall right in front of him.

Mommy was sweating a little and she said, “No, they are all peacocks.”

The kid said innocently, “Is that the king and the prince?”

Mommy: “… Probably so.”

The scene of Jinmao and Cuicui co-governing did not only make this child confused, but even many adults could not understand it. How could a territory have two bosses?

Wasn’t there a saying of “a mountain could not contain two tigers unless it was a male and a female?” They are neither brothers nor husband and wife. How could they lead together peacefully?

There wasn’t a lack of people who were thinking in the wrong direction.

Huang Qi retracted his sights and caught a glimpse of a large red bird on the branch in the glass wall, but there was no label attached to it. It stayed quietly on the branch, but it didn’t make one feel that it was weak and fragile. On the contrary, it seemed to be able to take flight and kill at any time.

Huang Qi felt that he might be imagining too much, because he saw that only this bird lived in a single area and it also looked like a beast. Maybe it was very aggressive so it could not live with other birds.

Huang Qi stayed here for a long time, and he also heard people asking why the bird did not have a tag to introduce its identity.

Some visitors who came here more than once explained that because this was a smuggled bird rescued by the head of the zoo. Experts could not fully determine its identity, so there was no label to introduce this bird, and usually, the head of the zoo took care of it personally.

Next, Huang Qi looked at all the other zones. In front of the Arctic Fox Exhibition Area of the Canine Exhibition Zone, Huang Qi felt the sublimation of his soul. It was an unprecedented softness, concentration and relaxation he had never feel before.

The mind that had been tormented for a long time until it was fragile was much better after it had been healed by the lovely Arctic Fox. The whole of Huang Qi calmed down.

However, as the day slowly darkened and approached the closing time of the zoo, Huang Qi became anxious again.

He dared not leave here.

What if he leaves here and goes back to that state?

As soon as the closing time arrived, the few remaining tourists were invited out by the staff during the inspection. Only Huang Qi pleaded with the employee who came to ask him to leave, not to drive him out.

Liu Bin looked awkward. “Sir, we are closing.”

“Please, can I stay here?” Huang Qi began to pull out his cell phone. “I can pay. Is ten thousand yuan enough?”

Liu Bin looked at Huang Qi in surprise. He looked at his appearance and attire for a moment before saying, “Wait a minute, I’ll find our Yuán Zhǎng.”

Huang Qi: “Thank you, thank you! You are a good man!”


As soon as Liu Bin turned around, he met Xu Chenggong, “Xu Gē, there’s a tourist who seems to have some brain problems over there. I’m just going to ask Yuán Zhǎng if we can invite him out together.”

“Ah? How did he get in when he has a brain problem?” Xu Chenggong was also surprised. “Let me go with you. If it’s not doable, we can get the person out together later.”

They went to Duan Jiaze and told him that there was a man with a sloppy attire and greasy face wanted to sleep here for 10,000 yuan at night. They suspected that there was something wrong with his brain.

Duan Jiaze: “… Why are there such people coming to us? I’ll go with you and get him out.”

They thought that it would be enough for three big men to deal with one madman, even if he was a martial artist madman.

When Huang Qi saw the three of them, he could tell straight away that Duan Jiaze, who was walking in front was the person in charge of the zoo. He even went up to Duan Jiaze in poise, wanting to shake hands with him. “Greetings, because of some personal reasons, this humbled one hope to stay in the zoo tonight but not in the exhibition areas. If a room can be provided to me, it will be wonderful. I can pay you through the phone. I’ll give you ten thousand yuan first. Is five hundred yuan per night enough? “

Duan Jiaze was completely convinced that he was crazy when he heard this. He chuckled and said, “I’m sorry, we don’t provide this sort of service here, but I do have a place that I can recommend to you.”

Duan Jiaze waved at Xu Chenggong and Liu Bin, indicating them to hold on the man first, he then took out his phone to call the street officer.

This man just looked like a tramp with some issues in his brain. Duan Jiaze would not take him in, but he also could not ignore him and have him sleeping outside: this was not in line with the spirit of creating a civilized society. However, Duan Jiaze did remember that he could contact the street’s people and have this man be sent to the hospital or the help station.

Huang Qi took a step back and looked at Duan Jiaze in astonishment. Suddenly, he thought of something and smoothed the creases on his suit— although his action was useless, before impatiently saying, “I can pay you first, Mr. Yuán Zhǎng.. Give me your QR code…”

Duan Jiaze: “Big Brother! We really have enough abnormal people here. You’d better go to the hospital!”

Huang Qi was restrained by Xu Chenggong and Liu Bin. In between his struggle, he bowed his head and operated on his mobile phone. He transferred his money to his Wechat Pocket Wallet, and then desperately raised it to show Liu Bin. “Look!”

Liu Bin inadvertently saw the string of zeros behind the numbers. He was going to pee from fright right at the moment. He thought it was photoshopped so he took the phone and swap it around only to find that it was Wechat. He was shocked.

“Yuán Zhǎng ! He’s really very rich! “

Duan Jiaze: “???”

Duan Jiaze was about to make the call. He ran over and took a look. Counting the figures in Huang Qi’s Wechat Wallet, he also became intoxicated. Some crazy people looked similar to normal people on the surface or in other words, they were just speaking nonsense. But since Huang Qi wasn’t speaking nonsense, he might really not be sick.

Duan Jiaze hurriedly had them release him, “Sorry about that— That, do rich people like you play like this? Doing travel incognito or was it to experience life?”

Huang Qi smiled bitterly, “Just take it as this… my intention is true. Could you allow me to stay here?”

Although he wasn’t a lunatic, he was still willing to give his money away. Duan Jiaze also did not want to take him in. During night time in the zoo, other than him, everyone in the zoo was not human. There was a chance that this man would be frightened.

So Duan Jiaze could only look reluctantly at (the money in) his phone, saying: “Sorry, we do not provide lodging here. We also do not take in outsiders.”

Huang Qi: “I can increase the payment!”

Duan Jiaze painfully said: “This isn’t about money…:

Huang Qi quietened down and looked around, “You are right, for you to be able to build this up, you won’t be short of this sum of money.”

Duan Jiaze: I lack! I lack!!

Huang Qi clenched his teeth. He really didn’t dare to take any risk; Cape Mountain was just next door. If only there wasn’t any dreaded spirit outside the zoo… But if he were to tell the director the truth now, would he be driven out as a mental case?

Huang Qi suddenly thought of how he wandered in here during the daytime and realized that there wasn’t many staff in the zoo, so he earnestly said: “Are you recruiting people? If I apply for a job, will I not be considered an outsider? “

Duan Jiaze looked at him stupefied, “This…” He was recruiting, but it was impossible for him to stay overnight.

Huang Qi: “You can take a look at my resume. I graduated from the Top 1 university with eight years of work experience. I have participated in projects that reached a monetary value of more than two billion……”

Duan Jiaze: “……”

Liu Bin and Xu Chenggong were stunned. If what Huang Qi said was true, in their opinion, the director of the zoo should employ this person. He would be a great help.

But in Duan Jiaze’s mind was: You Su’s resume: did not go to school, but had three or four thousand years of life experience and participated in the subversion of a dynasty. When converted to the current currency, the monetary value should be more than two billion…

Duan Jiaze continued reluctantly, “No, don’t need.”

Huang Qi was also stunned, and he mournfully said: “Yuán Zhǎng, I can disregard the salary! I, I will pay you five thousand a month… No, ten thousand yuan, will you? If you agree, I’ll transfer a year’s worth of salary now and then resign with my former company! “

What could all this money be considered as? He had spent far more on medical treatment and doing rituals.

Duan Jiaze: “…”

Both Liu Bin and Xu Chenggong looked at Duan Jiaze strangely. This was truly strange. An elite crying out, claiming that he as long as he could sleep in the zoo, he would even pay them money instead. Nevermind about the money, their director had been saying about their lack of manpower, yet at this time, he refused to accept him.

Could this person be an undercover agent sent by a competitor? No, do the zoo even have competitors at their current phrase?

Liu Bin suddenly said, “Are you a fan of the arctic fox?”

This sentence woke the dreamer, Duan Jiaze and Xu Chenggong at once felt that they knew the reasons he wanted to be here so desperately. The Arctic Fox had many fans, it was sure to have such a fanatical fan among them, a fan that was perhaps facing a huge amount of pressure in his life so he wanted to use this opportunity to relax himself; This seemed justifiable.

Even Huang Qi was stunned for a moment before he nodded. Although it wasn’t for this reason, the Arctic Fox really made him felt cured.

At this time, if he refused him again, it would arouse suspicion. Duan Jiaze thought about it again and dully said, “Well, then fine, but before that, I need to confirm your identity, whether you are a decent citizen…”

Huang Qi said without any hesitation: “Check all you want there is my information on the Internet, which can be searched. If you have a relationship with the Public Security Bureau, you can also check my records. If you don’t have, I can help you contact them.”

This was really too sincere. Duan Jiaze could only say: “En… But I don’t have any accommodation for the time being. Would you like to stay in the clinic of the tourist service center? “

In fact, it wasn’t important for him to check if he had any criminal record. He wasn’t afraid of any bad people, he was just afraid that those bad people would be played to death by You Su and he would have to take responsibility for it…

Huang Qi nodded hard,” Okay, no problem! “

Duan Jiaze scratched his head: “that’s it… I’ll have a formal interview with you tomorrow. “

Fearing that Duan Jiaze might go back against his words, Huang Qi immediately transferred twelve thousand yuan to his Wechat, which shocked Liu Bin and Xu Chenggong speechless. If he was really a bad person, he was really doing his best.

Duan Jiaze was even more speechless. He handed up the money even before the interview, in case he didn’t pass the interview, he still had to refund him. Of course, it was impossible for him not to pass the interview based on his conditions. Considering how he was paying them instead, even if he was assigned to welcome the tourists, that’s fine too.

The only bad point was that this man insisted on staying here at night. Otherwise, Duan Jiaze would gladly welcome all You Su’s fans to work here. It even better if they gave him money just like Huang Qi. It wouldn’t long before he could lay down a fortune and get rich.

Huang Qi finally solved his problem and was in the mood to look at his mobile phone. There were hundreds of missed calls, countless unread SMS and Wechat messages on it. He thought about it and dialed back a missed call by his assistant.

“Xiao Wang, I am Huang Qi.”

“I’ve decided to resign. No, I’m going to change my job. I’ll fax you my resignation. I’ll entrust you to help me with some formalities. I’ll also like to ask you to send me some of my personal belongings.”

At the other end of the call, Xiao Wang said in shock, “Huang Gē? Where are you hopping to? “

Huang Qi had been missing for several days. The company couldn’t get in touch with him and wanted to call the police. Unexpectedly, Huang Qi called back by himself but as soon as he spoke, he said that he would be resigning.

Huang Qi: “… A private enterprise. “

Xiao Wang couldn’t help saying, “Huang Gē, how high did they quote you? You are actually willing to leave here?”

Huang Qi: “…”

When Xiao Wang received silence in return, he said, “if it’s inconvenient for you to say it, you should take it as if I didn’t ask.”

Huang Qi: “Ten thousand.”

Xiao Wang: “What? Ten thousand?! Gē, you… You… What can ten thousand do? They are only paying you ten thousand? Is there any commission or bonus? How are they calculating that? “

Huang Qi: “No I am the one giving them ten thousand yuan…”

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