Those Years I Opened A Zoo

Chapter 52 Jingwei Reclamation in an Aquarium


The two policemen checked all forty-two identification cards in their hands, and they could conclude that those were real identification cards. However, it was just a little strange.

Almost all of those forty-two people with the same attire came from different cities. It was not that foreigners were not allowed to visit the East China Sea, but their presence always made people feel a little weird. Why did they have to come from all directions just to arrive at Ling You?

An old man thought he saw a suspicious gang and called the police. Now, the two policemen found it a bit strange, but the director of the zoo had explained that they were all volunteers. The people were proven innocent, so they naturally had nothing to say.

As long as the locals paid a little attention to the news about Ling You, they all knew Ling You Zoo’s director had some relations with some people of extraordinary status. If the zoo was unharmed, then it would be fine.

“Thank you, sirs, and that uncle. If you see him, please express my gratitude to him. It’s just a misunderstanding.” Duan Jiaze shyly shook hands with the responsible police of the area and sent them away.

As soon as he turned his head, the forty-two bald heads in black T-shirts were standing there in three rows, organized and disciplined. They were neither policemen, nor soldiers. Duan Jiaze knew that they were monks, it was fine for them to maintain their behaviour, but no matter how he looked at them, they really were…… weird and suspicious.

That present day, both the old man, and the police had misunderstood. Even yesterday’s Xu Wen had mistaken too. That was not good.

Duan Jiaze pondered and went to meet his former schoolmate of the animation department to help design some patterns for cultural shirts.

He decided to make a batch of staff uniforms, which were the cute kind ones, with the name of Ling You on them. Therefore, everyone who saw them would know where they were from. The outsiders would at most think that they decided to shave their heads collectively.

He had to order more T-shirts, so other people could wear it too.

Duan Jiaze’s schoolmate gave him an idea to add famous animals in the zoo or eye-catching characteristics about the zoo.

Duan Jiaze though that he actually liked You Su in the design. Her image was amiable, but based on Duan Jiaze’s current understanding of Luya, if he really did have You Su on the T-shirts, he might not be killed, but instead turned into a burned man with countless perms.

Therefore, Duan Jiaze hesitated and said, “Then, we’ll make two editions…”

Duan Jiaze sent two pictures, one with Luya and one with You Su. It took two days for his schoolmate to draw two Q versions for him, because Duan Jiaze wanted it to look cute.

The schoolmate arranged the words and chose a Chinese brush to write the characters.

Duan Jiaze gave the money at a friendly price. He took the document to find a shop for printing. The Luya edition was printed in black, and You Su edition was in pink and maroon. They were all printed at the back, whereas three words were printed at the front: Ling You Zoo.

Each edition has a men’s and women’s style. There were long and short sleeves, and each of the two seasons would be issued two different editions.

Duan Jiaze did not announce that he was going to make staffs’ clothes. He ordered them by himself, and when he received them, everyone finally knew they had clothes for work, so they came to the lounge to collect them.

Duan Jiaze has already taken the lead in trying on the black and red Q version of the golden crow, “How is it? My schoolmate designed it.”

“It’s beautiful.” Everyone applauded.

You Su urged, “President, wear pink. You must look good in pink.”

“What is this little girl thinking about… Don’t worry. Since I ordered them, I will definitely wear it.” Duan Jiaze urged the monks to try the pink version first.

When the monks put them on, although their uniform hairstyle was still a bit eye-catching, at least they did not look like released prisoners. They looked a bit cute, way beyond his expectations.

Xu Wen was helping Duan Jiaze to distribute the clothes. Duan Jiaze ordered an extra dozen of T-shirts for future employees. He now had nearly twenty full-time employees, and forty-two volunteers.

The rest of the clothes were put in the storage room. Xu Wen suddenly thought, “Director, do you want to keep a shirt for Brother Luya?”

Although Luya was not an employee of Ling You, everyone agreed that the relationship between him and Duan Jiaze was not simple. When Duan Jiaze opened his business, he helped to attract customers. Even he brought his relatives to visit, even wanting Duan Jiaze to cook personally for him. Was Luya a family member of the royalty that he got that kind of great treatment?

Duan Jiaze: “Of course, I already did, actually. Spare some more sets of T-shirts for him.”

Not only Luya must have it, he could not miss Bai Suzhen and Xiong Siqian as well, Hu Dawei too. They were all people of Ling You Zoo. Duan Jiaze also specially ordered a set of a children’s size separately, just for You Su.

During the day, the employees finished collecting the clothes, but at night, the clothes were picked up by the “animals”.

The employees took the clothes and had to go back to wash them, so they tried it on only once that day, but did not put them on for the whole day. Luya and others found out at night that there were zoo clothes, and the ones printed on it were Luya… and You Su.

Luya picked up his own piece and stared at the picture on the back.

Duan Jiaze chuckled and said, “Although you can all change, but after thinking about it, I still think I should send all of you one each…”

Luya asked quietly, “What is this picture at the back…”

Duan Jiaze became nervous for a moment, and did not dare to answer.

You Su glanced at him and answered with a smile, “Taoist, isn’t this you? Oh, the other one has me printed on the back. Looks like I won’t want Taoist’s version. Taoist probably won’t want mine too, right? Heh heh.”

You Su also picked up a pink T-shirt and tried it by comparing the shirt and her body’s sizes. She was not really satisfied. With a wave of her finger, her T-shirt became longer, turning into a dress. She slightly casted a spell, and the dress was soon worn on her body. There was also an extra belt around her waist.

Bai Suzhen glanced, and also replaced the white shirt on her body. However, the cloth’s style also changed, becoming a short, strapless one.

The male comrades did not have much in demand. If the shirt fit just fine, so be it. It was just that no matter Xiong Siqian wear the shirt, his muscles would always show itself.

——Xiao Qing was looking at Bai Suzhen and You Su enviously, but after finally considering its current gender, it made no changes.

Now, only Luya was left. He said in disbelief, “This is me? How could it be me?”

The bird had become a three-headed body, and its wings were round. How could there be even slight similarities compared to the Taoist’s heroic composure?

Duan Jiaze: “This is a cute version… Look, even You Su’s have the same art style as this, but even so, it greatly captures Luya’s expression very well. Also, I think this T-shirt’s design is pretty good. It looked nice, so I wore it today.”

Taking a look at that arrogant look in the design, Duan Jiaze recalled how he felt the superiority of the drawing when it was designed by his classmates, even if it was still a draft, he was very amused.

Luya: “Is… is it?”

Duan Jiaze: “Of course, look at ‘your eyes’, doesn’t it seem… domineering?”

Luya was silent for a while, as if he was contemplating. Later, he started nodding heavily. He was originally wearing a shirt, probably turned from his feathers, so he did not need to remove it and just wore the long T-shirt above the original shirt.

“It’s very suitable!” Duan Jiaze said, “Our Taoist is really in good shape!”

Luya: “…Pervert.”

Luya slammed the door and left.

Duan Jiaze: “…”

Duan Jiaze stared at the others, dumbfounded. He pointed to himself, “How am I a pervert?”

He just cooperated and praised Luya according to the bird-training regulations he summarized. Why did Luya blame him for being a pervert?

Others could not answer, and finally Xiao Qing said in embarrassment, “Director, we are not birds, how can we know?”

Even if they were birds, there would not be a three-legged golden crow. Not to mention, there was only one three-legged golden crow in the world. They could not know whether all three-legged golden crows had that weird personality, or if it was just Luya…

Duan Jiaze had no choice but to keep it in his heart. I won’t haggle over this matter.

The white elephant’s exhibition area was finally opened in Ling You Zoo.

When the white elephant was in the Wuliang Temple, its visit was not opened to public. Now that the elephant was sent to the zoo to be fostered, he was able to meet everyone. In view of the mystery on it and the continuous publicity of the media before his launch, many local citizens and even citizens of surrounding cities came to Ling You Zoo during the weekend to meet that legendary white elephant symbolizing good fortune.

In the afternoon, Chu Guo returned to the elephant house from the field. The tourists also went to the indoor viewing hall. It was Chu Guo’s meal time, and everyone wanted to see the elephant eat.

They have just seen the elephant playing his toys in the field. That was the first time they have seen a white Asian elephant and he was so beautiful. It was a pity that tourists were not allowed to feed him, which made many tourists leave with sorrows.

In addition to the facilities of the playground, the elephant house also had several interesting facilities. If Chu Guo wanted to enjoy his forage, he must have his trunk go around the railing in front of him and then reach into the forage trough for feed.

That made Chu Guo’s flexible trunk bend into various shapes, and the children were very excited to see it. Sometimes, Chu Guo failed to reach the grass after going along the wrong way, so the visitors would give pointers even if the elephant might not be able to understand them.

That facility was actually made to able animals to gain some experience similar to being in the wild. Since the first reconstruction of Ling You Zoo, the cages had simulated the wild environment, which was also known as ‘Enrichment and Training for Captive Animals.’

Chu Guo’s increased difficulty in getting food and the outdoor amusement facilities were a kind of enrichment for behaviors, so that he would not be too bored, which might cause him to land into a predicament, or even causing psychological problems.

Ling You Zoo was not bad in that aspect. If there were any problems within animals, like Gold Tails, Cuicui and Lele in the previous sudden side-missions, they could be detected and resolved in time. Some animals of other zoos had psychological problems. If serious, they would even initiate self-harm.

It was the first time Chu Guo had met with so many people. Duan Jiaze deliberately stay guarded in the elephant house. He also wore the work clothes he ordered.

Standing in the crowd, Duan Jiaze faintly heard people gossiping:

“That seems to be the director of the zoo…”

“Which one?”

“That one in work clothes with curly hair.”

Duan Jiaze: “…”

Alas, since being scalded with curly hair, his hair seemed to have become his biggest characteristic. In the past, people usually said “that handsome/young guy”, but now he was called with the term “curly hair.” There was a kind of faint sadness within him…

At that time, Duan Jiaze’s cell phone rang, and when he looked at the caller, it was the girl at the ticketing office. Duan Jiaze picked up and asked, “What’s the matter?”

Xu Wen: “Director, someone is looking for you again.”

Recently, some people have been looking for the director of the zoo and it seemed somehow weird to outsiders.

“Looking for me? Who is it?” Duan Jiaze asked casually.

Xu Wen whispered, “A bit fat. This one calls himself Mr. Zhu, and he comes from Ling Xiao or whatever…”

Mr. Zhu? Could it be…Second Senior Brother?

Duan Jiaze said excitedly, “Wait, I’m in the elephant’s exhibition now. I’ll come out immediately. You can take him to the reception room!”

Duan Jiaze hung up the phone and ran out. He was not a fan of Zhu Bajie (猪八戒the pig in Journey to the West), but he was very interested in his Big Senior! After seeing Zhu Bajie, he could round it up as an equivalent to being a brother to his Big Senior, right?

——Although he was a bit speechless to send a pig to the zoo, who had ever seen a pig exhibition in a zoo?

In less than ten minutes, Duan Jiaze rushed to the reception room and opened the door to see that there was a fat man sitting on the sofa. He was looking down, observing the uneven texture of the ground.

Duan Jiaze gasped out and said, “Sor… sorry to keep you waiting for a long time…”

“No problems,” Mr. Zhu stood up very politely—— What a joke, something was wrong with the two pits on the ground. There’s definitely a ruthless character here, “It had not been long since I arrived.”

Duan Jiaze shook hands with him. He almost did not know what to call him. After thinking about it, the old Zhu seemed very proud of his previous position, so he politely said, “Marshal, it’s been a while, I’ve heard a lot about you! My name is Duan Jiaze. You can call me Little Duan.”

Mr. Zhu said in surprise, “What marshal? I haven’t been a marshal before.”

“Huh?” Duan Jiaze was surprised, have he guessed wrongly? Embarrassingly, he ask, “Isn’t your roots…”

Mr. Zhu: “That’s right, a pig. So, I used this surname, my name is Zhu Feng.”

Duan Jiaze: “…so you are not Marshal Tian Peng?”

Zhu Feng said depressedly, “Tian Peng? What a joke, do you think I look like Tian Peng?”

Duan Jiaze thought to himself: With your body type and this surname… you do look like it!

“I’m Mr. Mural Martian! Who said Zhu Bajie was the only pig?” Zhu Feng pointed to himself incredulously, “Have you never heard of the twenty-eight stars?”

Duan Jiaze: “…”

He has heard of the twenty-eight stars, but he was really not sure which to correspond to. He might have seen relevant information before, but he just could not remember it. He was actually really surprised when the man said that there was more than one pig, not only Zhu Bajie. He was really embarrassed.

“Sorry, sorry, my mind had a short circuit for a while. I’ve misunderstood.” Duan Jiaze apologized and said embarrassedly, “The main reason is that… those who came to me are doing services after they made a mistake. But, doesn’t every star have a very high level of professionalism?”

Luya, You Su, Bai Suzhen, Xiao Qing, and Xiong Siqian, those were not too worrying. They could even be described as thorns, and they really matched Zhu Bajie’s art style. Weren’t those twenty-eight stars diligent civil servants?

Could it be that, just like Monk Sha, the stars accidentally made a mistake?

Zhu Feng’s chubby face showed a slightly triumphant smile, but he did not care about Duan Jiaze’s previous mistake, “Director Duan, did you know that you and your zoo are now famous?”

Duan Jiaze was shocked, “What kind of famous?”

Zhu Feng explained, “Is there something wrong with the Lingxiao Hope Project, that’s why everyone is sent to you? When someone observed the whereabouts of the Nine-Tailed Fox with a magical device, they found that some people had been assigned to the human realm. Haha, the three realms had been separated for a long time. Immortals and others find it difficult to enter the mortal world. Who knows that a few of them can be open and honest in the lower realm? This is making everyone feel envious!”

The immortal world was originally so big and there were so many ethnic and sectarian residents. No one could know where Luya and others were assigned to.

It was a coincidence. The second generation’s You Xian knew You Su, and wanted to find her, so her father’s magic weapon was stolen to find her, but she was nowhere to be seen in the immortal realm. Only when the human realm was checked, You Su was found out, along with the others, which let the ones in the immortal realm investigate that matter.

Duan Jiaze almost fainted. That kind of famous method… Did they think of his zoo as some holiday resort?

Zhu Feng smiled and continued, “It had been a long time since I’ve visited the human world. After I know about this, I seized the opportunity, had some help from my most trusted friend, made a small mistake, and came here. Now, it seemed that the higher-ups are still arguing about this opportunity.”

Look there. That was the difference between people. Luya and the others were reluctant, but who knew there were individuals rushing to be animals.

But think about it, Luya and the others were all people who have done big things in the human world. At most, they could feel that it was more relaxed in the human realm than above.

However, other idlers were different, and they had a leisure mind. Although they had to be animals at work, they could still play around after work. As long as there were no major accidents, it was never a problem.

That BUG error reporting process was too rigid and cumbersome. Even if everyone knew if it would be seventy years or seventy years, those people who knew the whole incident might not go to the upper level.

For the Gods, seventy years might be like the Golden Week of their race. It was not easy for the two worlds to have a chance to relate. If they had the chance to come down to the human world to play, wouldn’t it be fun?

Probably, there were many residents of all ethnic groups in the immortal realm with that kind of thinking, which led to the ending that Zhu Feng said: Ling You Zoo became famous in the immortal realm.

Duan Jiaze was panicked and joyful at once. If there were many godly myths who wanted to come down, would there be Big Senior, the Goddess of the Moon, etc…

Duan Jiaze suddenly realized a problem in his fantasy, “By the way, Mr. Martian, there seems to be two immortals dispatched this time, didn’t you and the other set off together?”

“We did set off together, but she ran to play in the water by herself,” Zhu Feng said. “She also came with the aid of her household. It seemed that her father stuffed her in for vacation. Hey, I took a glance just now, are you renovating for an aquarium here? That highness should be very suitable here.”

Duan Jiaze was stunned. Listening to his words, that “highness” should be an aquatic.

They should have sent aquatic people over. Although Mural Martian was a twenty-eight star, with his roots and feet, it was too inappropriate to put him there. He just came to play, so it had no effect on the zoo. On the contrary, the highness he was talking about sounded very interesting.

Duan Jiaze asked, “A highness as well? Who is it?”

Zhu Feng chuckled and said: “Royal Highness Jingwei (a bird in Chinese mythology).”

Duan Jiaze: “………………”

…This’s also impossible, how can a bird fit in an aquarium!

He heard of Jingwei filling the ocean (Jingwei reclamation), but how could it be Jingwei filling the aquarium?!

Forget about filling the aquarium, the East China Sea was just next door. Well, no one could leave their post at work. When the time arrived, she would take advantage of the night to move rocks from the zoo to fill the East China Sea. Duan Jiaze wondered if seventy years was enough for her to empty Ling You Zoo.

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