Tilea’s Worries 118 Part 2

Turf War 3-34 Edim’s day of hardship

“Does she even know she’s a monarch? She seems so stupid! Miss Edim, if you’d like, I could drive her away! How about that?”


“WHAT!? You insoleeeent!”




I drove my fist into Jayjay’s face. He definitely got too carried away with his speech. Jayjay’s mouth frothed as he collapsed on the floor.


Did I break his skull or something? Oh well, I don’t care if he dies.


Good grief! How many times do I have to repeat myself? I am no master. The only ones fit to rule this not only this Underground Empire but the world, are Miss Tilea and Miss Camilla!


Jayjay’s memory leaves much to be desired. I wonder if he’s just thickheaded. He’s fixed on this idea on how a ruler must be. Neither Miss Camilla or Miss Tilea listen to a word he says, so he gets too reckless when he speaks.


Anyhow, I’ll make sure Jayjay gets it into that thick skull of his later. I want to know what Miss Tilea’s expectations are. I should call out to her, see if she has any errands for me…


Hmm… I don’t know. I haven’t the slightest idea about what Miss Tilea’s intentions are. But even if our ruler hasn’t spoken out, us underlings can’t be babbling about what her true motives are.


8:30 AM. Starting training.


I went to Gravity Room D. During our last encounter with the demons, I made a mistake and was knocked unconscious –and got almost killed. Had Miss Camilla not been there at the time, my life would have been forfeit. Though that stupid Ortissio butted in as well, he didn’t accomplish much.


I have to train and become stronger.


I would try to adjust my special move. First, I started by warming up, silently doing some sit-ups and push-ups.


Then I hit the 500-kilogram iron arrays Miss Camilla arranged for my personal use. I could really feel the heat. I lifted the arrays all the way up, and all the way down, using only pure physical strength. No magical handicaps or anything.


It was rough…


Still, I could endure such severe muscle training under the increased gravity environment.


I felt so refreshed after finishing working those iron arrays… But those other iron arrays that lay on the special training room for the higher-ups…


Those weigh several tons! I held one of those in my hand once, and it felt as if it could drop me to the floor in an instant. I know just how much of a herculean strength the higher-ups actually have.


Take Miss Camilla, for instance. The iron arrays she can lift weigh 5 tons.


5 tons…


I realize that there are minuscule beings like a vampire’s power. While I’m fairly disposable in this Evil God’s Army, Miss Camilla is simply too far above the clouds.


But, buuut! Still! Even among all these supernatural people, Miss Tilea is still the real deal!


Her exclusive iron arrays weigh 20 tons and she can easily juggle them around as if they were lemons.


Also, once she was inside the gravity room while the gravitational force was set to a hundred times than normal, and she was like “Oh, I’m getting sleepy, I’ll just take a nap here, okay?”, then she laid down on the floor under such a gravitational burden like it was no big deal! I tell you, it’s almost as if the laws of physics of this world don’t apply to her.


Miss Tilea, your power is so impressive! So amazing! So… Oh! She’s here!?


She’s seen me. Oh boy, she’s seen me.


How long has Miss Tilea been peeping from the other side of the door of this gravity room D? Why do you have to resort to such shoddy shadowing techniques?



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