Tilea’s Worries 119 – Part 2


Turf War 3-35 My Fears And Dryus’ Rage



Run, Dryus. Run! Run as if your life depended on it!


Miss Tilea, you poor thing! Why is our lady so captivating?


With my brain working at full steam, I headed for the meeting room where the corps members were gathering.


Everything had been about the war council for a while now. There was a difference in everyone’s morale since Miss Tilea finally decided to attend the meeting after not doing so for so long. Though I should keep my cool about it since I’m also part of the planning, I can’t deny I was kind of excited.


Then, after the war council…


Miss Tilea had stood up for Edim. Certainly, there was something wrong about Edim during the meeting. She was extremely defensive, and wouldn’t state her opinions. But that’s just my opinion.


Miss Tilea has certainly noticed that, since she’s always so watchful.


But what could have happened to Miss Tilea today?


I couldn’t help but think that she was worried about something during the meeting.


Hmm, this seems to be part of a strategist’s duties.


To guide Miss Tilea to my room.


Then, to prepare some of our most treasured tea. That tea is actually rather cheap, not even worth thousands of gold pieces, but it can’t be helped. Thanks to Ortissio’s poor management, I had to procure it myself. It was the best I could do.


And finally, to brew the tea in a way that covers the poor quality of the leaves. I know Miss Tilea’s tastes all too well. Taking today’s temperature and humidity into account, I knew the best way to prepare it.


And it seems it did its job perfectly. Miss Tilea seemed pretty pleased with it.


I’m glad…


The first milestone had been reached. Soon after, Miss Tilea started to tell me about her troubles little by little. She seemed quite hesitant at first, but I didn’t push her. It would have been very disrespectful for a vassal such as me to press my lady for words. I just wanted to be of service to Miss Tilea in whatever way possible.


As expected, Tilea’s worries were concerning Edim. She was suspicious that Edim might be plotting a rebellion.


You poor thing!


To be worried about a rebellion from that little piece of rubbish!


I’m sure Miss Tilea’s previous existence was one of great influence. When she lived in that “Japan”, she was a member of a group called “Neet” and struggled every day. I’ve heard that back then, all of her subordinates turned on her. They were weak people, subordinated to something called “The Company”. So it’s no wonder that Miss Tilea would be very concerned about being betrayed in this world as well.


I’m truly sorry! But Edim’s chances of starting a rebellion are equal to zero. That’s my calm judgement as a strategist. But that’s not where the problem lies. That Edim’s attitude was something I could not forgive. How dare she trouble our Miss Tilea like that?


You ought to be more loyal in your duties and support Miss Tilea to the best of your capacity!


I wanted to execute her for being so indecisive at once. However, Miss Tilea’s generosity wouldn’t let her allow me to do that.


But it doesn’t matter. I will re-educate her, and Ortissio as well, for being so rebellious. It’s obvious that just like Edim, Ortissio was another cause of grief for our dear Miss Tilea.


When I returned to the meeting room, I found that Miss Camilla and the others were still pressing Edim. Even Ortissio was thinking of himself highly enough to relentlessly boo her.


“Everybody, please hear me out!”

“Dryus, what’s going on? Did something happen to my sister…?”

“No, this isn’t related to Miss Tilea. I have something I’d like to say as an officer of this Evil God’s Army.”


Everyone stopped hounding on Edim and turned towards me.


“This might be a bit abrupt, but I believe that there are people in this very room who aren’t fit to be Miss Tilea’s subordinates.”



After a brief moment of silence, an uproar broke out once again in the room.


“Is that true, Dryus? Did something happen to my sister…?”

“No, Miss Camilla, this is ultimately my opinion as a strategist. As I’ve said before, this isn’t connected to Miss Tilea.”

“I see. I just wondered if what you said was true, Dryus. So, who are the ones here not fit to be my sister’s subordinates?”


As she said that, Miss Camilla looked around her with bloodthirsty eyes. Her intense sovereignty emanated from her body like an aura and covered the entire room.


Tension was building up.

Everyone else in the room gulped their saliva as they nervously stared at each other.


The room went silent again. Everyone was waiting for my accusations.

It was my duty as a strategist to name my suspects myself. It wasn’t something Miss Tilea had to do. I was perfectly fine with dragging myself to the mud.


“Allow me to speak frankly. It’s Edim and Ortissio.”


“Why am I being lumped together with this person?”


Hah, what a coincidence! The disloyal ones complained at the same time!


“I cannot accept this. Edim, surely, but I’m a proud servant of our Lady Tilea!”


Ortissio stood up and objected loudly. Just as I expected. He didn’t understand just how much of a scandal he himself had caused.


“Some proud servant you are. Have you forgotten that the two of you have failed her like some humans?”

“Th… that…”


The two of them seemed flustered.

They might be a bit aware of that themselves. About how they struggled like humans. It was like leaving a stain on the military history of our Evil God’s Army. Have you no sense of decency!?


“You two have remained in this Evil God’s Army so far only because of Miss Tilea’s warm heart. You can’t say you can’t realize just how kind she has been to you!”

“O… Of course! I can’t speak for Lord Ortissio, but I have always been grateful for Miss Tilea’s kindness.”


Edim stepped forward as she answered.


“Hey, you! What are you saying!? I… I’m always considering Miss Tilea’s kindness. But on that subject, there have been times when Edim’s contempt for Miss Tilea was evident.”

“What are you going on about? That’s completely untrue, it’s nonsense!”


Both of them squawked at each other.

How unsightly. I really need to re-educate these two, quickly.


“You two, what’s with this racket! You’re in the presence of Miss Camilla!”

“”M… My apologies!””


Again, they spoke at the same time. The two disloyal ones knelt down on the floor and bowed down apologetically at the same time.


“Hmm, certainly these two are not fit to be my sister’s subordinates. So, what do you suggest we do with them, Dryus?”


Miss Camilla was looking at them with contempt. I knew what her eyes were saying. It was the same as if Miss Camilla was calling for her execution.


“I suggested we executed them, but Miss Tilea is someone who is exceedingly kind towards her subordinates. We’ll give them one chance.”

“A chance?”

“Yes. In order to be considered worthy of Miss Tilea’s trust, they will have a week from now to achieve a remarkably meritorious deed.”

“Uh, umm… a remarkably meritorious deed in just a week?”


Edim, who was still kneeling down, raised her head a little and asked a question as if complaining. She seemed extremely distressed. Of course, I had no sympathy for such a disloyal person. All she got from me was a sober “Yes”.


“And… And if we don’t manage to do that…?”

“Let’s not go there.”


I took my dagger close to Edim’s pale face.


I’m sure you can figure out the rest!


Yes, the fact that these two have become a reason for concern for Miss Tilea was quite the predicament. They’ll have to do something truly remarkable in order to eliminate Miss Tilea’s worries. To be honest, it would be much easier to not give them any chance and just execute them. However, Miss Tilea’s tolerant heart would not allow such a thing.


I’ll give one last chance to these fools who dare take advantage of Miss Tilea’s kindness. If they ever do anything to harm Miss Tilea’s trust ever again, I’ll send them to the other side myself.


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