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Tilea’s Worries 118-2 (Teaser 2)

Turf War 3-34 Edim’s day of hardship (Part 2)



Miss Tilea was looking this way like a paparazzi hiding behind the bushes looking for some scandalous scene to snap a picture of. The moment I turned my face in Miss Tilea’s direction, she turned her face away and started to whistle as if playing the fool.


… Don’t you think it would be better if you just come and say hello?


“Is there something you need, Miss Tilea–”




After saying that, Miss Tilea quickly turned on her own heels.


… Understood. It would be best to pretend she never came here after all.


11:30 AM. At the Evil God’s Army meeting.


It was the 25nd Evil God’s Army meeting. Miss Tilea, who is normally absent from these meetings, was actually joining us today for a change. And yet, she did say ‘Please begin normally, just pretend I’m not here’. Despite her saying that, it was the first time in a while since Miss Tilea attended these meetings. Everyone was nervous.


The higher-ups were quite eager in expressing their opinions so that it could be seen that they were in their highest of spirits. But when it came to that stupid Ortissio’s report, I could clearly see that he was exaggerating his own feats. How is it that you were able to finish that task so easily when three days ago you were babbling about how impossible it was? That’s really strange!


Everytime that stupid Ortissio opened his mouth, he would intermittently glance at Miss Tilea. I’m sure it’s appealing, but it’s no use. It certainly didn’t work on Lord Dryas.


Ah, he even started looking for contradictions in his story. Hehe, what an idiot.


“Ortissio, even a child could see through your nonsense. You’re making up stories.”


“N… No, really, I… I was able to raise those funds!”


“Then go ahead and report how exactly you managed to do that!”


“B… But that… Okay. Since then, we were able to complete the expedition two hundred times. The report will depend on the procurement managed after each of those times.”


This guy… This guy is hopeless.


His excuse was that it would be impossible to provide an accurate report because doing so would require him to travel more than ten times a day. No matter how I look at it, his numbers don’t add up!


Eventually, Miss Camilla yelled “That’s enough!” at him in a thunderous voice, and he had no choice but to leave in low spirits.


Even Miss Tilea was shocked by his disgraceful act. I casually looked at Miss Tilea from time to time, and I could see that instead of looking at that stupid Ortissio making a fool of himself, she was looking at me.


B… But why…?


And what’s more, how did it turn out into this…? I ended up being accused by everyone of being too conservative in the meeting.


Uhh, but I don’t have any opinion…


Since Lord Dryas’ instructions were perfect, I thought all I had to do was to report about the things I was in charge of.


The higher-ups were being quite abusive. The usually cold Miss Camilla’s eyes were getting surprisingly fiery.


“Edim, your attitude is unacceptable!”


“You’re just there silent as a grave. Your silence is worrying Miss Tilea!”


“I agree. While I’m here being accused of– Ahem, someone as idle as Edim would do nothing but harm to this Evil God’s Army!”


Damn that stupid Ortissio! Happily taking this chance to criticize me!


That was bad. That stupid Ortissio should be in this situation, not me.


I desperately tried to say something back, but after Miss Tilea said “But that doesn’t mean she’s to blame, though”, I kind of felt guilty for trying.


Miss Tilea, this is the afterlife. Please understand. Your words greatly inspire the higher-ups.


The pressure from the higher-ups, and that statement by Miss Tilea which seemed to drive me to a corner…


Feeling at a loss, I fell to my knees and asked for forgiveness.


“You disgrace me, Edim. You’re a waste of a subordinate!”


And then Miss Camilla gave me a harsh scolding.


Aww, and then she kicked me…


It had been a while since Miss Camilla kicked me, which was kind of stimulating. Her scolding made me feel sad, but her kicking me was satisfying enough.


“Stop this at once!”


As I was suffering Miss Camilla’s prosecution, for some reason Miss Tilea rushed up and stopped her.


“But sister, we need to punish this foolish subordinate.”


“I said stop!”


“Y… Yes.”


“Now apologize to Edim.”


“S… Sister! Why…?”


“She’s not useless. Come on, apologize for kicking her.”




S… Scary!


Miss Camilla’s distressing attitude, and those resentful eyes of her…


Uhh, I didn’t do anything. Ah, this is definitely a misunderstanding. I didn’t say anything at all to Miss Tilea. Stuff like that.


“Listen, don’t bother her anymore.”


“U… Understood. Sorry for kicking you, Edim.”


“Oh no no nono. I… I’m terribly sorry myself. I don’t mind you kicking me at all…”


I frantically apologized to Miss Camilla, but I could clearly understand what she was going through. Now she was the one under the spot, she was the one who was embarrassed in front of everyone. After all, what kind of superior bows down and apologizes to a subordinate…?


What on earth had happened to Miss Tilea today? I stared at Miss Tilea with a bit of guilt in my eyes.


“Yikes! Edim is scowling at you. Now she’s showing her true colors! This is bad, very bad. What a shady subordinate~”


“Eh? Eh? EHH? T… That’s nothing like it!”


“You! You dare stare at my dear sister with such bloodthirsty eyes!?”

“I didn’t expect you would have this kind of foolish attitude, Edim.”


“Miss Tilea, don’t you worry. I, Ortissio, your humble servant, will punish this insurgent!”


Ortissio put up his fist triumphantly. His face was full of joy.


I… I’ll kill you! You, you’re so, so dead!


But that wasn’t the time to worry about such foolish things. I had to somehow get myself out of this desperate situation first.

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