Tower of Karma

Chapter 67 The jumbled battle at the center

It was the day of the decisive battle. That battle carried onto the extremes, making the fights till then look like games.

The Arcadia army advanced like demons as if to vent their anger and attacked the Nehderk army when they were not prepared. The center of the Arcadia army was lead by the destructive Gregor squad. They pulverized Nehderk army’s center at one go. This is what one would call beating someone hands down.


“Wh-what? What is happening?”


All the other hundred commanding officers also advanced, crushing everything in their way as if they were letting out pent up rage. It took a toll on their stamina but to that extent, it also destroyed their enemies and kept piling up victories.

The elite squad of the Arcadia army which was now far more fierce compared to the start.


“This-this is impossible.”


The Nehderk army commander crumbled down. He couldn’t even look at the face Anatour was making beside him. He had boasted that much. He couldn’t possibly look him in the eyes.


“As expected, eh. Quite an elaborate method.”


Not even showing any interest towards Gregor, Anator just steadily gazed at the enemy’s movements. But even still, there was no way he could come up with a solution. All the Arcadia army was charging in from the mountains. He would not amount to much by himself.


(If it was that man, how would he cope with this? How would he handle this death battle?)


Anatour could visualize that smile full of confidence in his head. That person, who has complete confidence in himself, would he be able to do something about this situation? He was curious.


“Fu, it won’t mean anything even if I know. We are the ones who cut them, after all.”


Saying that, Anatour took his weapon. Seeing that, the army commander leaked an incomprehensible sound.


“I will charge in. If you are an honorable Nehderk soldier as well, show your spirit.”


Anatour looked ahead. In the end, all he could do was what another soldier could do. And if so, the least he could do was move a little better than others and do a bit more. If he did not do that much, his title of the Wailing Spear would cry.







The fight became ever more fierce. Owing to the fact that the Nehderk army was awkwardly ahead of the rest, they collapsed to Gregor’s squad in a short period of time. Gregor did not stop, he just kept on advancing.

Supporting that advance from the shadows was Anselm. He was operating at every important part, so as to not let their momentum decay.

The army these two generals were leading were the best on the mountain. Gregor kept pushing with force. Normally, this is where Gregor shows his true potential. A charge with one’s whole brute force without any sort of tricks. And Anselm did all the tricks for him.

The destructive power of the army was terrific. This took a toll on the army but even more than that, they trampled all over the enemy even more.



There was a black figure looking over this.


“Ohh ohh. Gregor and Anselm, eh? As expected of them, they are moving quite well.”


It was the Noir Guards. They were lying low at a place.


“They are both great pieces. And so they can not be replaced. It will leave a gap.”


Ywain was concentrating on just one point, according to Volf’s aim, which he announced this early morning. If they were to win the war as a whole, they had to take that place down.


“Nikka, you hold down the center and buy us some time. Ywain and I will crush that place.”


The place Ywain was focusing on was their objective. The Noir Guards did not have an influence on the war as a whole anymore. If so, they have no other choice but to be a pack of wolves and overwhelm a certain point.


“We meet again at the place I just talked about. Let’s all live.”


If they just overwhelm that one point, they still had a chance on winning the war as a whole. That is what the Noir Guards were aiming for. Turning the tables with one blow. It’s not only the Nehderk army which was way ahead. Arcadia army was also taking the risk and attacking. Which created a gap they could impose on.


“Now then, let’s settle this, shall we?!”


Noir guards, move out.








Anselm and Gregor kept advancing, pushing through the center army. Gregor, who was the best young soldier with the most destructive power and Anselm who was clever, controlling the whole army. The army just kept getting stronger with their synergy.

Anatour had charged in to hold them down but he could only do so much in a war. And so, the Arcadia army, which had both the force and brains, kept pushing them. The Nehderk army was able to hold temporarily but still did not have a fundamental solution to it.


“Don’t let Anatour get close! Keep restraining him with arrows!”


They were using a steady, effective strategy to seal off Anatour. No matter how good his skills are, if he can’t get close, he won’t be able to use his spear. Without being able to get close, he gradually kept slicing up his nearby enemies.


“Press on! Their stronghold is just ahead!”


Gregor’s roar raised everyone’s spirits. They kept pushing in with no signs of stopping till the enemy was completely crushed.


“Guhh. So this is as far as I go, eh?”


Anatour prepared himself for defeat. He had the confidence that he could do something if he could just get in closer. However, the enemy was Anselm. He didn’t give him any opportunity.


“I am sorry, Rheinberka-sama.”


Now that it had come to this, the least he could do was to charge in and at least take the enemy’s general with him. The possibility of him going close was really low. But his loyalty towards his country, towards his master made him move.


“Either way, I need to take responsibility for the defeat. That is my responsibility as a Nehderk soldier. Let’s go!”


A charge with his life on the line. He might be at the end of his life in a few seconds. But even still, he went on. He was not afraid of death. He has seen countless deaths. Now, it was his turn. That was all there was to it.


“So you will come, eh? That is unfortunate, I could have killed you if it was a bit earlier.”


Anselm muttered to himself, seeing Anatour with a side glance. But his eyes weren’t looking there. He was not the biggest threat anymore. The biggest threat in the battlefield now was—


“As expected, you came, Noir Guard!”


At the same time Anselm shouted, there was an explosion at one end of the Arcadia army. Fast and strong, like a wolf.


“Sorry, we will be intruding.”


Black Wolf Volf as the lead, the Noir guards bared their fangs. As Arcadia army was riding the momentum, their sides were full of gaps. The Noir guards kept tearing the army apart as if biting off soft meat.

The breakthrough Volf had created.


“Excuse me.”


Ywain kept on expanding it. That platinum radiance even rivaled that of the leader Volf, even though he was the vice commander. The figure of a king conquering a battlefield. An ordinary person had no choice but to prostrate before his dignity.


“Get out of the way! Make way for Nikka-sama!”


Her wounds had not yet healed completely. Even still, Nikka had returned to the battlefield. She will only return victorious. Winning and remaining alive would become her proof of existence.

There’s no meaning to mercenaries if they don’t win. Win and get rewarded. And then, become famous. Piling up money and fame, they will seize the heavens.


“Nikka, I leave all the weak ones to you. We are stronger in melee. Win.”


“Who do you think you are talking to? Don’t go and die on me.”


“Haa? There is no way I would lose.”


Volf and Nikka exchanged glances for a short while. Nikka’s complete trust in Volf’s strength and on the hand, Volf not trusting Nikka’s strength as much. But, having the same objectives, even without strength, they had trust in each other.


“Alright you guys, let’s let loose!”


He left the center to Nikka. If she and Anatour worked together, they won’t be passed easily. And during that time, if they just destroy the vital points, they can win.


“As I thought, your aim is.. Among the mountains and plains, you plan on operating on the plains and claim victory!”


If they control the plains, they have chance at winning. That must not be forgotten.


“”All according to plan!””


William had already thought this situation through. He had predicted it would turn out like this from the start. Everything has been going as he planned. Of course, Volf had also thought it would come to this. Both of them had predicted this.


“Farewell, small fries.”


The Noir Guards kept piercing through the side of the army. To think a pack of wolves would be this strong. Everyone in the Arcadia army thought that and ended up being afraid.

Being completely destroyed by the Noir guards, at the middle of the divided center army,


“And so… I am counting on you, you good-for-nothings”


“Fu, reassuring reinforcements.”


The battle had turned into a melee styled fight at once. Anatour also used that opportunity to get close.


“A woman and the Wailing spear… That’s quite difficult, oi.”


Their advantage had disappeared. Even the ones fighting did not know how the fight would turn out.

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