Tower of Karma

Chapter 68 The Base Camp

Volf’s aim was the pivotal point of the plains. The place where Gilbert started and Anselm held. By taking this point, they can take over the plains. Not only that, it will also be possible to send soldiers from the mountain side. If they take this, they can completely turn the situation around.

The Noir guards did not know but they had moved their substantial base there. The army commander was not there but it was the functional stronghold. It was the most important point to the Arcadia army and also the Noir guards’ objective.


“I see… you build an amazing camp.”


Ywain said in admiration. The splendid camp Anselm had diligently built. The place was after a big down-slope and a gentle ascent. When it comes to arching range, the Noir guards would be a disadvantage. Using the geographical location to its fullest, he didn’t cut corners and even made iron walls.


“….Ah, as I thought.”


He could get William’s scent from that camp. Even Ywain, who had not met him directly, could tell from the looks of it. Firm, sturdy, impregnable fortress. On top of that, it had some sort of softness to it as well. No doubt it was William’s idea.


“If William isn’t the one protecting this place… Can you destroy it by yourself?”


“Is it okay if I destroyed it?”


Volf smiled. He had determined that William was not there. From his wolf’s sense of smell, it felt like a trap. In the first place, there was no way William, who was the same as Volf, would be in a place like this.


“I will go finish the job.”


Saying that, he left the place, leading about ten people.


“It is unfortunate. I also wanted to try fighting the White Mask.”


Ywain drew his sword. They had entered a defensive formation so it would be quite difficult for him to go on the offensive. There is also a possibility of losing a lot of soldiers. But even still…


“Well, I guess it is fine.”


The lion was starving. After joining under Volf, he had had quite a few interesting fights but none were enough to fill his stomach. Volf was the only person he had deemed his king. And because of that, he handed over the tasty preys to him.


“Well then, let us start.”


Ywain said with a smile on his face. But the ones on the battlefield who knew him understood. The only time the lion smiles on the battlefield is when he is serious.


“Follow me.”


The platinum lion took a perfect stance and charged towards the camp.







Volf was smiling. Had he had this much fun in a battle before? Did he have this much difficulty in a battle before? No, neither did he have a battle where he could trust his opponent this much. His opponents were all idiots up till now. He could never believe in them. Even without that, he went on winning.

Thinking and thinking, after a lot of thinking, he had to come up with a solution to this battle. He had never felt this before. This perfect feeling of engaging with an opponent. To the extent that he thought it was fate.


“God brought us to this world in the same era. Can’t help but feel it was fate.”


Volf could see various routes to his goal.

Using all of their strength to attack and conquer the point–that was not an option. William would like that point to fall–as it would open up higher positions in the Arcadia army. If Volf were to destroy the stronghold, William would come save the army and become a hero.


(But he probably doesn’t think I will select that. That much is obvious. Only if the stronghold exists, there will be meaning in taking the point. And so, we both do not need to think about this case.)


From the army’s point of view, the Noir guards were just a piece in a chess board. And so even if they take control of the enemy’s vital point, it would only be seen as an individual act.


(Then you should be thinking of a different case. Splitting up soldiers to the center. If that happens, there are plenty of routes.)


And in fact, Volf actually planned on doing that. And he was sure his opponent was thinking of it as well. And so he changed his route immediately before.


(But, you are definitely over there, right? After all—)


Volf increased his speed. It took everything out of his subordinates to keep up with him. That was how fast he was moving. It was not because of simple leg strength but because he knew the terrains and took the best route without any hesitation. That is why he could move forward with such a speed.


(After all, that place is—)


Volf wore a best smile.

The gear of fate had meshed together.

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