Tower of Karma

Chapter 69 Gilbert’s domination

“Just the perfect scenario, don’t you think so too, White Mask?!”

He said, from the highest point in the battle field — from where one could grasp the situation of the whole war. Volf’s plan had completely fallen into place. If you are going to attack, you would definitely think of doing so from such a high place. Volf would have done the same.

“As expected of a wild dog’s feet. To think you would be able to reach all the way over here. I am lost for words.”

“Stop lying. You had predicted I would come chasing this far from the start.”

“True, true. So I guess you had predicted I would come here as well, then.”

They had both used all their effort for their plans. And on top of that, the result both of them had predicted was how both of them were now standing here.

The White and Black glared at each other.

“Our thought process is so very different. But the answer we both arrived to is the same.”

“All that’s left are the difference in pieces and conditions–in all of which I am superior!”

“I wonder. You probably think you have thought it all out but… is that really all?”

William said with a smile. But Volf’s smile disappeared.

“You are still hiding something? That’s too much for a joke, you know. There’s no way you didn’t use all your cards during this long battle. All of your main cards–Anselem, Gilbert, Gregor and you — you have used all of them.”

“But I haven’t yet shown Gilbert, have I?”

William wore a smirk. That smirk got on Volf’s nerves. That expression which was hidden by the setting sun–the expression only Volf had seen.

“The main point is being defended by Gilbert. No matter how you look at it, that has to be the case. The only one who can go up against Ywain is Gilbert. And he too, can’t do anything if Ywain goes all out.”

Anselem or Gilbert–or maybe even William himself, there is no one else who has any chance of going up against Ywain. And among those three, Anselem is the least probable one. After all, in such a decisive battle like this, the lion’s fang shines the most. Even swords or armies of dead can’t stand up against the king of lions.

“Ah, yes, even I would probably get eaten if I went up against the lion. Anselem or Gilbert would not stand a chance. He is a monster with a high level of wisdom, strength — everything. He is still, stronger than you too, right?”

“And stronger than you too.”

And as such, he is a sure-fire card. He is completely different in the battlefield. No one would be able to stop him. Even a general is nothing against a king, after all.

“I do understand. And even if I were to stop the lion, if I left you to run wild, it would lead to my defeat either way. It was evident it would turn out like this.”

His quality of pieces had won. And therefore, Volf would achieve victory. The battlefield had become the Noir Guards’ monopoly.

“I had a good proper look, after all, during this long fight — at all of your strength.”

William did comprehend. The Noir Guards are strong. Stronger than anyone he had faced up till now. A flock of wolves which possesses both wisdom and strength.

“That you did. And you guys were really close too. There will be no next time, but please—”

“Like I said—-”

William interrupted Volf and spread his arms wide.

“To win, I also had to bet my all, you see.”

Volf’s eyes opened wide.

“It’s my victory, wild dog.”

Together with William’s declaration of victory, the Nehderk army’s base went up in flames. Which would mean that their base had fallen — that in this mountain battle, the Arcadia army had dominated.


All color disappeared from Volf’s face.

It was Gilbert who had dominated in the center.

Gilbert’s squad, which had appeared with horses, had charged the enemy’s main base at once. They marched at a speed which was impossible for man to stop.

“I won’t let you pass here — even if it costs my life!”

Gilbert wore a cold expression in front Anatour, who was desperate to defend. Making his subordinate hold the reins, Gilbert himself got off from the horse and drew his sword.

“There’s no way swords can win with spears! Diee!”

Anatour’s bloodlust was gushing out. It was sharp and cladded with death.

He was a master of the spear.

With overwhelming speed, his spear came charging. But in that interval, the sword–

“That’s if you are an ordinary being. Fall, scum.”

His head flew in the air.


In an instant. It was within an instant in which Gilbert cut through Anatour’s spear–and with that, Anatour as well. And so fell, the ‘Howling Spear’.

And in that moment, the Nehderk army had died.

“Very well done, sir.”

His subordinate had come beside him with his horse. Gilbert got on and said,

“Don’t praise me for this much. It wasn’t a big deal.”

The only thing reflecting in Gilbert’s eyes were the Nehderk army’s main base. He must take it as soon as possible. As long as he isn’t protecting his own base, he must end this battle as quickly as he can.

(Compared to that guy who is stopping that lion… this much is nothing — just destroying a base.)

Gilbert looked back towards the direction of the base he was supposed to be protecting. The flames had not yet risen. It was proof that they were still protecting.  Then, he could still make it.

“Let’s bring it down! Follow me!”

And with Gilbert’s participation in the war, the flow of the fight had changed at once.



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