The Taming of the Yandere


Chapter 11: Sinister Cat, Sinister Girl


She could plow through my elaborate cover behind that thick, wooden door? I never guessed that Jiang Muqing would be even more formidable than the Head of First Year.


Has the disciple surpassed the master? Or is it just the pure women’s instinct towards men?


My words, heavy with emotion, would definitely win over any anime girl. But it doesn’t seem to work against a girl in real-life.


Looks like Jiang Muqing will not open her door for me today.


Real girls’ intelligence and boldness truly outpace anime.


My original plan to solve Jiang Muqing in one fell swoop has failed.


Am I completely hated now?


The narcissist girl has been driven to the edge by my foolishness, and I have no ways to pull her back.


But what I’m sure of, is that Jiang Muqing has calmed down. She didn’t do anything dangerous while at home for so long.


I’ll hand Jiang Muqing’s homework to the classmate at 213, and ask her to keep an eye on Muqing. Everything should be fine.


I pressed 213’s doorbell.


“Ring ring—”


The door seemed to open the second I pressed the bell.


Was that girl watching me plead with Jiang Muqing? She saw my failed confession to the end.


I suddenly felt awkward, but I figured that it wouldn’t be a big deal. Even though we go to the same school, I’ve never heard her voice before. We probably would never meet after this again.


“So you’re that Lu Fan?!”


She exclaimed before the door even opened.


Because of the lecture hall incident, my name probably stretches as far as Jiang Muqing’s now.


The girl had distinct facial features and short, shoulder-length hair. She wore a white T-shirt with cartoon animals, and jean shorts below.


It was a perfect outfit. Her fresh, cute look also included a mature, sexy vibe.


Her T-shirt clung to her soft curves, and her shorts shamelessly revealed her bare legs, white as snow. *


*Translator Note: My mind is scarred. I need a priest ASAP.


Although I don’t have any interest towards girls at the moment, chatting a bit longer won’t hurt.




I laughed bitterly.


“You were really brave like that in front of the whole school.”


The girl’s eyes glimmered in awe.


Someone actually admires this troublesome burden, falling out of nowhere, breaking my back?


Of course, there’s no need to explain to an outsider.


“This is Suite 212 Jiang Muqing’s homework, please give this to her.”


I ignored her outbursts, and handed over the papers and packets.






Jiang Muqing opened her door? Am I dreaming?


“Looks like I’m not much help to you…”


The short-haired girl smiled mischievously.


I tried to turn my head, but a giant force pulled my backpack, dragging me towards 212.


The shoujo dragged me inside with monstrous strength, and slammed the door shut. She then peered through the door eye, observing outside.


Is this a girl’s room?


My eyes swept my surroundings.


Generally speaking, a girl’s bedroom should be clean, organized, and dustless, with a whiff of perfume in the air.


But what the hell is this?


The living room coffee table and floor was covered in snack wrappers. Empty beer bottles and soda cans littered the corners.


There were even molding food scraps on the carpet, making a strange smell.


What surprised me even more, was a black cat walking around the room. It lifted some wrappers occasionally, searching for morsels.


I instinctively covered my nose.


The girl turned around.


Her back was against the door, and she stared at me blankly.


Her messy hair limped on her shoulder, and her white dress was dirty.


“Lu Fan, I feel like my life is draining away.”


The girl’s face was pale as a sheet, and her lips were dry and cracker. Her eyes were rimmed black and swollen. Her empty, hollow stare revealed none of her intentions, and I had no way to “perform”.




I didn’t understand her words.


“If I died, Lu Fan will definitely go find other girls, like just now.”


She started shaking, and her skinny legs couldn’t hold up much longer.


“Just now?”


What did I do just now?


“Like how you cheated on me.”


She looked angry.


“Um, I don’t think we were ever together in the first place.” I sighed.


So just talking with other girls counts as cheating? If this was narcissism, it’s a bit too extreme, isn’t it?


“I know Lu Fan doesn’t like me.”


The girl’s blood drained from her face.


“Will you please stop? It’s just a simple sentence. I like you. That’s all it is.” I looked at her worriedly.




She laughed coldly.




I firmly looked into her eyes.


“Lu Fan, I’m almost dead. I feel like every inch of my skin is burning…. Of course, my heart pains me even more….” She held her chest tightly.


“Are you hurting anywhere? I think we should go to the hospital.” Her cold seemed to be severe.


Is she saying these outrageous things because of her illness?


“It’s too late. This body can’t be saved. I’ve suffered long enough, anyway.” She limped towards me. For some reason, the atmosphere felt charged and dense.


She staggered to me like she was on her deathbed, fighting to stay alive.


“I’ll give you one last chance. If you really like me, then die with me.” She grabbed my hand.


“What the hell are you saying?” I felt like she was insane.


Even if you truly liked someone, you probably wouldn’t die for her. Humans aren’t like praying mantises or spiders, they don’t value reproduction as their first priority.


To feed their spouse, male praying mantises and wolf spiders offer their own dead corpses.


“I’m telling you, you won’t die, and I won’t die either. Please come to your senses!” I threw the homework on the floor, grasping her fists.


“Lu Fan, I gave you your chance….”


She violently pulled from my clasp.


Then, Jiang Muqing ran to the kitchen on the other side. When she came out, her arms held a full wooden block of kitchen knives.


The block was filled with at least seven or eight knives. Cleavers, melon knives, scissors, peelers….


“Wait, what are you doing?”


I started to back away.


“Don’t play with knives, it’s really easy to hurt someone!” I shouted in warning.


“Lu Fan will never be taken by anyone else. Even if he doesn’t like me, he will not fall in others’ hands.”


She smoothly drew a knife, and started coming towards me.


The knife-wielding Jiang Muqing looked like she was enveloped in a powerful, sinister aura. My heart brimmed with fear from the pressure.


“No, no….”


I wanted to charge forward and stop her, but her wild slashes made it impossible to get near.


The black cat, previously munching on leftover snacks, seemed to be affected by its master’s emotions. It threateningly howled.


“Meo-roar! Meo-raor!”


It looked as if it awakened its prehistoric instincts.


The cat’s fur stood on-end, furiously cheering its master on.


Sinister cat, sinister girl, and me, all drowning in darkness.


How could I be so foolish, to think of her as a harmless, narcissist girl?


What a joke. How is this even remotely narcissism?

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