The Taming of the Yandere


Chapter 16: Not All Girls Are Afraid of Thunderstorms


In the deep midnight, howling winds crashed against our apartment building.


The weather app on my phone predicted light to moderate rain, as well as lightning and occasional violent gusts.


This was quite common for my coastal city.


Where I live, the weather was completely uncontrollable. If it wasn’t dense, stifling dry air pressure coming from inland, it was hurricanes surging from the Pacific Ocean. These two superpowers determined my city’s life and death.


Summertime was full of heavy rainfall. However, the rain didn’t lower the temperature, but rather brought disgusting, unwanted humidity.


But at the start of every rain, it wasn’t so bad. The heavens seemed to water the earth like a plant, and soothe the blistering soil. Even people’s hearts were cool and chilled by the water.


The only drawback was the annoying thunder. It rumbled constantly, with very little time between booms. Sleeping proved to be extremely difficult.


In most light novels, the male lead will use thunderstorms to become closer to a girl, and successfully break the walls around her heart.


An example would be an arrogant girl who decided to leave the male lead. But a thunderstorm hits, and the frightened shoujo runs into the guy’s arms, sobbing and feeling his warmth. *


*Translator Note: Does it occur to anyone how true and cliché this is….


But what if the male lead was afraid of lightning?


Like me….


I’m not afraid to admit it.


I feared lightning when I was young. The monstrous booms and the blinding lights gave me completely unexpected scares. I was terrified that the godly beam would fall on me some day.


Humanity’s biggest fear is towards what they don’t understand.


Later, I read Journey to the West, and saw that electricity was made by “Grandpa Thunder” and “Grandma Lightning.” When I began middle school physics, I finally learned that it was merely caused by positive/negative charges in clouds. All buildings had lightning rods, and it was extremely safe.




I closed the window.




The noise subsided, and I climbed back to bed.


“Tok tok—”


Someone was knocking at my door.


“Who is it?”


I stood up, and asked cautiously.


“Fan, it’s…. it’s me….”


Jiang Muqing’s voice floated from the hallway.


“It’s too late right now. Whatever you want to say can wait till the morning. You should go to bed!” I casually replied.


“But, I’m scared….”


At this moment, a boom shook the floor, and the girl’s voice quavered with it.


“Are you scared of the storm? You’re already a high-school student, y’know! Haha, go find my mom, then you won’t be scared anymore….”


I spoke in a light tone, trying to comfort her.


“Auntie’s snores are louder than the thunder…. I couldn’t sleep at all….”


She sounded upset.


Was Mom too tired lately? Why haven’t I heard her alleged snores before? I was confused.




The rumble of thunder made me jump. The pattering of rain continued outside.


“Why aren’t you opening the door….”


Jiang Muqing sounded frightened, and she started to sob.


“You’re not holding anything, are you?”


My heart softened, and I was prepared to open the door. But I was still worried that she would harm me once she got in.


“What are you talking about?”


She seemed baffled.


“Sharp objects, things like that.”


I replied calmly.


“Does Fan hate me now, after what happened that day?”


The girl became mournful once she realized what I meant.


“No, I’m just a little afraid….”


I awkwardly laughed.


“Fan is scared of me….”


Jiang Muqing seemed taken aback.


“A little.”


I couldn’t deny that.




“Honestly…. I’m not scared of you, just how you behaved that day…. So….”


I stuttered, trying to explain.


She started crying. Her sobs matched the rainfall with a strange rhythm.




My mind went blank for a while.


Finally, I couldn’t handle the pressure any longer, and opened the door.


What happened next was quick and fast.


The girl immediately stopped crying. In the darkness, she stepped forward, and dived on top of me.


I could only spread my arms to catch her, or else she would pull both of us to the floor.


Feeling the shoujo’s body, I looked up.


She was wearing a white T-shirt. The wide, stretched collar revealed a thin bra strap. Her bare legs were cold and icy.


“Fan, I like you.”


The girl stated clearly.


“Yes, I’m aware of that. Your intentions are pretty obvious.”


I held her as I strained to sit up.


“Ever since you pulled me with your two hands, I decided that I’ll love you forever and ever.”


She cradled my head, and I couldn’t breathe from her pressing breasts.


“And I never thought that Fan would be such an accomplished man. I like seeing Fan focused in the kitchen.”


She shook excitedly, and the “bunnies” on her chest kept hitting my face. *


*I have no idea why the author used rabbits as a metaphor to breasts, but you get the idea.


“Anyone can do that. Also, can you stop moving?”


The girl didn’t feel any self-awareness.


“Auntie is a good person, too. When we get married in the future, we won’t have to worry about in-law problems!”


She was spouting nonsense.


“That’s a bit too optimistic.”


I tried to set her down, but her tight grasp on my neck made it impossible.


“Fan, say you love me!”


She pleaded.


“I love you, so come down!”


Jiang Muqing lifted her palm, and pressed it against my chest. She seemed to be looking for something.


“Say it again!”


She slightly recoiled.


“I love you.” I told her.




“I love you.”


“Again, please?”


“I love you.”


“Another one.”


“I love…. You, yawn….”


So sleepy.


Her slender palm rubbed my torso, and she even put her head beside it.


Was she listening for my heartbeat?


I was completely exhausted, and my pulse was slow. It probably didn’t exceed 80 beats per minute.


“Why is it still like this?”


Jiang Muqing looked sad.


“What’s wrong?”


I didn’t understand what she meant.




The thunderous evening suddenly calmed down. The shoujo’s dead silence didn’t reveal anything useful.


“Do you want to do that?”


The girl asked calmly.


“What do you mean, I…. only want to sleep.”


I tiredly complained.


“I mean the thing you want to do.”


Jiang Muqing’s eyes bore into mine. She wasn’t kidding.




My deprived brain made sense of what she was saying. That? You want to do that at this hour, can’t you do it tomorrow at school? If I do that right now, Mom will kill me.


“As long as Lu Fan likes me…. Anything is fine….”


The girl stroked my shoulder, straightened her back, and twisted her curves.




“Do…. Do homework? Even though I kind of want to ask you about some questions I don’t get, the hour is too late. Let’s talk about this tomorrow! All-nighter studying is usually inefficient, you know.”


I confidently assured her.

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