The Taming of the Yandere


V2 Chapter 1: The Way of Taming (Part 1)


It’s finally the weekend, where I can take a short breather from everything.


Now that my schoolwork is over, I have to update my web novel. Although my series’ audience was meager, I should at least respect the readers who’ve waited a week.


Because it was summer break, I had more time than usual, and uploaded two full chapters.


“Add Releases?”


The pop-up appeared on my browser.


I clicked “Yes”.


I opened my novel, checking for any spelling and grammar mistakes, as well as weekly charts.


Of course, the most important was to see the feedback from my readers.


Although my natural personality was high and condescending, I act modest and reply to each reader in diligence.


The results were extremely pleasing, I gained three hundred more views in a week?! And during this time, there were many raving fans that left comments, the very comments that authors loved to see- urges for faster releases and updates.


“This is so good! When will it update?”


“Why isn’t the next chapter released yet?”


“It’s so fast-paced, I’m really excited!”


“Will there be any mature action between male protag and male side character?”


“Can you write a couple on mecha boy-on-boy romance?”




I compared the comments to my chapters. Events that couldn’t be more normal became some crazy, wondrous thing under the readers’ reviews.


For example, before battle, the male protagonist will give his male teammates a confident look, filling them with bravery. They’ll head on to cut through the enemy formations, defeating the whole army and saving the day.


Another would be at dire situations, they’ll exchange deep conversations, pulling a tired or wounded warrior to their feet.


Although, I think the prejudice is a bit too unreasonable.


The brotherly bonds between comrades fought against all odds. As long as there were comrades, any trouble or hardship could be pulled through; this was the theme of the novel.


But under all of these comments by readers, why do I think my hot-blooded, mecha action novel is so… gay?! *


*Here, Lu Fan made a pun. Mecha is 机甲 (ji jia). The “ji” has the same sound as 基, which means “gay”.


Each conversation between the male protagonist and side character sparked a chill in their chests, seeming to lead my readers to the door of a new world- the world of homosexuality.




Foolish readers!


Why is it that every series without a female protagonist will be marked and categorized by readers as gay and yaoi? What started as a bold and hot-blooded comradeship is now being misled and mistaken by everyone.


I think this society has a very discriminatory view towards men and women.


If two guys went shopping or watching a movie, the nearby people would all think that they had something going on between them. But if two girls were to do the same thing, it was a common girl-friend relationship between them.


Who can tell me what the hell this is?


“A Novel Misunderstood by the Public”


I helplessly wrote under the mecha novel description.


Then, I used my mouse to furiously close the site page. I calmed down, and considered whether I should update the novel next week or not. I’ll be delivering a message to society that shouldn’t need to be delivered.


At this moment, I felt a soft and warm lump climb up from my feet to my legs. It laid down comfortably on my lap.


I lowered my head to look. It was Jiang Muqing’s black cat.


“Sheesh, who let you climb up my leg?”


The cat wasn’t fazed by my incredulity, and stretched its back. A pair of furry paws reached towards my keyboard, and started to hit keys randomly.


“bjbjbjbjbjbj “kind of” “tragedy” “since” “Beijing” “report” “class” …. “Yandere” *


*Alright, here is one more Chinese 101 for y’all. Typing in Chinese uses pinyin, which is typing the phonetic sound of Chinese characters using the English alphabet. Now, Chinese is kind of excruciating in pinyin because it’s inconvenient to type out tones, and you have to only type the sound. For example, the two words 请罪 (qǐng zuì, or “confession to crime”) and 情醉 (qíng zuì, or “drunken in love”). Notice how they have the same sound, but completely different meanings, characters, and tones. So when one types in pinyin, whether on phone or computer, a bar will appear, showing all the different kinds of characters those sounds can possibly mean. If you type a sentence, the typing engine will suggest the most plausible sentence formed from the sounds you type out, and you can either hit space bar for the 1st suggestion, or hit numbers that correlate with the suggestion bar. Thankfully, Chinese typing engines have advanced far enough that it guesses the correct phrase 9 out of 10 times. In this setting, the cat types “B” and “J”. When you type only the first initials of words, the engine will try its best to find the words you are looking for, judging only from those letters. This typically does not end well for the person typing, and we see the resulting nonsense from the cat. However, the engine somehow manages to squeeze out “病娇” (bing jiāo, or Yandere).




My heart skipped a beat when I read the last word.



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