The Taming of the Yandere

V2 Chapter 1: The Way of Taming (Part 2)


Do yanderes truly exist in reality?


To be honest, the most I’ve gotten out of yanderes is through a scant number of anime series. What’s more, they don’t typically end very well for the protagonists.


One was where the male protagonist cheated on the yandere female lead. It ends with the girl kissing his hacked-off head.


The other type was a bit more conventional and well-known. For the male lead, the girl uses some bludgeoning weapon to kill his close friends and enemies. At last, her mind snaps under the male’s fear towards her. Before committing suicide in anger and misery, she takes away the boy’s life with an axe.




In conclusion, in the world of anime, a male protagonist that is loved by a yandere female typically has to die some way or the other.


Back to reality, if I was the said male protagonist, and Jiang Muqing was the said yandere, what would our fates look like?


Her road definitely leads to a dead-end. And I, chosen by the yandere lead, could never go unscathed.


The only hope I have, was to try and tame this yandere before the end of this story. I have to make Jiang Muqing recover to a regular high-school girl’s mentality and thought structure.


For Jiang Muqing to not remain a yandere, was the definite requirement of both of us not getting into too much trouble.


But it didn’t matter whether it was anime or reality, both sides have never had previous cases of yandere-taming. There were no methods for me to research.


Looks like I can only go to online forums, and ask the internet community for help.


On the forums, I started a thread, intricately describing Jiang Muqing’s symptoms. I sat in front of my computer, waiting for an answer.


I expected that it would take quite a while, since this question was a bit detached from reality. Most people would never believe the existence of such girls.


But to my surprise, replies started flooding in after just a few minutes.


“Thread owner, stop daydreaming, just go back to jerking off!”


“Is owner having a wet dream? Wake up, retard!”


This was the type that didn’t believe me.


“So there’s this type of girl. Please give me her contact info, I can help you.”


Jiang Muqing’s phone number? I don’t even know that myself, although I do know her house address. But that kind of personal info really shouldn’t be put online.


“Is the chick hot? If she is, we can talk about it after you f*ck her.”


This kind of pervert opinion was ignored. It wasn’t realistic at all.


To “f*ck” was easy, but have you considered the “after”? Besides taking up the huge responsibility of criminal felony, things won’t change one bit!


“You can cure her with kindness.”


This answer made me think for a while. I should use gentleness to tame the Yandere?


It wasn’t quite impossible, but “kindness” is a vague term. What kind of actions would distinct my “kindness”? This was a purely incalculable standard.


I scrolled down some more, but there wasn’t a single solution.


It looks like the only person who could try curing a Yandere is me.


I suddenly felt the hefty pressure on my situation, and a headache started to throb. I should organize my circumstances first.


The beast is a sixteen-year old sweet girl. She lost all hope for life, and tried to vault the rooftop of a high building, killing herself under the gaze of pedestrians. Thankfully, I managed to save her.


In the process of rescuing her, I promised to care, love, and even be her boyfriend to calm her down. As a result, she developed a near-insane obsession to me.


“Is this all because I saved her?”


I seemed to find the source of my problem.




Staring at the computer screen, I found a sliver of hope and started to brood.


“Fan, what are you doing?”


Jiang Muqing’s voice came from my door.


“No, nothing! What’s up?”


I clicked off the forum page with lightning speed. If she caught me searching things like “yandere”, I probably would die very painfully.


“Fan, I want to sleep with you tonight.”


She lightly smiled, and kneeled down to my shoulder height, gazing at me with expectant eyes.


The girl just finished showering, her steaming hair tapped against my cheek. The moist strands tickled my skin, raising goosebumps all over.


Strange, this scent seems familiar.


My nose twitched unconsciously.


I swiveled my chair, lifted my head, and looked at her directly.


After showering, the girl tied her hair up lazily with a clip. Her forehead and sides had some loose strands dangling, and her shiny black hair was damp with steam.


Because Jiang Muqing came here in a hurry, she was wearing my pajamas. It was a little big, and it hung loosely on her skinny body.


She held a pillow with both hands, standing next to me with her wet body.


The girl was a cute beauty out of the shower, but my attention wasn’t focused on that.


“Did you use my shampoo?”


I asked curiously.


“Yep, Auntie says that Fan likes this smell.” *


*By Auntie, she means Lu Fan’s mother.


Her lips curved upward with satisfaction and delight.


Can you think for yourself at least a little? Sheesh!


“If I sleep with you, Mom will kill me.”


“Auntie already told me, if it makes Qing happy, it doesn’t matter.”


The girl let out a cute smile, and came closer.


She lowered her head, and her collar naturally came loose.




She wasn’t wearing anything….


Idiot! You’re letting me see everything!




Mom, you’re being more of a hindrance than helpful!


My heart felt like the stampede of a thousand llamas.

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