The Taming of the Yandere


V2 Chapter 12: The Yandere’s Tragedy Loop


Notice: The following content is mature. However, I can guarantee that anyone who disagrees with mature content will not be disappointed at the end of this chapter.  I also can guarantee that the genre will not change.


I never thought that I would abandon my virginity at the young age of sixteen, much less in my own home, my own bed, no condoms, and with a girl that any girl would find absolutely beautiful.


After throwing her roughly on the bed, I quickly took off all my clothes.


My head was devoid of reason. My body coursed with hot, boiling blood and a beast-like lust.


I straight up jumped on her, holding her down with one hand and ripping her loose towel off with the other.


I crazily bit her lips, her pale neck, her slender ribs, and further down…


My body pushed hers down, and my hands groped every soft spot on her body.


But strangely, as my plaything, the girl didn’t let out a single moan under my offensive attacks. All she did was widen her eyes, tip the edges of her mouth, and stare at me blankly.


Is it not enough?


What an ambitious woman, I’ll give you all I have tonight.


Maybe that senseless posture of hers activated my fierceness even more.


With that thought in my head, I became even more invigorated.


My thrusts became more and more violent, trying my best to appease her, but she felt like a corpse. She didn’t react at all to my movements.


I don’t know how long we did it for, Mom didn’t come home at all that night. We kept on doing it, never thinking about resting.


At the end, I didn’t remember how many times I did it. When light started to appear outside, I slumped on her weakly, and we slowly stopped. I cuddled with her in exhaustion, and fell asleep in each other’s arms.


We kept this a secret, and did it many times later.


When only the two of us were in the house, we would definitely make a big mess. And when we got anxious, we would go to her empty house and do it in her bedroom.


We never used condoms.


At last, something terrible happened. At the end of the year, Jiang Muqing’s belly became bigger and bigger, raising the attention of students and teachers.


I was expelled, and sent to juvenile prison. Jiang Muqing was also expelled, and gave birth to our child under everyone’s reproachful eyes. Our daughter was icily intelligent, just like her mother.


“You two are the shame of Shiyi High.”


These were the education official’s last words to us.


As a young father, I wanted to spend every day with Jiang Muqing and our daughter, but her family came back to China. They forbade me to see Jiang Muqing again, and didn’t let her visit me, either.


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I pleaded my parents to help me, but they said that they didn’t such a bastard son like me, and cut off all ties.


Just like that, I was separated from Jiang Muqing.


So, I tried again and again to escape from prison and see Jiang Muqing myself, but I was always caught. My crimes eventually collected enough for the death penalty.


“I just want to see my wife and child.”


I wrote that on my will in the police department.


My originally neat handwriting became chicken scratch. My education, as well as my life was completely wasted. Now, I could only be saved by the reaper in the needle.


“In the next life, I’ll never mind other people’s business again.”


I bitterly laughed.


On the date of lethal injection, nobody came to see me. I was going to be sent off by one lone police officer in a doctor’s coat.


He picked up the needle without a trace of expression on his face, and faced me on the chair. At this time, a policewoman pushed open the door, and announced that a family member of the criminal wanted to see me one last time.


I was unshackled, and led to the visiting room.


Through the thick, bulletproof glass, a beautiful girl around the age of 16-17 sat quietly.


This girl’s cold atmosphere felt just like the most important person in my life.




She is….


She is….


“Jiang Muqing…. You’ve finally come….”


I looked at the girl with tears in my eyes.


“Dad, Mom died yesterday at the mental hospital. She jumped from the hospital window when the nurse wasn’t looking. Before she left, she asked me to come see you.”


The girl’s face was expressionless.


So it was my daughter….


Is Jiang Muqing…. Dead?


“Jiang Muqing…. She still died? And by jumping off a building?”


It seems that I never accomplished anything, she still passed away while dragging me innocently along. Is this the will of the gods?


“Dad, don’t worry. You two can go first, I’ll be coming really soon.”


The young girl smiled at me in anguish.


“No, child, you must live on happily!”


I shouted at the glass in pain.


“Sorry, I can’t do that. Without you two, I’m so lonely all by myself. It’s so cold.


The girl started sobbing in front of the window.


“There must be someone to care for you, to take our place!”


I urged in desperation.


“If there was someone like that, I wouldn’t be here. I hate seeing you two, you had me at the spur of the moment. Dad is always in prison, and Mom is always in the hospital. I spend every day in the house’s darkness, I hate you all!”


Behind the window, the girl clutched her chest, and shouted.


“I’m so sorry.”


I cried in my sleeve.


“Ironically, you two are also what kept me going. I’ve dreamed of you two coming back every day, and now you never are. What’s the point of living on?”


The girl’s empty pupils looked exactly like Jiang Muqing’s.


“Sorry, sorry, sorry…..”


Besides apologies, I couldn’t say anything else.


“Mom said, if I really can’t take it, then go to the 16-story building on the other street.”


The girl wiped her tears, and suddenly laughed.


“16-story building?!”


Isn’t that…. Where I saved her?


Jiang Muqing still remembered.


“Okay, time’s up. I have to execute now.”


The policeman reminded me.


“Goodbye, father.”


She waved at me, squeezing out a smile.


“No, I don’t want to die, I want to be with my daughter!”


I yelled frantically, wrenching my handcuffs as hard as I can. But the two policemen beside me grabbed my skinny limbs, and dragged me from the room.


Next, I was brought back to the execution room.


In this process, although I didn’t let go of a single opportunity, and resisted as much as possible, I was still strapped to the chair, and wrapped around in leather bonds.


When the needle pierced my elbow’s vein, I finally lost all hope.


As the fluid traced slowly down the plunger, my daughter’s possible situations flashed before my eyes.


Smashed to bits from jumping off the building, or saved by some bastard like me, and got pregnant after going home with him. Finally, she falls into the same tragedy as her mother.


One normal girl after the other, each devolving into yanderes, and twisted by retards…. And then all over again.




My last hopes were either she would die, or have a baby boy.




Eh, I can’t see anything anymore….






The story above is purely fictional, and purely coincidental.


I think that’s all I have to say.


My mouth is so dry; I didn’t make any tea tonight. My saliva didn’t get on her, did it?


I self-consciously wiped my lips.


Then, I looked at the girl in front of me, with her stale expression. Her eyes were still blank, as if nothing happened.


At this time, my body was still on the girl’s, with our foreheads touching each other. I wasn’t the least embarrassed by our nose tips’ distance.


Her eyes widened to a large size, staring at me silently. I stared back.


My heavy breaths slowly stopped, and the two of us suddenly weren’t as aggressive as before.


We kept the silence between us.


“So scary.”


The girl’s face was ashen from fright.

“Horrifying, right? But I can’t hold back anymore.”


I naughtily tugged at the girl’s towel.


“No, bastard! We can only do it after we finish high school, at 18 years old.”


The girl blushed in embarrassment, and hugged the towel tightly.




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