The Traitor of the Hero Party

Chapter 4 An easy job

After seeing everyone go off into their rooms or their homes, Hak again entered the deserted back alley.

It was as if he was asking to get beaten by those thugs at this point.


“I see, I see. So the work in the capital is over today, eh?”


They said as if they were reluctant to part but their face was nothing of the sort — a face with a big smile.


However, that too, was over now.


The atmosphere changed. The gently flowing atmosphere suddenly became tightly tense.

The smile from Hak’s face disappeared and his eyes became narrow.


When his expression changed to a sharp one, the atmosphere around him also changed from an that of an unreliable guy to a sharp knife.


“It saves me all the trouble when you change target to me like this.”


It seemed like he was talking to himself.


“All this time after the hero party returned to the capital, day after day, you tried to assassinate them but it’s a shame they were all crushed by me, huh?”


He knew that provocation won’t work against these people but still he tried nevertheless.

However, the people surrounding did not do anything.


Yes, surrounding Hak, there were people, probably the assassins the Empire had sent.

These few days, Hak had been continuing to fight these people from the shadows but the only people who were aware of that was Hak and the people surrounding him now.


The society’s evaluation of Hak was low. And in fact, his evaluation from the hero party was also low.

Of course, these assassins also thought of him to be worthless.

However, after entering the capital, already 6 of these skilled assassins were killed by Hak.


“Well, to be frank, guys like you can’t really beat anyone in the hero party anyway. But they are… softies whose job is to hunt demons and monsters. So this is my job.”


A magic circle formed beneath his feet.

He didn’t show any signs of using magic and as such, the assassins were taken aback.

Firstly, it is crucial to not let a magician use magic in battle. To do that, one needs to attack before the magic circle appears.


The circle was already completed but the all the assassins jumped out to attack Hak at once before it was put into action.

To them, Hak said,


“This, is just a magic circle which emits light and does not really have any meaning. It’s just, a bait to draw you fools out.”


At that moment, they realized. That they would not be able to return home alive anymore.

That they would die there.


Their vision became distorted.

They could feel their body falling but — it somehow felt strange.

It was indeed falling down. Just half of the head, though.

Leaving everything under the nose, the upper part fell.

They did not know what had happened but they knew half of their heads were severed with something sharp and at that moment, the men lost their consciousness.


“6 in total. All dead. Mission complete.”




Hak heard a noise of something falling.


When he looked towards the source of it, he discovered two man standing in front of the alleyway.

At first he thought they were the remaining assassins but he was wrong. They were the thugs who were beating Hak up a while ago.


“Hyyeee-w-we, we didn’t…..”


“We-we are sorry for that before! Please, let us go…..”


The moment their eyes met, they started apologizing.

Hak scratched his head and said,


“To think I was being seen by general public. This is troubling.”


“We won’t say anything! We swear! So please….”


“Tha-that thing before was a misunderstanding! We didn’t know you were this strong! P-please let us go!”


They got weak on their knees and fell to their back, with their hands in front of them, they begged for mercy.


“I don’t care about that before. In fact, it helps me. But, sorry.”


Their face turned pale. As Hak started walking towards them, the thugs tried to run away.

But, that was already not an option.




Their heads flew.

Again, they were severed with something sharp.


“Now then, that is the end of that.”


He sighed and turned back.


“The old men and king of this country really have a keen sight, assigning someone like me to the hero party full of sheltered upbringings.”


Even while mixing a lot of sarcasm in it, he did actually understand that he was perfect for the job.


The hero whose talent was caught on to early on therefore giving him a gifted education.


After graduating from the royal magical academy, he immediately joined the Shana Code under the king. However, he did not fight in any wars neither did he kill anyone.


Same as the hero, receiving gifted education and progressing steadily to become one of the strongest, the youngest warrior girl.


A disciple of one of the best, talented but arrogant — the healing magician.


Every single one of them is naive.

Very strong but still weak.

Smart but narrow outlook.


Until the take down of the demon lord, Hak was left with the dirty work.

Annihilating all the humans and demons who would become a hindrance.


But that was an easy job. Yes, that was what he had thought.


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