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Quickly Becoming Stronger in the Dungeon! 10





As far as the results were–



–It was crazy.





I gather magical energy into my fist and punch.

That was all it was.


That was it, and yet–the giant experimental body of the catfish now had a crater in it.



I think it was about 7 meters in diameter.

The giant catfish was over 20 meters in size, but there was no way it could survive with such an enormous hole in its body.


I mean, there was blood and bits of flesh splattered all around me now. It was that crazy.




“…This getting to be exasperating.”


Lilith shrugged her shoulders as if to show just how exasperated she was.

No, even I was exasperated at how powerful it was. It was more than a little off-putting now.

Having your MP at nearly 20,000 was incredible indeed…


However, I was suddenly attacked by a dizziness and ended up sinking to the floor.

A headache accompanied by pain had rushed to my body, and a greasy sweat began to surface from my pores.



–Magic depletion.


“…The force may be incredible, but it would be very difficult to use it in actual combat… Its usability is pretty much abysmal.”


I said with the best smile I could muster. Lilith looked at me with a worried expression.


“Now, I’m hungry. We should get something to eat soon…and get some sleep.”





The next day.


After spending the night in the cavern with a water vein running through it, we continued our trek to the final bottom layer.

The insides of this cave was filled with a somewhat damp atmosphere.

As I pulled Lilith by the hand, I asked her:


“With dragon zombies… Don’t they mostly look the same as they did before death?”


“…After death, the dragonkin use their secret arts to preserve the body from decaying. And then…their souls are fixed to this world… When they are reborn as undead, they reflect their status shortly before death.”


“Shortly before death?”


Lilith nodded.


“They wouldn’t even be able to walk if they were brought back to a state of being sick on the ground, moments before death. You might fix their soul into such a body…but they would hardly function as guardians.”


“Well, that is true.”


“Yes. The true purpose of this trial… You cannot receive the divine blessing of the dragon god… Deceased dragons who go to the afterlife become beings that are only souls. Then they turn into dragon gods. And in that moment of death…they pass on their powers to younger dragons. Through this, they can rise in rank and becomes gods. And so elder dragons had much more power than younger ones.”


“–It’s like a passing of the baton through the generations, huh. So…when dragon zombies become zombies… Does the blessing of the dragon god skill disappear?”

SKILL: Dragon God’s Blessing.

It was an insane skill that adjusted your Physical Strength Boost to x1.5.

My current Physical Strength Boost was x2…so with that stacked… If I learned that skill, than my stats would come out as 2 x 1.5 = 3.


By the way, compared to hero level 100 skills… Dragon God’s Blessing was quite tame.

After all, the hero level 100 skill… added an additional x2 increase to your Physical Strength Boost… It added an x2 to my original x2, so it would be an x4. It was just insane.

Well, it’s no wonder why they call it the most powerful class.



Because of those reasons, I personally wanted this skill by any means possible.

My growth rate was quite low compared to heroes as it were, but if they were able to double their stats on top of that…  I would never catch up to Cordelia if that happened.


“…Also, there are not many dragons around. You cannot count on a dragon zombie to conveniently appear at the altar every time.”


“But…There is one this time, right?”


Lilith does not answer.

And so I do not question her further.





We walk through the long, long tunnels.





At some point, both I and Lilith had become very quiet.





Finally, the path opened before us, and a large hall that a 100 meters radius, spread out before us.


“Is this…the altar.”


There was something lined in a 20-meter radius surrounding the dragon.

It resembled the Stonehenge from England, with black colored boulders placed an equal distance apart in the shape of a circle.

No, it wasn’t just boulders…it would be more accurate to call them monoliths.


Well, never mind that… Lilith was in shock just as I had predicted.


There was a golden, gigantic body that was over 10 meters tall in the center.

It was an impressive earthwyrm.


Even I and Lilith…both, had somehow or rather guessed that this would happen.


No, it was the moment that we stepped foot into this labyrinth, that we noticed it.

Or more accurately, we had only purposely…avoided talking about it.




Lilith’s words did not reach the dragon, as it was already dead.

Apparently, the parent who had raised her was the dragon who had died one month ago.


—Well, then…this was to be expected.


This was probably partially why Lilith had remonstrated me all this time for not conquering this dungeon in a proper way.


Because this was the last step in the ceremony to send—the parent that had raised her to the afterlife. Of course, she would have strong feelings about it.



But, there was no use in standing here idly.

I looked towards Lilith. Stay back…my eyes ordered.

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