Chapter 991 Hundred Flower Tower


Misty Veil personally welcomed everyone to One Toll Mountain, where the Youth Martial Arts Conference was held. After entering the mountain gate, Misty Veil and Thorny Rose signalled to get off the train. From there on, people could not get up by any vehicles, they must walk.


Everyone got out of the train and started walking. There was a magic circle interference in the middle. Misty Veil knew the way, not to mention that Lin Liang was there, so that type of magic circle was not even compared to a small obstacle for him.


Liu Bei, Sun Quan, and Cao Cao, the trio had no bother for their surroundings. From time to time, female disciples passing by made them a little concerned.


The main peak of the mountain road was like a dragon, there were rare vegetation and medicinal plants everywhere. Sometimes, they could see little children picking the medicinal herbs. That made Zhang Zhengxiong and Lin Le feel like watching a martial arts drama.


“Are they going to make alchemy?” Zhang Zhengxiong asked curiously.


“Well, these children were the medicine boys from Heaven Heart Valley. They happen to be at this time each year to pick some unique medicinal materials and go back to refine alchemy…” Misty Veil nodded.


“Alchemy, it seems very interesting…” Zhang Zhengxiong murmured, and Lin Le also felt that it was rather mysterious.


“I’ll teach you when I have time.” Lin Liang smiled. The Lin family’s alchemy classics were still with him. If he passed it to them, it would not be considered as forbidden, because one was the descendant of Brother Wuji and the other was the descendant of Brother Lin.


“Can we practice the kind of alchemy that could increase impotence?” XV asked.


“Of course, there’s even a number of them.” Lin Liang shook the feather fan and laughed.


“Your nonsense finally can be a bit useful…” The adventure group spoke in unison with relief.


XV appointed Lin Liang to serve as the alchemist of the adventure group at the same time as the military commander, Lin Liang: “…”


Lin Liang watched as Ye Cang happened to be a descendant of Ye Tianyi. That was not fake at all. He really had Ye Tianyi’s mature genes that could made him invisible. The people who made him were really big-hearted, even dared to try that kind of thing. How many genes were combined? Lin Lin’s, Lin Sen’s, Ye Tianyi’s, even the Adam series of the first gen, and other types of void creatures. In order to weave those things together, it seemed that the experiment had many sacrifices… Sigh, the evil-doings.


The mountain guard saw that Misty Veil showed the pendant of the Liu family, and Thorny Rose also showed the pendant of the Qin branch, so he let them enter the mountain peak. The top of the mountain was unusually wide. In the centre was the competition arena, and it wrote: Competing Stage for Martial Arts. Inside, there was a sect, and it was named: Hundred Flowers Tower.


“This is the place where Hundred Flowers – Yu Family convened ten families and mobilized the secular…” Misty Veil introduced.


“Yu family?” Zhang Zhengxiong asked.


“The three sects of the hidden world, the Heaven’s Sword – Lin family, the Devil’s Gate – Shen family, and the Hundred Flowers – Yu family. Although these three sects were hidden from the world, they had incomparable influence. Among them, Yu family can be considered a representative of the three sects to settle with the ten orthodox families and other matters. It seemed that the family was forcibly pushed out by the Lin family’s and the Shen family’s patriarch hundreds of years ago.” Misty Veil continued.


“Besides this, there is another sect, Absolute Sword Sect.” Misty Veil was astonished by Lin Liang’s addition. The name of Absolute Sword was probably what Thorny Rose had never heard of. That was only known to the upper echelons of the sects.


“Uncle, cousin brother, XV, Lil’ Wang, come sit here…” Thorny Rose motioned everyone to sit down at Qin’s branch area, along with refreshments and drinks.


Everyone sat and waited boringly, so they put the tables together and started playing board games. Thorny Rose wanted to stop them with a few words, but Qin Zhong blocked and laughed, “It’s really boring to wait, so just let them be.”


Since Grandpa said so, Thorny Rose decisively participated their game.


People from other sects also came to the scene one after another to watch Ye Cang and others, who were making a lot of noise and playing board games. They frowned slightly. Among them, Zhang Xingtong, a young handsome boy from the Sky Sword – Zhang family said coldly, “The mobs, no education in them at all…”


Liu, Sun, Cao, Huang, Ye, Zhang, Lin, and Jia looked at the boy with unfriendly gazes.


“Who can teach him a lesson?” Sun Quan placed a ‘silent ambush’ card.


“I’ll do it. If the rest of you do it, then your actions might be too big.” Jia Xu looked at him. His eyes were like a wolf king walking through the bones of wolves in the desert. It was extremely cold.


Zhang Xingtong suddenly felt that he was out of his control. Using the condensing sword technique, he pulled out the winged long sword, turned around and asked the skies the location of the third sword among the nine swords, and where they were graved! His sword headed straight to his master, and the fifty-year-old man, Zhang Wenzhi, pulled out the Moonblade Knife and smashed it directly into pieces. He then glared at Ye Cang and the others, “Your Excellency is too stingy.”


Zhang Xingtong forcefully used the third knife and fell to the ground, unconscious.


“Wow, someone said you are stingy.” Liu Bei equipped with curry sticks, preparing for a big move.


Jia Xu looked at Zhang Wenzhi and sneered, “Commit suicide causes death…”


Everyone watched Zhang Wenzhi and started to point him with the blade.


Zhang Wenzhi was terrified and he could not control his body. He kept desperately trying to control his hands, but he could only watch the blade getting closer and closer to his throat. Thorny Rose also saw his throat and wondered, was Cousin Jia’s super power always this hanging!? That was Zhang Wenzhi, the current Zhang family’s patriarch, Zhang Wenyuan’s younger brother, “Cousin Jia, please show some mercy…”


Seeing Thorny Rose’s pleading, Jia Xu did not continue his own craze-dancing and separated themselves, “I’m just joking with him.”


The representatives of the other sects were a little numb when they watched, was that the branch of the Qin family? That grey-haired with the Tang attire made Zhang Wenzhi almost committed suicide without doing anything and they did not want to talk too much anymore.


At that time, the patriarch of the Zhang family had just arrived, and looked at Zhang Xingtong who was relieved. Zhang Wenzhi, whose brows were frowning in panic, looked at Ye Cang’s side. He was different from Zhang Wenzhi, aware of the horror there. When the old guy Qin Zhong came here from the sect family, he was so humble. Which of the ten families no know how annoying that old thing was? It seemed that the grey-haired man in Tang attire had a lot of background. The people in the three hidden sects and the people who were separated from the family were old friends, “Focus on your own martial arts competition, and don’t make trouble again.”


Zhang Wenyuan began to counsel and treat Zhang Xingtong. He looked at Zhang Wenzhi and shook his head, “You see Qin Zhong dare not speak loudly anymore, yet you still dare to poke into their own matters, can’t you see? Besides, let alone other things, even Qin San, who was came but didn’t show up, was not even you and I’s opponent.”


Zhang Wenzhi understood what he meant, and it turned out that Qin Zhong sometimes came here like a grandson, and waited, “Which are their branches are going to attend?”


The list of candidates brought by Zhang Wenzhi had Ye Cang, Qin Zhong’s son, Qin San’s son-in-law Zhang Zhengxiong, Qin San big disciple, Lin Le, Qin San’s two disciples. They were all relatives secretly, were they so shameless?


Elder Liu San from the Liu family had already said to Misty Veil, “Go up and do your best. When you meet Little Brother Bai, you can ask for advice. But first, you have to say that this kid’s hit was neither heavy nor light. If one got hit, one can’t take dumps for a few days.”


“…” Misty Veil, what kind of battle were you involved in anyways?


The Qin family’s sect also looked towards the branch. Qin Xiong was even more shocked by the middle-aged men in the board game. Did he know them? Then… Those people might come from… Without thinking any further, and ignoring much, he asked, “Where is Qin Yunlong?”


“He went to the branch to greet, and then he played cards over there.”



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