Working hand in glove


About 1 hour later we managed to burn down the ‘canyon of tigers’. The dead corpses’ littered the floor however to my astonishment the tiger king sat without a single movement. I felt surprised and confused so i asked: “Why does the boss look coldly at it’s followers that have died in our hands and yet there is no signs of movement… could it be a cold-blooded animal?”


Xin Yu immediately laughed at him and said: “Stupid, look at the boss’ name!”


‘The Blind Tiger King!’


What?! So it can’t see anything…


A few invited players did not wait for Xu Lin’s command, they had rushed into the tiger king themselves. As Xin Yu and I turned our head back, what was left were only a few screams. The few warriors who had rushed to the front had been annihilated!


“Are you kidding me? This blind king is so strong!” Xin Yu stuck her tongue out and said with a somewhat worried expression: “Lin Fan, it looks like you need to tank this!”


The tiger king rushed over here. Although Guozi had the highest grade shield she could only barely withstand two strikes; in the end she escaped to the back-line. I hurried to the front for backup, the system prompted immediately notifing me of a surprising message——


You have been attacked by the Blind Tiger King, you have lost 942HP!




No wonder the warriors in-front had been annihilated, even with my 835 defense I had lost over 900HP in an instant. Guozi withstanding two strikes was a miracle.


Xu Lin saw my HP suddenly fall a quarter, she was surprised too and shouted: “All priests cast your healing spell on Lin Fan, other people focus your strength and attack the boss!”


Lu Xuehan waited for other priests to cast their healing spells. I was finally relieved, this boss might have a high attack but if I had 5 priests to support and heal me then my life won’t be in any danger. Xin Yu and Xu Lin’s began casting their attack spells on the boss. The tiger’s body was immediately tainted by sparks of bright light. The dark canyon was now illuminated with brilliant magical skills, clear and melodious sounds of shooting arrows echoed in the canyon.


Although the tiger king had a high attack, his HP compared to others of the same level were a lot less. Within 10 minutes the tiger king had faced its first death!


Same as always Xin Yu was always the first to pick up the equipment. Xu Lin followed, her eyes filled with endless sparkles.


Maybe it dropped a guild creation pass! I had a thought in my heart.


Certainly, Xin Yu turned her head around and waved the guild creation certificate in her hand. She happily said: “We got it! We can finally create our own guild!”


Xu Lin didn’t say a word; she took the guild creation pass and immediately rushed back to the city. She had spoken only a sentence before she set out: “Let Lin Fan distribute the dropped equipment!”


Xin Yu passed a few equipment to my hands, smirking: “Come, the boss had announced you should distribute the equipment.”


I looked at the equipment in my hand. Except for a purple grade dagger there were 4 high-level blue grade equipment and over 10 green grade equipment. Looks like this boss isn’t stingy as the other bosses. Others only dropped a few blue grade equipment for all our hard work.


Our group doesn’t have anyone with a thief job so I couldn’t distribute evenly. I had no choice but to distribute the 3 blue grade equipment and the 14 green grade equipment to the warriors in the front line. I took 2 purple grade equipment as our Green Veggies clan party fee.


The warrior who led the team did not feel disappointed or frustrated as most of the damage dealt was by our Green Veggies players’.


Hence, most of the people decided to go back to the city. It’s almost time to eat, today’s meal was to be cooked by Li Qing. However… I’m not really that confident of her cooking skills. My instinct tells me that she is only good at taking care of men on a bed.


I had just left my room and saw Xu Lin with an upset face sitting beside the table with Xin Yu and Lu Xuehan beside her trying to comfort her.


“What’s wrong?” I asked curiously.


Xu Lin pouted her lips and said: “The king said I don’t have enough reputation points, so he doesn’t let me create a guild…”


I burst into laughter by her words and said: “Last time Murong Shanshan also encountered this situation. I didn’t think that the same situation would happen to you too. Sis Lin how many reputation points do you have now?”


Xu Lin pouted her lips again: “Originally I had around 4000 reputation points only, but today we defeated 2 bosses so my reputation is almost 6000 now.”


I calculated in my head and said: “Currently our levels are too high; a lot of players are waiting for the same level bosses to spawn. Gaining reputation points is going to be much harder compared to before.”


“That’s right! I will collect all the boss spawning information in the afternoon. I don’t believe I can’t build my reputation to 10 thousand points!”


I nodded my head and agreed, however: “To defeat a level 50 boss, Xin Yu, Xue Han and you three people should be enough. If it’s like this you could obtain the reputation to the highest extent. I estimate you only need to kill 5 50 level boss and that should be enough.”


Xu Lin blinked her eyes and asked: “Why aren’t you coming with us?”


“Because I need to train myself and level up!”




After the meal, everybody had logged back into the game. Xu Lin took Xin Yu and Lu Xuehan to find more bosses to earn experience while I went to find a good leveling place. I estimate that Xu Lin will take a few days to create a guild. This would probably be my last few days in Sword and Roses.


Due to Murong Shanshan probably needing to cook herself, she came online late in the evening. Missing a few important announcements from the system that would affect the game in these few days.


By the time I logged in I had received a system notification: Congratulations to player Romantic Master having successfully registered area 007 as guild base. Guild stronghold is a place where users can buy teleportation scrolls from the system, NPC and more. The guild master had all rights to manage the guild hall.


I got shocked by the announcement. Romantic Master was truly a rich player, he had easily signed up for a guild stronghold that costs 2 hundred million. According to our information his guild isn’t full yet, high-level players have no interest in him while he himself has no interest in low-level players.


After some time Murong Shanshan had come back online. Originally she logged out at the ‘supplement of Silvermoon Valley’. As I  just happened to be there i saw her standing below a tree not far when she had logged online, holding a sword blade, shining with a ridiculously beautiful ray. Because of that sword Murong Shanshan was able to rush to the top rank in this server. Although we’re both the same level (50) due to the gap difference in experiences being huge Murong Shanshan was the top ranked in the server while I wasn’t even on the top 10 list.


“What a coincidence!” Murong Shanshan patted on my shoulder and smirked.


I didn’t have the heart to joke with her, so i said with a gloomy voice: “Did you know? Just now Romantic Master registered for a guild base. It is number 007… i’m not sure if it is located at the treasure land of ‘Silvermoon mountain’. If it is true then we’ll be losing our great opportunity…”


Murong Shanshan replied snappishly: “No need to guess, I’ve already checked the Moon Monochrome’s map. That east area code was 007, Romantic Master finally has some good insight…”


“Then what do we do?” I asked dismally.


“What else can we do, just train our levels normally and find some missions!”


At this moment, the system announced another message: Romantic Master Guild and Friendship World Guild had officially formed an alliance!


Murong Shanshan and I immediately looked at each other: “These two guilds, they finally wear the same pants…”


Murong Shanshan bit her lips and decided to announce in the guild channel: “All the members with over 45 level come to the ‘supplement of Silvermoon Valley’ for a gathering!”


“What are you going to do?” I asked curiously.


Murong Shanshan gave me an evil smile and said: “Just now I received information. Romantic Master has already brought huge numbers of players into the ‘Silvermoon Valley’ while we were eating lunch. He is probably trying to build his tower defenses in his guild stronghold. Let us bring some people and take a look, lets see if we can learn anything from them.”


I’m a bit worried: “Our guild only has a few hundred that are over 45 level, what if we went there and get eaten alive by their ten thousand people?”


“What are you scared of? Now isn’t the time for a guild war or city attack, even if they had more NPCs they still won’t attack us aggressively.”


“Then… alright.” Although I still doubted it I still agreed to Murong Shanshan.


After a while all of our highest grade guild members have gathered around. Total of about four hundred people with their levels between 45 to 48. We can be counted as the most burst potential guild in the ‘Silvermoon’ server.


Murong Shanshan was proud of her act, shouting to everyone: “Romantic Master had actually bought the land that we wanted to. Now I would like to bring everyone to his base to have a site survey of our their terrain and situation. If we got a chance we will launch a city attack to grab back our 2 hundred million city.”


All of our group members agreed, especially the younger ones as they shouted with the most sonorous voice.


However before the party hadn’t even set out yet once again the system announced a shocking message: Congratulations to player ‘Release that girl’ has created ‘Axe Guild’, reward level increase by 1!


Everyone was stunned, nobody had an idea where all these powerful players came from…


Very soon, ‘Release That Girl’ announced a system message: “I created the Axe Guild, i welcome all friends who don’t do good things but only bad things. Our motto is: to eliminate evil, maintain justice!”


“What the hell, why do I feel that this guild is the representative of evil?” One of the young boys shook his head and said.


Sun Never Set smiled: “Don’t care about him, I think we should look at the situation of Romantic Master’s base first…”



Below the ‘Silvermoon mountain’, a large grass field had been replaced by small villages made up with wood fences. There is a green river encompassing the village, a few NPCs with their armours were defending at the village entrance. Many groups of players with a Romantic Master’s badge on their arms were walking in and out from the village.


Murong Shanshan led our whole group and walked in blatantly. A few of the Romantic Master’s member immediately alerted and stared at us, they shouted loudly: “What did you guys come here for?”


Murong Shanshan smirked, she calmly answered: “We just want to take a look! I’m sure you wouldn’t not welcome us since there isn’t any grudge or resentment between our two guilds.”


Damn, two guilds involved in a few fights publicly and yet she advocated that there weren’t any grudge or resentment?


I really admire Murong Shanshan’s shameless gangster skill. These Romantic Master players were already deceived silly by her pretty innocent face. Only one of them were still in his sense, he shouted inside: “Hurry and notify our boss, Murong Shanshan had brought people to come over!”


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