Waiting for you online – Chapter 93 – Ambush In The Air

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Qin Yang saw how happy He Jin was, and he was feeling so warm and delighted as well, he had a kind of sweet feeling like he just drank honey. And his whole body was like floating.


“How much does it cost? The repair fee.” He Jin suddenly thought of this.


Qin Yang, “there’s no need.”


“Oh?” He Jin didn’t really believe it.


Qin Yang, “didn’t I tell you that it was my friend who repaired it? He did it for free. I will pay him for dinner.”


He Jin was desperate to thank the guy, “then I’ll pay for the dinner!”


Qin Yang looked at the front without squinting, and refused again, “there’s really no need. I paid for it already.”


He Jin, “then…what if I’ll pay for supper?”


Qin Yang laughed, “why are you so desperate to thank me?”


He Jin thought to himself, shouldn’t he be thankful? Otherwise, with everything that Qin Yang had done to him, he had no idea how to pay him back…he was dying to ask Qin Yang why he’d treat himself so well, yet he was worried of having a reply that he wasn’t able to respond to. He could only think of ways to pay him back and not to owe him anything.

When Qin Yang saw He Jin insisted, he finally said yes, “okay, I haven’t had dinner anyway.”


He Jin was shocked, “how come?”


Qin Yang looked at the helmet, “I’ve been running around for this the whole day.”


After he said so, He Jin was full of guilt and gratitude…


In the end, Qin Yang chose a barbecue stall on the side of the road. He didn’t mind even it was dirty. The two sat down and ordered a bunch of grilled skewers. They had two glasses of beer, they ate and chatted, and paid the bill. He Jin hurried to take out the wage that he’d earned that day, it was about three or four hundred dollars together with the amount that he’d made the previous day. He held the money tightly and asked the boss, “how much? I’ll pay.” He was worried that Qin Yang would insist on paying.


Cars’ dim headlights flashed on He Jin’s pretty face when they drove by. Qin Yang was enjoying every moment with him; he looked at He Jin’s every facial expression attentively and greedily. He felt his heart was filled, and he felt even more satisfied than the moment when he realized that he’s “Ah Jin”.


After eating supper, it was almost 11 pm. Qin Yang’s family was already sleeping, and the two had also stopped talking.


He Jin went back to his bedroom with light steps. After taking a shower quickly, he couldn’t wait to get on his bed and put on his helmet. Everything went smoothly when he logged in. No problems occurred. He went online again after three days. But He Jin felt like he had gone through three years, he was feeling beyond excited.


The name of Fire was on. Without sending any messages, He Jin immediately flew to Fire. And when the mist disappeared, he found himself in the Yinshui family. In front of them, there was not only Fire, but also Dead Water, Nine Hall His Highness and the Great Leftover…also three strangers that he hadn’t ever seen.


Fire introduced the three people to him. They turned out to be the three new members of the team. One of the girls in an icy blue dress is the 99-level Mozu nurse “Zhao Mingyue”. The man in the silver robe is the 99-level Mozu “One Spell and Everything Is Cold”, the names looked a bit rough; the last one is “Enormous Wings”, after the masters from three areas were combined, these three people are on the dashboard too.


Everyone was excited, “Ah Jin is coming!”


“We haven’t seen you for a long time. Have you been busy?”

“I’ve heard that you’ve become a spiritual or fairy pet?”


“Is this Fire’s wife?”


Even Dumpling was so excited that he kept flying around Ah Jin…


He Jin felt the enthusiasm of his friends in the game strongly. And he felt really warm. Except Fire, he hadn’t seen other people in three days, and he could only go online after midnight, and could therefore only hang out with Fire.


He greeted each person and said hello, and he found out that they didn’t seem to know what had happened to his helmet. He whispered and asked Fire, and Fire told him in a secret message, “I didn’t tell them why.”


Since he had taken care of the feelings of Ah Jin, even he felt touched in the game, and he was instantly in tears…


“Let’s save time. Now that everyone is here, I will introduce the situation about ten days later.” When Fire spoke, everyone immediately quieted down. “The day after tomorrow, the registration will be closed. The official party will release the game table. There are no less than ten teams. Two will compete with two, and the winner will upgrade. The game process is now public, there will be a total of four games, and the first one will be the PK of fairy pets, the second one will be the doubles between the spiritual pets and the domesticated pets, the third one will be a singles’ match, and the players compete alone without their pets, for the first three rounds, players get one point after making one round, the final step is the team competition, and we’ll play five-to-five with our pets; if we win, we get three points.”


In fact, many of these rules had been checked by the teammates. Fire mostly explained them to He Jin, “for the first three rounds. The players haven’t been confirmed. Dead Water and I will lead Ah Jin and Twig Fence for the PK of fairy pets, for the singles PK, I might choose Nine Hall His Highness, Wild  Crane and First Thought, you all train and prep yourselves…”


Fire quickly finished saying all these, and he asked again, “the name of our team is now ‘The Sentimental Team’, right? Do the newcomers have any opinions against this?”

First Thought said, “sentimental? It doesn’t seem powerful enough. What about we change it to something like ‘brotherly’?” Well, it was indeed in line with First Thought’s style.


The group thought that it might be a better idea, and they agreed to change, “okay, the final list has been confirmed. And I’m going to submit the registration form tonight. Everyone, please note that from 25th February and in 10 days, you will get online from 7 to 10 pm every night.”


The teammates were going to go offline after the meeting. Now that Ah Jin was there, one of the new members said, “Ruthless, your wife is so mysterious. We don’t know how much power he has. Now that everyone is here, care to let us know more?”


This time, it was Enormous Wings who spoke. He Jin was stunned; this person’s voice was so familiar. Once he suggested this, everyone started to get excited. After all, they hadn’t seen Ah Jin in the previous practices.


“The arena for pets? Or that of fairy pets?” Fire didn’t mind.


The Panda Twig Fence jumped up and down, “I’m coming! I’m going to PK with Ah Jin!”


“Then we’ll pick the arena. We’ll let the two kids try.” Dead Water started flying.


He Jin’s mouth started twitching…the two kids? He’s much older than Twig Fence!


Everyone lined up and flew to the arena. Ah Jin now could fly on his own, and side by side with Fire. He was worried that Dumpling couldn’t catch up, so he held him tightly, just like Fire holding the ferret version of Ah Jin previously.


The group laughed and chatted. At this moment, a group of people suddenly flew in front of them. All of them were in black and gold, and the atmosphere was chilling. It was like a team organization. Some people soon recognized it, “it’s the team of Yiyi!” Nine Hall His Highness said.


Everyone gradually calmed down, the sky was so big, and once again they met. He Jin initially thought that the two teams would meet each other awkwardly like last time. Unexpectedly, this time, when the distance became shorter, no one knew who launched the attack first, but a flame bomb flew away from not afar, and toward Ah Jin!


He Jin dodged quickly and avoided a blow. However, there were two more coming, and since he wasn’t prepared for it, his back was attacked twice, and he’d immediately lost balance.


“Hell, they launched an attack!” Nine Hall His Highness screamed, and the two teams immediately smashed. In just a few seconds, in the air, the two were quickly in a battle. Ah Jin restored his balance with much difficulty, and now there was again a flame bomb!


Fire wanted to take care of Ah Jin immediately, but was surrounded by “Copenhagen Das” and “I am Erlang God”. The latter is the second master of the “Haagen-Dazs” team. He eagerly called the name of “Dead Water”, who was fighting with someone else.


Ah Jin had just learned to fly, and he had no experience with air battles. What’s more, he’s now in his human figure, not a ferret. The continuous flame bombs made him totally helpless!


In a hurry, Ah Jin read “transformation”, but he also forgot that he was in the air, and he lost the ability to fly after changing into a ferret – he instantly began to fall!


Qin Yang, who was in a fight with two other people, saw this scene and suddenly shouted, “He Jin—!”


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