Waiting For You Online – Chapter 110 – He Played It Too Well


No one knows for sure if it’s about the players’ mindset, there are very few players in “Demon God” who’re both in a relationship as a husband and wife, and that of a master and a pet. All along, Ah Jin has been known as the “wife of Ruthless”, and he has now suddenly turned into a ferret, such a scene not only shocked Vicissitudes Sword, but everyone else as well – how could this be?!


But the system never said anything about it, and so, Ruthless Fire and Ah Jin stood in the arena, ready to attack.


The audience was ready for an amazing match. It was about to start!


As a master in the whole game, Fire could very easily deal with a 94-level demon player. Since the beginning, Vicissitudes Sword hasn’t been able to fight him back.


And given the power of Fire, Ah Jin, as a spiritual pet, didn’t have a lot of opportunities to show his power. Once again, he had experienced how little he was in the game.


In less than a minute, the system had made an announcement that they had won, and the two were sent out of the arena…


Back to the waiting area, He Jin looked completely dumbfounded.


Everyone was excitedly waiting for them, “what a nice match!”


Dead Water glanced at Nine Hall His Highness, “why did I see your shadow on Vicissitudes Sword…”


Nine Hall His Highness, “damn it! I can at least hold for three minutes if I go for PK with Fire, alright?”


Everyone was cheerful, they were feeling quite depressed after Twig Fence had lost, but apparently their good mood was back.


However, He Jin was not feeling great. In fact, he felt so belittled that he’s just like a little pet literally…he just made a round with Fire and didn’t even have a chance to show his paws…


Like him, the audience didn’t feel like they’d watched enough —


[Waiting Area] “The face of the Sears”: I just took off my trousers and the game is already over!


[Waiting Area] “Throwing down”: He won too quickly! Did the opponents come for nothing?


[Waiting Area] “The Wind of the Moon”: Continue! Don’t stop! Next game, please!


[Waiting Area] “Han Xiaoran”: I was here to see how powerful Fire’s pet is, but she’s only here to show her cuteness…I’m so disappointed…


[Waiting Area] “Peiyu”: Ah Jin is not even on the list of Fairy Pets, she’s not at the same level of Twig Fence, is she only a supplementary player?


[Waiting Area] “Ideal Rice Worm”: The result is just too shocking…


[Waiting Area] “Octopus Sister”: “Too shocking +1, I felt like the couple is only here to show their love ”


Seeing these people discussing, He Jin’s eyes started twitching and he got even more speechless!


The third game was a singles PK game in which Wild Crane got to play. After five minutes, he won over Flying Dragon, the team leader of the opponent. Although he used much less time than that of Twig Fence, his match still turned out to be more attractive than the one of Fire and Ah Jin.


In the last match, Dead Water brought Twig Fence to the arena, but Fire didn’t bring Ah Jin this time, he brought Dumpling, the powerful baby who again attracted a lot of attention from the audience —


“What is that small human baby with black wings? Is it a pet? Way too cute!”


“So, there’re even human pets now? How come I’ve never seen one before?”


The host, who did some research before, introduced the audience by mentioning that Dumpling is the demon baby born from Fire and his wife Ah Jin.


Then, someone recalled, “oh, right! The system did announce it one month ago!”


“I only know that the couple in “Demon God” can give birth to a baby…”


“I did a bit of research; it seems that players with experience over five years can have a baby!”


“Has anyone seen the power of that demon baby? Please help us analyze the data!”




He Jin watched the game in the waiting area with two of his teammates, First Thought Coldness and Great Wings. Since the start of the game, the Sentimental Team has been in a dominating position, they didn’t really have anything to worry about.


When the match was about to end, the host mentioned about Dumpling on purpose, “I’m sure that the one who’s been attracting most of the attention is the demon baby of the Sentimental Team, ‘Dumpling’. Although it’s a baby from the system and it’s small, we can see that most of his tricks are similar to that of Fire. In this match, he has killed three pets in a row from the Dragon Team, not to underestimate…”


The matched ended eight minutes later. In the end, the Sentimental team won by the score of 5:1.


When it ended, it wasn’t even eight o’clock yet, and all the teammates left the arena.


At nine o’clock in the evening, the official website announced the nine winning teams, and showed the next match table. Unlike the first 2×2 knockout matches, it would be a 1×1 one.


The second game of the Sentimental team was set to be the day after the next day. On Sunday night, the opponent would be the “Husband Loves You” team.


The teammates who were immersed in the joy of winning burst into laughter when they saw the name.


Nine Hall His Highness, “damn, such a name actually exists!”


Wild Crane, “is it composed of fans of Fire?”


Leisure Cloud, “well…”


Everyone started to imagine how the female fans would scream when Fire acted as the host…


Dead Water, “let’s go check out the background of this team first, I reckon they’re quite powerful too.”


Then, they all took off their helmets and browsed the forum.


Qin Yang glanced at Ah Jin, who had said nothing after the game ended, “what’s up? Are you unhappy?”


Even Dumpling, who had won the match, found out that Ah Jin wasn’t happy, he was worriedly flying around Ah Jin and made a “Ji Ji” sound.


Of course, He Jin was not happy, as he didn’t seem to have anything to do with the team’s victory. It also further proved the comments of the audience, how could he be happy after all that?


He Jin touched the baby’s wings and said to Qin Yang, “I’m going to play with Dumpling for a while, don’t follow me.”


Qin Yang, “…”


He Jin flew away with Dumpling, but Qin Yang was still quite worried. When everyone else was gone, he bought a “tracking spell” from the mall and followed He Jin.


A few minutes later, Qin Yang discovered that Ah Jin had turned himself into a ferret and was practicing PK with Dumpling in the field…


He snorted and laughed. This guy was not playing enough in the arena and still wanted to play some more, right?


Qin Yang turned on his battle mode and discreetly released a secret trick on the side. The ferret, who discovered that he’s being ambushed, quickly turned around…


Fire flew over and ordered Dumpling, “help your mother.”


Dumpling, “Ji!”


He Jin, “…”


They were on a one-on-two fight, Qin Yang found it funny when the ferret rushed toward him, looking full of resentment…the two fought for ten minutes and Fire lost.


He became a corpse, and his soul left the corpse. The world in front of him became totally dark and there’s no more sound next to his ears…Qin Yang felt a bit stunned, he hasn’t tasted the feeling of being dead in the game for a long time.


He Jin didn’t seem to believe that Fire would die. He changed back into the human form and approached carefully. He uttered something, but a dead person couldn’t hear it, of course.


He Jin hesitated for a while, then started using his revival skill from the husband and wife tricks…Fire’s soul flew up in the air, and he slightly smiled.



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