Waiting For You Online – Chapter 112 – My Emperor Team (II)


Huang Huang, “we saw that the green hedgehog has already started rolling in the forest and looking for his opponent, but Ah Jin hasn’t transformed into her original form yet…wait, she seems to be sitting down now.”


Xiao Lan was a bit worried, “when a spiritual pet is not in its original form, its attack power is very low.”


Huang Huang, “Green Hedgehog has found Ah Jin!”


Xiao Lan, “Player Ah Jin still hasn’t transformed to her original form, is it because she has already given up?”


Huang Huang, “she’s taking out a bowl from her bag now…”


And the audience sounded pretty disappointed —


“What is the bowl for? For begging?”


“Go away! Stop making a fool of yourself!”


“Without the protection of Ruthless, she’s useless!”


“When we talk about the importance of marrying to a good husband…”


“Nothing useful for women to be on this game!”


“Sexual discrimination is disgusting! I hope you all die!”




Hou Dongyan couldn’t stand it anymore, he frequently turned around to look at He Jin who’s with his helmet now, he desperately wanted to walk in front of him and urge him to transform!


Huang Huang, “Green Hedgehog has already seen Ah Jin, but now that Ah Jin is in her human form, he’s hesitating whether to approach closer. However, judging from the distance, it might be easy to attack Ah Jin now.”


Xiao Lan, “Ah Jin still hasn’t transformed, she took out a jade flute from her waist and started playing on it…


The melodious sound of flute flew into the ears of every audience, and the whole audience became speechless…


They were wrong, they shouldn’t have laughed at the panda. Comparing with this Ah Jin, Twig Fence was too adorable!


The two hosts also wanted to cry a little, why is it so impossible to interpret the first match of the Sentimental team?


Xiao Lan, “wait, it seems that something is wrong…”


After the reminder, Huang Huang started paying attention too, “it seems that Green Hedgehog has been losing blood rapidly!”


Bullet screen – “what’s happening?” The bowl in front of Ah Jin seemed to be flashing! “Has it even started?”


Xiao Lan said with excitement, “the flute of the Ah Jin seems to have a fatal effect on Green Hedgehog. We see that he is rolling uncontrollably toward Ah Jin, but he is not willing to do so, he’s trying to escape but he can’t…”


The audience stared at the screen with full attention, and saw that Green Hedgehog, which had lost half of his blood, suddenly turned into green light. Then, with a sound, he got into the bowl of Ah Jin. Instantly, the box showing the status of the player was darkened!


[Arena]: Player “Ah Jin” has won.


[Arena]: The game has ended and the Sentimental team has scored 1 point.


The audience, “………”


Everyone was silent for half a minute, then exclaimed, “what has just happened? How come Green Hedgehog suddenly died?”


The two hosts also looked awkward, and Xiao Lan, with her pale face, repeated the results, “um, for the match just now, Ah Jin just won, and 1 point to the Sentimental team.”


Huang Huang, “to be honest, Xiao Lan, I don’t quite understand…”


In fact, Xiao Lan also couldn’t figure it out, but as the host, of course she couldn’t say that “she doesn’t know”, she could just try to guess, “I guess Ah Jin was using some kind of weapon, just like the sputum of the pharmacist in Jin Yong’s novels, and it could cause damage to enemies…as for the bowl, it might act as a gourd which can collect demons.”


Huang Huang got more confused, “if that’s the case, was that even a fairy pets PK just now?”


Xiao Lan, “not really, but the system didn’t object either. Also, Ah Jin won, and it’s within the rule.”


Everyone, “…”


…well, Hou Dongyan now felt completely helpless, he initially wanted to see brother Jin fight in a handsome way, although the results turned out to be the same…


The people in the waiting area from the Sentimental team were not surprised that Ah Jin had won. He Jin learned how to play the “Bamboo Music”, he went to the Fairy Pets Arena to find a plant-type pet to do an experiment, and told this trick to Fire.


The two fairy pets of My Emperor team are ranked very high on the leaderboard, but only Green Hedgehog is plant-typed. After analyzing the opponents of the team, Fire and Dead Water decided to let Ah Jin try his luck. In case he’d encounter Green Hedgehog, this would be the trick he’d use. And if he didn’t encounter Green Hedgehog, Ah Jin might not lose in a pure PK either.


He Jin did not expect to have won so quickly. He touched his nose, “I feel like I didn’t use my real power…”


Dead Water shook his fan and laughed, “there is nothing wrong with this. We all studied the rules before sending you. In the game, a lot more players have used more disgusting tricks than yours…look at Zhi Zhi who fought Twig Fence, even she knew how to make herself invisible at the edge of the floating island. And Twig Fence even stupidly believed in her trick. You two are just too naïve.”


Nine Hall His Highness, “I agree!”


He Jin, “…”


Fire, “no more nonsense, it’s your turn.”


The second round started, and the host Xiao Lan coughed once, “let’s forget about the previous match and look at the next one. The Sentimental team has sent Dead Water and his spiritual pet, Twig Fence.”


When the audience saw the panda again, they felt happy again, and they screamed with excitement. Of course, Twig Fence couldn’t see it.


Huang Huang, “their opponent is ‘Empress Thousand Years’ from My Emperor team, and her spiritual pet ‘Rouge’.”


Xiao Lan, “I believe that many viewers already know the original form of Twig Fence. As for the ‘Rouge’, it is a very cute little rabbit.”


Huang Huang, “don’t estimate this little rabbit, it’s ranked quite high as well.”


Xiao Lan, “that’s right. Rouge is ranked the 8th on the fairy pets leaderboard, even one position higher than Zhi Zhi, who fought with Twig Fence before.”


The map was refreshed, and the two players, with their pets, appeared on a lake island. The female player was wearing an elegant dress and showed up with a beautiful face; the male player looked handsome with his fan…what a poetic scene!


Huang Huang, “this place looks gorgeous.”


Xiao Lan, “yeah, and the scene is set in the evening, we can even see the moon.”


The four opponents hadn’t moved yet, they just silently sat on each side of the island…and staring at each other…


Huang Huang, “are they checking out each other first?”


Xiao Lan, “I suppose so…look, Dead Water has started moving!”


Indeed, he did, but he just slightly moved his left feet and said to Empress Thousand Years, “long time no see.”


Empress Thousand Years, “yes.”


Dead Water, “how have you been?”


Empress Thousand Years, “I’ve been well, thanks for asking.”


Xiao Lan, “well…it looks like they know each other.”


Dead Water, “when did you return?”


Empress Thousand Years, “three months ago, I heard that there’d be holography, that’s why I came back.”


Bullet screen — “wait, they aren’t just greeting! They’re chatting!” No wonder, pets are just like their masters, or the other way round…


“Start fighting! Start fighting!”


In the arena, the moon looked beautiful. There was even a breeze.


Dead Water, “did you get married?”


Empress Thousand Years, “yeah.”


Dead Water, “no wonder you changed your name, haha.”


Empress Thousand Years, “[Shy]”


Bullet screen, “damn it. Has Huang Taiji been cheated by the Empress?”


“Is this Empress an old lover of Dead Water?”


“Fight! I’m not here to see you chat!”


Twig Fence finally interrupted, “master, shall we start?”


Dead Water, “yeah, you may play with the rabbit first.”


Rouge, “…”


The audience, “…”


Xiao Lan suddenly had an idea, “looks like the pets and masters in this match will fight separately, and Twig Fence has already started running toward Rouge, they’re now facing each other directly…while Dead Water and Empress Thousand Years are still chatting…Twig Fence has released his “cute-ifying” skill, and Rouge has been attacked!”


Huang Huang, “no…Rouge was just pretending. She has jumped and gave the panda a heavy blow – what an experienced fairy pet!”


Xiao Lan, “their masters still haven’t reacted for their pets…and they’re still talking…”


Huang Huang, “the blood level of Twig Fence is going down. Looks like the panda will lose today, with Rouge’s rapid attack!”


Bullet screen — “hell, the two masters are still talking. Dead Water, do something to your pet!”


“What a pathetic panda…wu…”


Just at this moment, Dead Water helplessly sighed, “we don’t have time to talk today. See you around.”


The panda was going to die.


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