Waiting For You Online – Chapter 122 – Victory In The Team Match


After watching the husband and wife fighting for so long, the audience hadn’t forgotten about Dead Water and Twig Fence. As dramatic as it got when Ah Jin was fighting against Inuyasha, when Dead Water was almost tortured to death by Men Are Not Bad and Elizabeth, Leisure Cloud and Wild Crane arrived timely!


The curing trick was used on Dead Water and Twig Fence. And the two guys who were initially going to be defeated, managed to have their blood levels increase back, and they were now much more energetic!


Host, “after Wild Crane joined, the situation under the cliff has been totally reversed. Dead Water, Leisure Cloud, Wild Crane, and Twig Fence from the Sentimental team will now fight against Men Are Not Bad, Elizabeth from the Haagen-Daaz team. As for now, the two players’ system pets have died. It looks like that the Sentimental team has successfully turned the situation around! Things have been changed swiftly. Now, let’s see if “I Am God Erlang” and his pet “Spell” can arrive promptly…”


I Am God Erlang, “damn it, this mountain is so high. It’s been three minutes since I jumped down and I’m still falling!”


The audience’s sights were now back to the couple of Fire, and that of Binghua near the cave, and the battlefield had changed from inside the cave to the outside. Just now, the ferret’s cute-ifying skill had completely pissed Haagen-Daaz off, and now Flower Yiyi had to be more serious as well. The two finally dedicated more willingly to fighting against the Sentimental team.


Ah Jin added blood for Fire, and now his blood level was full. He wasn’t useful anymore. Since he couldn’t fly, joining would only give more trouble to Fire. Therefore, he carefully retreated to the cave inside and hid outside the attacking circle. Dumpling, who had only a little blood left, followed Fire tightly. He started using fire attack toward Haagen-Daaz fearlessly!


Although he was just a system baby, it was a very strong output. Soon enough, his attack quickly caught the attention of Haagen-Daaz….


Host, “Haagen-Daaz seemed to have changed his target to Dumpling now. And the couple of Binghua seemed to want to kill Fire, then his baby…”


At this time, Fire suddenly yelled, “Ah Jin, change blood for Dumpling!”


…change blood? what’s he talking about?


When everyone was shocked, they saw that Fire was instantly adding blood and the level was back to 86%. They were adding blood to each other, how dominating they have been!


Then, the next second, the audience saw that Ah Jin was doing a trick, before a beam of red light was released from his heart, shooting towards Dumpling. Dumpling, who was still under the fierce attack of Haagen-Daaz, had his blood level rapidly increase back to 44%!


Using blood for blood – this is the parent-child skill in “Demon God”, that is, the parent could use half of his blood in exchange for 100% of blood level for the baby, and this trick can only be used by the system baby’s mother!


Before this, Ah Jin’s blood level was 86%, after giving half to Dumpling, his blood level was now 44%. Now, the blood level of Dumpling was much higher than that of Ah Jin. It’s really worth it!


When Haagen-Daaz was looking at this scene, he almost became mad. Why hasn’t this been over yet? For a long time, they had only successfully killed the red-flamed bird next to Fire, yet at this time, Flower Yiyi also killed her system baby. Aside from this, that family of three seemed to be immortal. They could always add blood to each other. It’s very rare in “Demon God”!


Haagen-Daaz was confused, and so was Flower Yiyi. Both of their blood levels were now less than 30%. Although Flower Yiyi was adding blood to Haagen-Daaz and herself from time to time, the levels kept decreasing anyway. He felt like they were indeed going to lose. However, Haagen-Daaz really didn’t want to lose yet. Suddenly, he had an idea, “I will stall Ruthless and you deal with Ah Jin. Once Ah Jin dies, we’ll have a chance!”


Right, it’s indeed easier for Flower Yiyi to deal with a ferret that couldn’t fly, it would even be easier than killing a fly. Once Ah Jin is killed, they would no longer have to worry about the ferret which might use its cute-ifying skill anytime. Killing Ah Jin could also stop Fire from having his blood added, and Dumpling would disappear too. It’s a brilliant idea!


Flower Yiyi immediately flew toward the cave inside. How could Fire stand aside and see this happen? He released a bloody vortex and made it explode in the air, the wall was slammed loudly…when Flower Yiyi realized it, she was once again caught with Fire’s burning hell!


Fire quickly appeared in front of Flower Yiyi, who had her eyes widely open. Right, it was Fire waiting for her…with his ruthless killing in 6 seconds, Flower Yiyi, who hadn’t moved a bit, stood there and took all the bows. Her blood level was rapidly decreasing!


Haagen-Daaz didn’t expect that Fire would go and attack Flower Yiyi immediately. Well, Fire’s blood level was decreasing as well, since he was fighting against Haagen-Daaz. However, he’s giving his best – before killing Flower Yiyi, Haagen-Daaz wouldn’t kill him!


When Flower Yiyi’s blood level dropped to the bottom, Fire said coldly, “see? I didn’t need 10 seconds to kill you.”


What he meant was that, the reason why he hadn’t killed her before, is only because it was for the once apprenticeship. It actually is common sense to kill the wet nurse in a team match, before anything else. Since Flower Yiyi decided to kill his wife, Fire naturally had to be more proactive in fighting back.


“No!” Haagen-Daaz hadn’t expected that his idea would get Flower Yiyi killed. He hurriedly and confusedly tried to add blood for her by the husband and wife skill. But when Flower Yiyi heard what Fire had said, her heart sank, and she’d completely lost the will to fight.


She really couldn’t win Fire…it’s just impossible…


Ruthless Fire, he’s indeed ruthless to her…


Flower Yiyi died too. Haagen-Daaz wouldn’t be able to hold it for too long. He also died soon after Dumpling and his father united.


The audience looked at the profile pictures of Flower Yiyi and Haagen-Daaz which had darkened, and the ending was written. Fire had been holding on for so long, and people knew more or less all of his skills and tricks. Although the victory wasn’t announced yet, in their mind, the Sentimental team had already won this match!


Fire went back to the cave and hugged Ah Jin who had turned back into his human form. They were showing affection publicly. Then, the family of three held each other and jumped off the cliff.


The heavy mist made them fall slowly to the bottom. When Men Are Not Bad and Elizabeth saw Fire, they were so scared that they threw their helmets and armor away. They had completely lost the will to fight and so they lost very soon.


After descending for a little more, and having gotten lost in the forest, I am God Erlang was shocked. How come everyone in the Sentimental team had their blood level as full? What’s happening? Had they even fought or not?


He silently glanced at the information bar of his teammates, and saw that aside from his profile picture, everyone else’s had turned to grey!


I Am God Erlang, “eh…”


The Magic Phoenix fanned his wings and flew above the head of Erlang, “brother, do you still want to fight?”


Bullet screen —


“Fight on! This is your last chance!”


“Don’t be deceived by their performance! They haven’t totally won yet!”


Indeed, the people were adding blood to each other, but after such a long and exhausting fight, everyone was worn out. For Fire, even if he went on now, he could only perform a bit with his sword…


But when facing this situation, Erlang truly didn’t know what to do. Everyone in the Sentimental team was still surviving. But for his team, he was the only one left. Was there still a point to fight?


He trembled all over…

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