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Waiting For You Online – Chapter 124 – Be With Me

The host did not disclose with the team about the sharing of votes. Then, he asked them about how they thought about the Haagen-Daaz team.


Qin Yang said, “they actually performed quite well.”


Dead Water squinted his eyes and smiled, “but it’s still a pity that I Am God Erlang fled.”


Could this be regarded as a regret, since he didn’t have a chance to take revenge on I Am God Erlang and Spell? Everyone knows that Dead Water and Twig Fence lost in the second match because of them…


The host went on laughing, and suddenly found this seemingly gentle master a bit horrifying.


The half-hour interview ended very quickly, and the first team match of “Demon God” also came to a successful ending.


Several people returned to the game world from the interview, and they met with Nine Hall His Highness.


“You both have been hiding it too well!” Nine Hall His Highness was looking at Fire and Ah Jin from top to bottom, making Ah Jin super nervous. He was afraid to be judged by his mates.


Wild Crane approached and said, “I told you Ah Jin is a guy! And you didn’t believe me!”


He Jin, “…”


Nine Hall His Highness was so scared that he jumped a step forward, “god damn, how come I always end up in a team with gay members? Why would I even be friends with you guys…”


No one cared about the expression and tone of Nine Hall, and they started laughing instead. Leisure Cloud started teasing, “people of a similar kind will always be together. And we’re divided into different groups. Nine, don’t struggle anymore, maybe you’re one of them!”


Nine Hall retreated for a few steps and bumped into Dead Water accidentally. Dead Water held him and asked gently, “Little Nine, were you going to hug me?”


Nine Hall, “……”


And the group burst into laughter again.


Ah Jin felt much more at ease when seeing that his teammates were so open-minded about him and Fire.


At dinner time, the few people congratulated each other some more and got offline.


When he removed the helmet, it was already dark outside. At the end of February, although Spring was approaching, the days were still short. And it’s all dark inside the room. He Jin was about to get up and leave, but Qin Yang came inside at this moment.


With a light sound, something was shining on their figures.


Initially, after winning the game, He Jin might be giving a hug to Qin Yang immediately after getting offline, but after the interview and the teasing of his friends, He Jin didn’t feel like doing so anymore.


“Let’s go back?” He looked outside and it seemed like he was avoiding something.


Qin Yang raised his eyebrow, “are we going back so soon?”


He Jin was thinking, what were they going to do instead? It’s almost 6 pm, they’ve gotta have dinner…



Qin Yang didn’t go inside, he didn’t go out either. He was just there, blocking the entrance of the room. He waved his hand and adjusted the bracelet, then waved to He Jin, “come here, let me show you something.”


“…what?” He Jin was prepared to see a lot of “information”. Whether it’s game-related, interview-related, all would go public in an instant. After all, it’s an internet era, within a few minutes, the news of “the wife of Fire is a guy” would be spread widely in all major forums and threads.


He Jin was quite worried to see those gossips that Qin Yang was going to show him, but once he approached, he saw there’s something about an exam on his bracelet. He looked more closely – it’s the score-checking system of the 4th and 6th grades of English exams of the National College!


Inquiry of the results of the English exam, December 202x:


Candidate Name: Qin Yang


University: t Hua University


Exam category: English Level 6



Admission card number: ***********




Your total score: 682






No, it’s impossible…


He Jin stared at the page incredulously up and down for about three times, his mouth was slightly open, and he felt like having swallowed a melon. Qin Yang had always been confident in this aspect, and although He Jin hadn’t believed that he could really score 680 marks after saying that “he didn’t do well”, he did anyway!


, has been quite confident in this aspect, and does not believe that Qin said “play bad” I can test 680 points, but Qin Hao really made it!


“Do you still remember about the bet?” Qin Yang smiled and reminded He Jin, “don’t tell me that you’ve forgotten.”



He Jin, “…”


“Didn’t you tell me that you hadn’t done well in it?” Of course, He Jin remembered. He didn’t want to betray his promise, he was just shocked.


Qin Yang, “well, I’ve always felt not so well after every exam, but it always turned out to be unexpectedly good.”


This excuse…who would believe?!


Now, He Jin felt as if he’d been set up again, and he felt so speechless. Well, there’s nothing he could do. Since he said that he agreed to bet, and he’s not that kind of person who’d forget a promise. He just had to say yes, “well, alright then. What do you want?”


Qin Yang took away his phone, smiled and looked at him……


He Jin felt very uncomfortable to be stared at like that, and he started worrying again…could this beast suggest something like going to bed with him? And he’d never agreed to such a condition!

When Qin Yang had a full taste of how worried He Jin looked, he said gently, “He Jin, forgive me. And be together with me.”


He Jin, “…”


What a condition…


To be honest, He Jin hadn’t expected Qin Yang to tell him his feelings again!


Since they’ve won the team match, and they’ve had a deal, it seemed that Qin Yang had planned everything. He Jin had no excuses to reject him.


And He Jin understood perfectly, that after so many incidents, he’s fallen completely in love with Qin Yang. Even though he’s angry, embarrassed, he’s indeed in love, and he couldn’t deceive himself for this…but, he still felt uncomfortable as Qin Yang knew entirely what he’s thinking.

Even though he knew that it’d be useless, but he still turned his head to the other side and said somewhat proudly in a low voice, “I told you there’s only one condition and you suggested two…”


Qin Yang was a bit shocked and then started laughing.


“Then let’s date.” He suddenly went forward, held He Jin and threw him on that clean, big bed…


He Jin was very nervous and he yelled, “what are you doing?”


Qin Yang smiled and said, “we’re a couple now. Why still go back? Let’s sleep here tonight…”


“Hey…hey!” He Jin was almost mad, how could he do this?!


But in the end, He Jin had much less strength than Qin Yang. The bed was right next to them, it only took Qin Yang a small effort to hold and throw him onto it.


He Jin was speechless, he was struggling to get up but Qin Yang wouldn’t let him. He tried to comfort He Jin, “don’t run away…I’m not going to do anything, just let me hold you…”


He Jin, “…”


When He Jin didn’t move anymore, Qin Yang started complaining, “we’re a couple now, and you still don’t let me hold you…” then, he tied He Jin up tightly by his arms and legs, but just as what he’d promised, he didn’t do anything aside from holding him.


The guy in his arms was finally quiet. And Qin Yang sighed with satisfaction, as if he could finally hold his sweetheart in his arms after so many difficulties. He used his ears to touch his, then lowered his head and kept staring at him.


He Jin had never been in such a close distance with Qin Yang, and this made him extremely nervous. He didn’t even dare to breathe, and now Qin Yang wouldn’t gaze at somewhere else, he couldn’t help but try to hide from it, “you…what are you looking at…”


“You don’t allow me?” Qin Yang found his hand along his arm, then held it tightly, just like in the game, “you’re my boyfriend, who else am I gonna look at?”


Such loving words…



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