He Jin, “…”


Qin Yang also ordered some drinks and wanted to cheer with him before eating, He Jin found it strange and asked, “what about it?”


Qin Yang said, “I’ve got the money from ‘Demon God’, I’ll transfer it to you soon.”


He Jin’s eyes turned bright, “so soon!”


Qin Yang, “yeah, come with me to the bank. There’s quite a lot.”


He Jin, “isn’t it 50,000?”


Qin Yang raised his eyes, “that is only the bonus mentioned in the official announcement. In addition to the commission gained from the votes, and after taxation, there’s almost 3 million. Reserve players will get 50,000 each. Zhao Mingyue had only participated one match, so she didn’t want to share among us. That makes us 7 people left, and every one of us will get about 400,000.”


He Jin was so shocked that he couldn’t close his mouth…


If the 50,000 yuan already sounded an impossible figure to him, then this 400,000, is eight times the impossible!


Qin Yang raised his cup, “so do you still want to cheer with me?”


He Jin did so with a foolish look, and after a while, he sighed, “Gosh, how come there’s so much…”


Qin Yang twitched his mouth, “when I first became a host, I also thought that this world is such a miracle…it kind of felt like becoming a superstar overnight, though we aren’t quite the same.”


Indeed, He Jin almost fainted because of the greatest gift that ever happened to him…what had he done after all? He just participated in a game with Qin Yang, and he didn’t give much…this amount of money was way too unexpected!


At noon, when he was walking to the bank with Qin Yang, He Jin reminded Qin Yang, “transfer 390,000 to me later.”


Qin Yang, “why?”


He Jin, “I owe you 3000, right? And I was staying at your place before, and…you always treated me dinner, this is the amount that I owe you.”


Qin Yang said, a bit offended, “you’re still calculating this with me?”


He Jin grabbed Qin Yang’s shoulders and told him seriously about how he felt, “Qin Yang, I know that you are good at earning money, and you don’t really care about this amount of money. But for me, it’s very different, I’m a guy too and I don’t want to rely on you all the time. I can’t always accept things from you. I hope to have an economic equality in our relationship. Only through this, we can…” He Jin’s voice became softer, “continue dating…”


Qin Yang was pleased by the way He Jin said “continue dating”, and he started to understand why He Jin insisted, he wanted to save his face.


“Well, then, alright.” Just spoiling his girlfriend, Qin Yang said sweetly, “whatever you say.”


He Jin, “……”


Qin Yang transferred the money to He Jin’s newly opened account, after he left home.


Looking at the sudden increase of his deposit, and a few more digits…He Jin felt very surreal. He had a look of the income of graduates from Hua University, and each would earn in average 100,000 per year, excluding expenses on food and accommodation. They could barely have any savings. But now, he suddenly got an amount equivalent to four times their annual salary!


Did he earn this by working hard? Didn’t seem so!


Or by luck? Perhaps…


He Jin returned to the dormitory with this surreal feeling, until Hou Dongyan eagerly asked him what Professor Huang had said to him. He Jin’s mind returned to the reality, “oh, he was asking if I wanted to be a researcher…”


Indeed, he had to think about his future too. He couldn’t just rely on that 390,000 throughout his life.


He wouldn’t consider about studying overseas, then, does he want to be a researcher or finding a job outside?


Honestly, for anyone at their twenties, they like to explore the world and see how it’s like. It’s the same for He Jin. Being a researcher is the same path as the one that’d been arranged by his mother, it’s a transparent one and you know where it takes you. The only difference is their location – one is in A city, chosen by his University; another one is in his hometown, chosen by his family.


If he chose to be a researcher, He Jin already knew what he’d become in three, five, even ten years later. Things would stay the same and there wouldn’t be any big challenges for him. It’d be a protected environment, preventing him from any mundane worries…


He Jin had been thinking about this for a few days and he didn’t seem very happy. These dew days, Qin Yang found him for lunch every day and even brought him to play the tennis. Although the two started dating, they dared not act too obviously in the University. Qin Yang could only occasionally ask He Jin to go to his dorm and steal a kiss.


This day, after tennis, the two were sitting in the waiting area and Qin Yang asked, “what happened? It seems that you’ve been worrying about something.”


After a moment of silence, He Jin asked, “have you ever thought about your future?”

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