Waiting For You Online – Chapter 127 (I) – Xuexiang Snowtown


Qin Yang didn’t quite understand, “what in specific? About work?”


He Jin, “yeah, are you still going to be a host in the game?”


Qin Yang shook his head, Dead Water once asked him the same question, and he answered the same way, “it’s just my hobby, I don’t plan to rely on this for my living in the future.”


He Jin, “then what are your other plans?”


“Um….” Qin Yang was throwing his tennis ball, and his gaze was following it jumping up and down, “my dad wants me to help him after graduation, but honestly, I haven’t thought about what I am going to do.”


He Jin, “what does he want you to help him with?”


Qin Yang, “his company mainly supplies auto parts and components, and is the supplier of brake system parts designated by xx in Northern China.”


He Jin was surprised to learn that the name mentioned by Qin Yang was a well-known German brand of automobile, “you’re learning mechanics, is it related to your dad’s business?” He asked.

“Sort of, but there are still some differences. If I help him, I will not do anything related to machinery, but I will learn to do business instead,” Qin Yang said with a shrug, “comparing to this, I am more willing to do something that I really want, such as creating a startup. If I wanted to join him, I would have done so a few years ago, there’s no need to wait for me to graduate.”


He Jin, “then, if you don’t do that, what will your father do?”


“He has another son, doesn’t he?” Qin Yang smiled, and grabbed the tennis ball without playing with it anymore. He turned and looked at He Jin, “you told me that men have to rely on themselves.”


“…” He Jin always thought that there’re huge differences between him and Qin Yang. Although Qin Yang was younger, he’s such a brilliant person, with capabilities and bravery. He also had a good backup. Unlike himself, his cold war with his parents was still going on, and he had to worry about the future.


It’d be a good idea to be a researcher, but that’s not what He Jin wanted. However, if he gave up on the idea, what could he do if he failed to find a good job outside?


Qin Yang looked at him and said, “are you thinking about jobs?” When mentioning this, Qin Yang became nervous, “are you in contact with your family again?”


He Jin shook his head, “no.”


Qin Yang breathed a sigh of relief, and he also thought selfishly, that it would be great if He Jin could completely cut off his relationship with his family, so that he could be with He Jin forever.

“Then what are you thinking about?” Qin Yang held his waist and seduced him, “tell me, and I’ll decide for you.”


There were other people in the court. He Jin was so scared that he pushed him away hurriedly and said, “a few days ago, Professor Huang asked if I had any intention to stay in school to be a researcher.”

“It’s quite good, don’t you want it?” Qin Yang thought that it’d be nice if He Jin could still stay in Hua University for a few years after graduation. After he graduated first, they could rent an apartment near the University. He Jin would be able to continue with his studies, and he could work and pay for other expenses.


He Jin, “but I won’t earn a lot of money. Researchers’ salary is not that high.”


Qin Yang, “why hurry to earn money? You don’t lack money now.”


He Jin didn’t know how to explain to He Jin. Although he had money now, but that 390,000 yuan didn’t make him feel stable at all. He wanted to earn money on his own, and not depend on luck in the game. Only by doing that, he would be able to prove to his mother that he’s fully capable of supporting himself. But if he chose to continue with his studies, he could only stay poor.


Qin Yang casually said, “just do whatever you want to do. I just want you to be happy. You’re my wife, even if you don’t work, I’ll still earn money and support your living.”


This should have been a very compassionate statement, but He Jin interpreted it in a whole different way. He was overwhelmed by his ego, and it was hard to be digested. He said coldly, “let’s not talk about this. Let’s go back.”



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