Waiting For You Online – Chapter 129 – I Really Like You (I)

He Jin felt so shy with the words of Qin Yang, he stood up with reddened ears, then he patted away the snow on his shoulders and headed for lunch with him. During lunch, He Jin seen Qin Yang playing with his bracelet all the time, and he wanted to know what he’s so busy with.


“What is it?” He Jin was curious and asked.


“I am looking at the pictures that we’ve taken.” Qin Yang showed He Jin the photos that they had taken together. Qin Yang had used the continuous shooting function, just like replaying the images in which Qin Yang was kissing He Jin’s face.


In the photos, He Jin was smiling happily, and he looked so sweet.


Suddenly, He Jin’s heart was beating crazily. He wasn’t sure what he’s so afraid of, but he really wanted Qin Yang to delete the pictures. However, after showing him only once, Qin Yang immediately took away the bracelet.


After a short break, the two went to the ski resort.


Skiing is much more difficult than sliding tires. It was also Qin Yang’s first time to try this sport. He had invited two coaches, and they charged per hour. After carefully studying the steps and precautions, they started skiing clumsily.


Qin Yang was excellent in sports, and he soon knew how to ski like a professional player. However, He Jin had turned over and tripped for several times before he knew the trick of it. Originally, He Jin thought that they wouldn’t even have time in the afternoon, and charging per hour would be quite expensive. After skiing for two hours, he started to realize how much energy he had to consume at such a low temperature!

The two were playing until the sun set. The three hours were filled with laughters and screaming. When He Jin returned, he was so exhausted that he felt like his whole body had shattered.


It got dark early in Snowtown. They went back to their bedroom after dinner. After shower, He Jin came out from the bathroom. Qin Yang smiled to him, “come, wifey, come to the brick bed!”


He Jin, “…”


It was too troublesome to move things, so they chose to stay in the same room. He Jin got into his blanket and shoved away Qin Yang’s hand. He tried to be calm, “I’m very tired today. Don’t act like a rogue again!”


Also, the second day, the two had to get up at 5am, get on a motorbike and watch the sunrise on the mountain, as Qin Yang already told him about the plan.


“You don’t even let me hold you!” Qin Yang was laughing and complaining. Then, he stretched out his arm to hold He Jin his arms, and quickly kissed him. He also sniffed his ears and neck, as if he couldn’t get enough of him, “I really like you.”


He Jin, “…”


Qin Yang tickled him and complained, “why don’t you say that you like me too?”


“You…” He Jin was twisting when Qin Yang tickled him. After a whole day of hanging out in the cold, when he smiled, he felt his face hurting. He felt that if this went on, the two would probably lose control again. Then, he grabbed Qin Yang’s hand and said, “okay, I like you too. Now go to sleep.”


Qin Yang mumbled something, then the two went to sleep with their hands interlocking each other.

The next day, before the sun rose, they were woken up by the alarm.

They put on all the necessary equipment, He Jin also put on a new warm foot sticker, and was completely frozen by the cold when he went out!


The bracelet showed that it was minus 30 degrees outside. The two got on the motorbike at the meeting point. It was still pretty dark, and they couldn’t see anything except the snow.


The speed of the motorcycle was so high that they felt like being wrapped with the ice. There was nowhere to hide. He Jin felt so painful with the wind that he couldn’t help but shed tears. Then, those tears would freeze at the corners of his eyes, and it was such a pain. However, He Jin still felt very excited. When they almost reached the mountain top, the road was too steep and they couldn’t go any further by motorbike, they had to climb up themselves.


The snow was so thick and it almost got to their knees. Walking on it was so difficult. He Jin and Qin Yang got off the car and climbed up using both their hands and feet. The exhaled hot air turned into frost on their eyelashes and noses.


He Jin dared not open his eyes, he just opened them a bit to see the road. He’s actually worried to have his eyeballs frozen if he opened them more widely!


With much difficulty, they finally got to the mountain top. It was much, much colder than the bottom. Qin Yang held He Jin’s hand, and the two struggled to find the tent that the guide had made for them. Because of the snow, half of it was already buried in the snow.

They struggled to get the tent out, zipped it open and got inside immediately. They switched on the light and held each other tightly, just like surviving after a catastrophe!

After a while, He Jin started to feel the warmth of his feet. He trembled, “it was just too cold, I’m numb all over.” He was so cold that he couldn’t think nor speak.


The two sat on the warm pad of the tent. Qin Yang held He Jin from behind and asked, “do you feel better now?”


“Yeah.” He Jin relaxed and rested in the arms of Qin Yang. He never had such a strong sense of security, and he had never relied on Qin Yang as he was now.

Looking at the stars and the blue sky, He Jin thought, if he had absolutely nothing to consider or worry about, he would really think of being together with Qin Yang the whole of his life. But they’d have to face the reality after going back. And since he’s so pessimistic, he was sure that there were no ways for two men to be together forever.

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