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Chapter 132 – Congratulations On Moving Out (Part 1)

There was also another reason for Qin Yang to choose that studio, as there was an unoccupied parking space downstairs, for a district that’s densely populated, it’s very rare.

After paying the deposit and signing the contract for a year, Qin Yang returned to his home and drove his Jaguar to the new place.

During the weekend, the two drove to IKEA to pick up some new shower curtains, toiletries, balcony bonsai, pots and pans…


“Why are we buying so many kitchen utensils, do you want to cook yourself?” He Jin was turning over the woven bag full of different things, and he’s a little hesitant as to how practical the things would be.


Qin Yang raised his eyebrow, “it’s for you, so that you can cook for me.”

He Jin was someone who believed in “the gentleman is far from the kitchen”. He raised his hand, “let me make this clear first. I can’t cook, I can at most use the rice cooker!”

Qin Yang held his shoulders and got close to his neck. He said in a low voice next to his ears, “you’re so smart, you can learn how to. I don’t believe that you won’t be able to.”

He Jin was scared by his sudden action, and Qin Yang quickly retreated. But the flirtatious atmosphere was still lingering in the air. The people who walked around were all couples preparing for their new homes, but even such an atmosphere made He Jin felt incredibly shy.


The two spent a long time in the mall, and He Jin had found that in some respects, there were a lot of differences in his and Qin Yang’s purchasing power and values. For example, for a chair, He Jin would look for something practical, but Qin Yang would look for something pretty and comfortable. He had chosen two “Avika” leather swivel chairs, and it’s 5000 yuan each, which would be 10,000 in total, and that shocked He Jin.

However, he had figured out that without Qin Yang, he could not earn the 400,000 yuan from the game. So, even if he had to use this amount of money on Qin Yang’s consumption value, he would agree to it. They agreed to live together anyway, if he still insisted on his ego and force Qin Yang to give way to him always, He Jin would feel sorry for it, he didn’t want to force Qin Yang to lower his expectations for the quality of life either.


They were there until 4pm, and then got on the car with all the stuff.

They moved everything to the third floor, it’s not too high nor too low either. In Winter, they’d have sunshine for 4 hours, and it’s the best floor for that purpose. After getting some rest, the two started working on the things they’d bought.


Qin Yang also moved his set of bose sound system from home. He assembled the system, connected it to the bracelet, then asked He Jin who was packing things in the kitchen. “Wife~~Which song do you want to listen to?”


He Jin paused what he’s doing, as for the way Qin Yang called him “wife”, he’d always had a shameful feeling to it. Although he had been called that way under different occasions – in the game, in texts, even on bed, now that Qin Yang was calling him so sincerely, even with a sense of attachment, that gave He Jin feel like his gender had been changed. It’s like they were really married, and that he’s indeed the wife of Qin Yang.

“Whatever!” He Jin’s cheeks were slightly hot, and he continued to make hot water to disinfect the new kitchen utensils.


A rhythmic English song came from the bedroom. With the sunshine in the afternoon, the two were enjoying their time together.


“a mask is easily placed, on a betrayed and broken face……my scars I shouldn’t hide, from the people who are on my side……”


He Jin shook his body unconsciously with the beat, and placed the sterilized kitchenware in the basket. Qin Yang was assembling the chair and bookshelf in the bedroom and sang along.


“rolling up my sleeves to fight againstall the things I locked upand all the things I fenced……”

“but it’s time to let it outso we  build a brand new castle……”

The next day, the mattresses, quilts and pillows that the two bought online arrived too.

After a few days, they finally finished decorating their new home – their blue striped curtains, zakka-style beds and slippers of the same color, an ivory white carpet – that’s the home of two boys. Although the color was somewhat monotonous, the living room, the coffee table, the bedside of the bedroom and the window sill of the kitchen were dotted with green plants, copper grass, green radish and bamboo.

There was a smell of new furniture in the new place. They had opened the windows for a few days. When the weather is nice, He Jin would bring in the blankets for some sunshine. When everything was ready, it was already in May.

On a Saturday, He Jin got up early. When everyone in the campus was still asleep, he asked Qin Yang drive the car over, and carried their luggages to the new home.

“Hey, do you want to ask some friends to come over and eat together?” In order to celebrate, Qin Yang excitedly suggested it to He Jin.

He Jin was a little embarrassed, “let’s not, for this kind of thing…”

“What happened to this kind of thing?” Qin Yang went close to He Jin and hugged him, “we are in a relationship. I don’t care about the others, but don’t you want to invite Hou Dongyan over? He knows that you’ve moved out with me, if we do, he can be reassured too.”

Qin Yang’ suggestion made sense. Initially, He Jin wanted to cut off all contacts to be with Qin Yang, but he later realized that it’s not realistic at all. He couldn’t be without any friends.








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