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Waiting For You Online

Chapter 133 – Wife Showing Off Manic (1)

At night, when the lights were off, they were leaning against each other and watching a romantic film on their bed. It was a Japanese film chosen by He Jin. The style was delicate and sweet, with the Japanese’s subtle and flirtatious feeling. Such a romantic film was completely opposite to anything related to adults…


As the tone was too soft and the rhythm was too slow, Qin Yang couldn’t help but yawn, he complained, “what is this about? Let’s watch some gay stuff instead.”


He Jin, “…”


Qin Yang wasn’t interested in the film, so his hands started moving around his lover. Very soon, He Jin couldn’t stand it any longer, he closed the laptop that was on their laps and put it aside. Then, he held Qin Yang’s head and kissed him back.

He Jin’s smiling face, under the faint light, showed a sense of temptation and naughtiness that he’d never shown in other times. He was like the cunning little ferret in the game. Qin Yang turned over and pressed against He Jin, he held He Jin’s shoulders and kissed him forcefully, he kissed and sucked his lips somewhat rudely.


When he finished, Qin Yang was caressing He Jin’s lower lip and whispered, “wifey, let’s not argue anymore, okay?”


He Jin, “…”


Qin Yang looked at him deeply and infatuatedly, as if he was begging, “and don’t just walk away like last time when you’re angry, okay?”


He Jin opened his lips and whispered, “I’m sorry, but I was under too much pressure last time.” He closed his eyes and kissed Qin Yang’s finger, and he whispered, “yeah, we won’t quarrel anymore.”


Qin Yang smiled with satisfaction, he was hugging He Jin and kissing him.

“Hey, we just did it last night…”


“I am only touching. I promise that I won’t do anything!”


“Your guarantee doesn’t work at all. Let go, I still have class early in the morning…um!”




When everything was settled, He Jin went to school during the day and in the afternoon, he’d leave school in a hurry. He really felt that he had completely left the environment, and the pressure that he had with public opinion became much smaller.


When they were free, they would study the recipes together. Qin Yang would cook and He Jin would do the rest of the housework. Although the two had made many horrifying dishes, those which were finally served on the table had an acceptable quality.


He Jin was a bit of a clean freak. Every time, when Qin Yang was washing the dishes, he’d splash water all over the kitchen. He Jin saw it twice, and he couldn’t stand it at all. That’s why he was doing all the rest of the cleaning, and Qin Yang could rest a bit too. After they started living together, they had a clear division of tasks, and they’ve never quarreled because of housework.

However, there’s still something that He Jin didn’t like. After living together, he could see clearly the real life of the “God of Internet”, “Fire Ruthless” continued to record videos and work as a host on Demon God,  but after the hologram of Demon God, many netizens got to know the gender of Ah Jin, Qin Yang lost quite many fans because of it, but he also gained other fans who happened to be Fujoshi.


After that, the audience’s bullet screen started appearing frantically on Fire’s live broadcast, and they acted like wild horses, making He Jin completely incapable to watch!


There were very blunt messages like “seeking exposure of photos”, “seeking exposure of affection” or  “how many positions has Ruthless unlocked” which made He Jin speechless. In the beginning, he was interested in watching the live broadcast of Qin Yang, but later, he no longer dared to.


However, not only wasn’t Qin Yang disgusted by these things, but he also enjoyed it a lot. He always secretly recorded a few phrases of his conversation with He Jin and uploaded them on the beginning or the end of the live video, supplemented by the comics drawn by his fans…fortunately, the fans could only hear the sound but couldn’t see them in real person, otherwise, He Jin really wanted to kick Qin Yang heavily. Now that he understood – Fire is such a manic and he loved showing off his wife!

On bed, they’ve indeed unlocked many new positions. Both of them were young, passionate and they were so into each other. They couldn’t control themselves and it’s completely understandable. Once, when they were doing it, Qin Yang even switched on the recording function on his bracelet, driving He Jin almost insane. He was in a cold war with Qin Yang for a few days because of that, and it’s the first time they argued after they lived together.


But overall, after the two lived together, the sweet moments still outnumbered those with arguments. As he didn’t know if they could make it far, He Jin treated every day with Qin Yang like the last day, and he carefully cherished the time with Qin Yang.


In the blink of an eye, two months have passed. He Jin finished his exams and officially ended his third year in University. He also successfully found a summer internship. In a CBD of A city, he would start working as an administrative assistant in a Canadian company selling dental equipment for two and a half months. If he performed well, he could also sign the contract in advance, and he could join as a permanent staff after graduation. Although he wouldn’t have a high salary, this job opportunity made He Jin really excited.



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