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Chapter 136 – Your Mom Is Sick


He Jin was just standing there without explaining anything. His father was so anxious and he let go of Hou Dongyan at once, and he pointed at He Jin again, “how have we taught you since you were small? How could you become like this? Tell me if you left home because of that person? It looks like that your mother has done nothing wrong in controlling you strictly. It’s my fault to be too lenient to you. He Jin, you make me so disappointed!”


When hearing his dad say this, He Jin, originally still trying to hang in there, had his heart frozen like ice, he opened his mouth, “dad, I thought you’d understand more than mom does…”


He’s father roared, “you are living together with a male! How do you want me to understand you?!”


He Jin clenched his fist, like a beast being forced to a dead end. If he still didn’t say what he thought, he’d forever regret it, “dad, have you ever tried to understand me? Since I was small…” he started weeping, “you and mom have never asked me how I felt, what I wanted to do, what I didn’t want to do, what I hated and what I liked…I’m a human being, I have my thoughts and my emotions, I also have a free will. I’m not your puppet or an object without a soul!”


He Jin’s father didn’t expect He Jin to be so hysterical, and he was stunned by what he’d said.


After he started, he decided to just let go of all his resentment, and nothing could stop him, “when I was small, I wanted to play games but you didn’t allow; I wanted to learn the violin, you didn’t allow, the only thing you cared about was my academic performance, and whenever I did badly, it must be because I was dating, or I was under bad influence…there was a girl who wrote a love letter to me, then mom had to call her to insult her. If I did anything that didn’t suit her wish, she’d criticize and insult me, you have no idea how much I hate her! I thought that once I grew up, I could choose what I like and what I don’t, only if I can get into the University that you want, then I can be free, but you are still forcing me to live my life according to your wish only…”


He’s father, “this is only for your own good…”


He Jin tried to force his tears back to his eyes, “but I don’t think so! I don’t want to become someone that I’ll hate!”


“So, is that why you have to be with a man?” He’s father shook his head and said helplessly, “He Jin, this is not correct. Even if you don’t understand your mom, you can’t allow yourself to be like this!”

He Jin raised his hands and yelled hopelessly, “dad! Why don’t you understand? I’m not fooling around with him! I’m with him because I like him, and I’m willing to! I just want to be with him!”


Anger covered his mind, and his rebelliousness had reached its peak. He Jin couldn’t calm down, and he didn’t want to either.


He Jin’s father was so angry that he couldn’t say anything. He raised his hand while trembling, it seemed like he wanted to hit him again, but Hou Dongyan stopped him again, he called “uncle” a few times.


His father’s face was pale. He took a step back and sat on He Jin’s bed. He murmured to himself, “no way…it’s not possible, why would it be like this…”


When Hou Dongyan was listening, he couldn’t interrupt, he was worried about He Jin’s father losing his mind, then he hurriedly said, “uncle, please don’t be so angry. He Jin is just being impulsive now. He’s an excellent student in school, and he always does well academically. In the last semester, he was even recommended to become a researcher. I think that’s really good. And in fact, the society is much more open now…people can accept things much better than before. Also, who haven’t dated for a few times nowadays? He Jin even had a pretty girlfriend before. If you think that he can’t continue this way, well, perhaps they won’t be together…” While Hou Dongyan was talking, he squinted to He Jin, implying that his only purpose was to comfort his dad.


Unexpectedly, when he hadn’t finished, He Jin’s father patted on his hands and said, “Xiao Hou, I want you to go out first, I will speak with He Jin alone.”


Hou Dongyan started panicking…could his father use violence?


He was worried about He Jin, and he was standing there waiting for his instructions. He Jin nodded, and Hou Dongyan went out. When he opened the door, he saw that Big Head and brother Seven were outside listening, they must have heard something before, Hou Dongyan waved his hands awkwardly and told them to leave.


Big Head was shocked, “my god, brother Jin is really with Qin Yang?”


Brother Seven, “yeah, I thought that it’s a rumor!”


Hou Dongyan sighed and said, “I think they’re just playing around. Brother Jin knows what he’s doing, he won’t mess with such an important thing in life.”


Brother Seven looked at Big Head, “but I didn’t expect his parents to be that strict. Have you heard that? What kind of mother does he have? She even insulted that girl who wrote a love letter. A psycho, isn’t she?”

Big Head, “well…in fact my mom is similar, she has to control everything…the only difference is…no girl had ever written a love letter to me…”

Everyone, “…”

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