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Chapter 137 – The Future Is Bleak

That night, He Jin went to the high-speed rail station with his dad. In September, it was already getting cold. He Jin recalled that there were still clothes for change at home, he didn’t return to the apartment which he and Qin Yang were renting. Instead, he only called Qin Yang before leaving.

After Qin Yang signed the contract with the entertainment company, he received several jobs in print advertisement. Those days, he was busy shooting and he had taken a few days off from school. He wasn’t home yet. When knowing that He Jin was returning to Q city, he became nervous instantly, “why do you need to go back? What’s happened?”


“My mom is not doing well, and my dad came to look for me.” He Jin didn’t want Qin Yang to worry, and that’s the only thing he had mentioned. When he called, he as already at the high-speed rail station. His dad was smoking not far away, He Jin spoke as softly as he could, as he didn’t want his dad to overhear his conversation.


Qin Yang didn’t have a good impression to the “mother-in-law”, who threw He Jin’s helmet and left so many scars to He Jin. Subconsciously, he’s also worried about this big BOSS jeopardizing his relationship with He Jin. He couldn’t help but ask, “not doing well? Is she simply lying?”


He Jin was a bit angry, “Qin Yang! This kind of matter cannot be taken as a joke!”


He was already super confused, and Qin Yang even said this…


Hearing He Jin’s tone, Qin Yang realized that he’d said something wrong. He apologized hurriedly, “I’m sorry, I’m just worried of you being hurt again.”


He Jin sighed. Before knowing the actual situation, he wasn’t really in the mood to explain it to Qin Yang.


“When are you coming back?” This is what Qin Yang cared the most. At the moment, he’s so occupied now that he couldn’t leave for a moment. Otherwise, he’d certainly accompany He Jin this time.

“I think it’ll only be a day or two. I’m only going to see how my mom is doing, and after I’m back, I still have classes for about two months, and I have to choose the theme of my thesis, I can’t skip classes for that long. Don’t worry.”


As long as he would return, it’s fine. Qin Yang felt as if his heart was sinking to the bottom. He couldn’t tell exactly what he’s worried about. Perhaps, after “being dumped” nine years ago, he’s always been scared of having the same happen on him again, “so, remember, no matter what, call me first. If Auntie needs to see a doctor or anything, pick the best hospital and the best doctor. Don’t worry about money, you’ve got me.”


This successfully comforted He Jin, and it made him feel warm too. He replied, “okay.” Then, after seeing his father looking at his direction while smoking, he immediately hung up.


After the two met again, they went silent. He Jin’s father was happy to see that He Jin was willing to cooperate, but since that moment, He Jin hadn’t mentioned the boy’s name again, this had made his father angry and he really didn’t get it.

“Did you…just call the boy?” He asked softly.

He Jin replied with “hmm”, since his father knew, it was no longer necessary to hide.

He father breathed out the smoke, then smashed the cigarette. He said with his sad face, “He Jin, I can try to understand you for anything. But for this, my answer is no.”


His father looked as if he’s the right one, and He Jin felt really sad.


Indeed, what happened in the past was shocking and frightening, and his mother’s illness was understandable, but He Jin still hadn’t realized what depression could do to a person, he’d always just thought that it’s merely an emotional issue. He still thought that once he apologized, and once he tried to reconcile and to take care of his mother, then everything would improve.


However, he’s not willing to give in. As he’d already tried the taste of freedom, it’s very difficult to live under his mother’s control again. And he didn’t want to live up to her expectations just because of her illness either.

He Jin planned to wait for his mother to become better to fight this long battle with his parents.

“When you graduate, you can do the job that you want, and you can be with the girl you want. Dad will support you, but you can’t be an abnormal person.” He Jin’s father was trying to convince his son to return to the right path.


He Jin raised his hand to cover his face and said painfully, “dad, don’t say it anymore.”


He couldn’t let go of Qin Yang. About half a month ago, he was still having dinner at Qin Yang’s place, and his father even told him not to hurt Qin Yang’s heart…why is there such a big difference in the extent of tolerance in different families?


After getting back to his home, which he seemed to have left long time ago, He Jin had a feeling of being separated from the reality. Although it was still filled with the familiar smell, there was no warmth, only a sense of death. On the dinner table, there were some labelled bottles of medicine. He Jin had a glance, there were over ten kinds of medicine!


After hearing the sound, someone came out of the bedroom, it’s He Jin’s aunt. She said softly with joy, “oh! You’re back so soon!”


He Jin looked in the direction of the bedroom, “oh, aunt, where’s my mom?”


His aunt looked at He Jin’s father, who nodded, “I’ve told him.”


His aunt pointed to her own head and said somewhat with confusion, “oh, she’s sleeping now. After taking those pills, she’s always sleepy, and she’s rarely awake during the day.”


He Jin’s father put down his stuff and sighed, “it’s a good thing, better than attempting suicide.”


His aunt looked at He Jin, “Jin Jin, your mom’s in a difficult situation. You need to understand her more.”


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