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Chapter 138 – Baby Dumpling

He Jin returned to the apartment with a feeling of loss and uneasiness. Qin Yang had not returned yet, and He Jin was sitting on the sofa in a daze.

The pot of small plant on the coffee table was growing rapidly. On the fruit plate, there were some apricots and dragon fruit which they had just bought a few days ago, and they were still pretty fresh. On the shelf placed on the right side of the sofa, there were a few samples that the game company gave to Qin Yang earlier. In the kitchen, there were two sets of washed kitchenware. He Jin had put a cloth on top of it. The door of the bedroom was wide open, and he could see the bedsheets clearly. Qin Yang was such a lazy head, he hadn’t folded his quilt again…he had also thrown his slippers randomly on the floor, those slippers…they had bought them in MUJI…the rug had been used for half a year now and it’s a bit dirty already, yet it still looked warm…then, he looked at the balcony through the windows, the sky looked grey.


This is their world, the world that only belongs to them. Living here, they were just like any other couples…they cooked together, they kissed and loved without holding back, they were looking after each other…in just six months, this little space less than 50 square meters was filled with beautiful memories. He couldn’t let it go.

However, he couldn’t ignore his old father with a hunchback, his grey-haired mother with depression. He couldn’t just let his father take care of his sick mother alone. That woman was ill. And he had responsibilities that he couldn’t get away from.


He Jin covered his face and the corner of his eyes became wet. He didn’t know what to do.

At ten o’clock in the evening, Qin Yang came back from C city. He just recorded an entertainment talk show as a guest, which would be broadcasted in the prime time the weekend after.

He Jin received a call from Qin Yang who would soon return. He tried to pull himself together and cut the dragon fruit into small pieces.

He was not good at it. The pieces looked irregular and it took him a long time to finish. He put the pieces into two glass bowls and put a bit honey on top. After doing it, Qin Yang opened the door and entered.

Qin Yang looked pretty tired, he put down his luggage and walked right into the kitchen. He hugged He Jin instantly. Without waiting for him to turn around, he kept kissing He Jin’s back of the neck, ears and his side face.


A small separation is better than a new marriage. Qin Yang couldn’t get enough of him, and even after kissing for ten minutes, he still wouldn’t let go. He said affectionately, “wifey, I missed you so much…”


“Are you a dog or what? You’re too active, let go!” He Jin laughed and patted on Qin Yang’s hand. He handed Qin Yang a bowl, “come, eat this.”


Qin Yang looked touched, he took the bowl and kissed He Jin’s cheeks again. While he took a wooden fork and took a piece of dragon fruit, he asked, “what happened to your mom?”


He Jin lowered his eyes, “it’s okay. I left home for half a year, she’s not in a good mood. I’ve reconciled with her.”


Qin Yang tilted his mouth and he looked really unhappy. He knew that He Jin’s family was his biggest obstacle of their relationship. Therefore, he sometimes hoped that He Jin could cut off the ties with his family completely. That way, he’d be able to be with He Jin forever.


He Jin glanced at him, “what are you thinking about?”


Qin Yang was shocked, “nothing!”


He Jin was speechless, “it’s all written on your face.”


Qin Yang, “……”


He Jin, “I know that you don’t like her that much. Me neither. But she’s my mom.”


“Okay, I’m wrong. But I’m really worried that she’ll separate us!” Qin Yang ate for a while then suddenly asked, “if your mom wants us to break up, will you accept it?”


He Jin was a bit shocked and he smiled bitterly. Indeed, Qin Yang was quite smart. He Jin replied, “no.” but in his heart, he was saying, “sorry, Qin Yang, she probably will never find out that I was once with you.”

After hearing this answer, Qin Yang was thrilled for a long time. After taking a shower, he urged He Jin for some private time. Not only He Jin didn’t refuse, but he was also more proactive than ever.


After it, the two hugged and Qin Yang thought that he’s probably the happiest person in the world.


The next few days, Qin Yang took a break in his work and went back to school. After the launch of the advertisement, Qin Yang was no longer famous in the university only. There were new students, and many of them who were also fans of Demon God all chased behind Qin Yang, asking for his autograph. Luckily, the atmosphere in Hua University was quite normal, Qin Yang only felt that more people were looking at him outside, and there weren’t many troubles.


After one week, Qin Yang’s talk show was broadcasted. It was recorded on the TV station of H province. That night, He Jin and Qin Hao also watched the show.


Qin Yang looked very handsome on TV, and he had such a strong charisma. He easily answered the questions of the host. He’s both cool and sensible, so perfect that he’s unbeatable – he’s an excellent student in Hua University, with mechanical engineering as his major, he’s the number 1 player in Demon God, and he earned more than a million yuan per year by being a host in the game…this young man was just too perfect, and everything just looked so flawless on him.

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