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Chapter 141 – I can’t get over it

After saying these sentences, He Jin couldn’t continue anymore.


He Jin’s father suddenly recalled about his son arguing with him three years ago in his dormitory. He growled and asked his dad with frustration, whether they had ever cared about how he felt, whether they ever thought about what he wanted, what he didn’t want, what he liked and what he didn’t…


At that time, He Jin’s father only took his son as being childish, and he told He Jin every truth in the past out of impulsiveness.


After that, He Jin calmed down. And although he’s frustrated, he chose to return home and not to rebel against his parents anymore. He even listened to his father and broke up with Qin Yang.


He’s now a mature adult. He knew how to deal with people, he worked diligently, and he even obediently attended the blind dates that his mother arranged…everything just looked so normal. He Jin’s father was thinking that he should feel relieved after his wish was fulfilled, yet he didn’t. He Jin’s words of three years ago still reappeared in his head from time to time. After his observation of He Jin these few years, his father still thought that something had gone wrong.


That is, his child seemed to have lost the ability to be happy. It is not the “unhappiness” He Jin deliberately showed on his face, but a kind of pain that had already been suppressed and hidden deep in his heart. He would only reveal it a bit when nobody was around.


He Jin’s father hadn’t forgotten the way He Jin looked when he was grabbing his fist tightly, his shoulders shaking vigorously, and he was roaring angrily at his father – that he didn’t want to become someone that he despised.


When recalling that scene, the 70-year-old man suddenly trembled. He put off his cigarette while shaking and asked softly, “He Jin, do you really like the way you are now?”


He Jin’s heart had already been sinking for a long time, yet it was suddenly “awakened” by this question again. Very soon, he felt upset. His father had no idea how much effort He Jin had put so that he could still there calmly, in front of him.


He Jin was thinking – does it really matter whether he liked himself or not? The most important thing is that his parents preferred him that way.


“Just like that, I’ve got no choice.” He Jin replied calmly.


He Jin had tried putting himself in his parents’ shoes. What if he’s born mentally or physically handicapped? Would his parents give up on him? Surely not, they would surely continue raising him up, and that’s exactly why he’d never given up on his ill mother, no matter how frustrated he felt, and how much of a regret it would be to break up with Qin Yang.


He knew that he had to bear this responsibility. For a man, a son, it’s something that he’s born to bear with, even though it meant the price to pay would be his happiness.


He Jin’s father took a long sigh. He suddenly realized that He Jin shouldn’t be the one to bear the negative influence brought by He Lin’s tragedy…


Seeing his father frowning tightly, He Jin comforted him, “dad, are you thinking that I’m holding grievances against you and mom? Don’t worry too much. See, I’m fine and I’m here, Mom is doing much better too. You should take care of yourself as well. Smoke less, what I care the most is you and mom’s health.”


He Jin’s father nodded weakly. After convincing him, He Jin turned back. After watching some TV with his mom, he went to his bedroom to sleep at 10pm.


Two days later, Qin Yang arrived in Q city. The meeting with his fans was scheduled from 2 to 5 pm that day at the Culture Palace. Local television newspapers and online media had already started reporting this event.


Over the past three years, every time He Jin heard Qin Yang ’s name from the people around him, or when he unintentionally saw his face on a mobile advertisement, it caused a big emotional impact to He Jin, and that’s why he never dared to check any relevant news of Qin Yang.


This day was Saturday. He Jin did not have to go to work. His mother made an arrangement for him to see the niece of his father’s previous colleague. At about 11am, he went out.


Q city was very small, the most lively place was located in the city center, and there were only a few roads from the east to the south. The restaurant that He Jin had reserved was located in Shengyi Plaza, a kilometer away from the Culture Palace, it’s a very famous Cantonese restaurant.


When he arrived at the restaurant at 11.45am, it was still fifteen minutes before he could meet the girl. He was checking the information of the girl that he’d received on his bracelet – her name was Duan Shurong, she’s 27 years old, a staff of the editorial department of Q city television station. She had graduated from the Communications University of S Province with Chinese as her major, she’d only dated once, and about her hobbies…


There’s really no need to check further. He Jin sent a message to the girl and told her the number of table. Then, he ordered a cup of espresso and calmed himself, starting to prepare what he’s going to say.


Usually, during blind dates, it’s normal for the girl to be a bit late. He Jin thought that he would need to wait for at least half an hour. Unexpectedly, the girl arrived before 12.


“Are you…Mr. He Jin?”


She was wearing a simple shirt, a plain gray cotton sweater, and a pair of black-rimmed glasses…Duan Shurong was trying hard to connect this person with the young guy in white shirt in her memory.

He Jin suddenly looked up, his eyes were flashing – she had a pair of big eyes, a V-shaped chin, long straight hair, and she wearing a simple, elegant skirt. She’s a beauty.


“Hello, Miss Duan.” He hurriedly reached out his hand to shook hers. And he relaxingly pointed to her seat, “have a seat.”


Duan Shurong kept looking at He Jin. After she sat down, she asked with doubt, “He Jin, don’t you remember me?”


He Jin was stunned, then he looked at her face again. He shook his hand and said apologetically, “where have we met?”


“We…” Duan Shurong drew a line between the two, “we attended the same secondary school.”


He Jin slowly widened his eyes, he seemed to be recalling something but his memory was still vague…


Duan Shurong smiled bitterly, and said again, “whenever there were activities in school, we always partnered up to be the hosts. I was an admirer of yours back in the secondary school, and I even wrote you a love letter. But after you handed it to your mother, she called my parents and also taught me a lesson. Do you remember that?”


“Ah!” He Jin exclaimed, “It’s you!”


He instantly became shy and embarrassed, and he was caught off-guard. The incident of that time was still a big embarrassment to him. Since he dared not think further, he slowly forgot about it over the years, “sorry, I…I forgot.”


“You didn’t realize that I’d go on a blind date with you?” Duan Shurong asked.


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