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Chapter 143 – Wait until I’m back

After 8pm, there were more people in the bar, and the bartender looked at He Jin at the corner, who’s already very drunk at that time. He made a look to the waiter, who nodded to imply that he knew what to do. Usually, under this situation, they would use the customer’s bracelet to call the person whom he’d called last, and asked a family member or friend to pick him up.


When the waiter was approaching He Jin, he heard the wind chime ringing at the door. A man in his black jacket pushed the door and came in with the autumn wind.


He was a very tall young man, who was wearing his sunglasses even at night. His thick scarf had covered his chin and lips, and people could only see his straight nose.


The waiter couldn’t help but stare at him with full attention – although this young man was almost fully covered, clothes couldn’t hide his charm and cool style. Even without looking at his face, his body had already revealed that he’s an attractive man. The waiter hesitated for a while before approaching him.


However, after that man came in, he stood in the same place and looked around. He didn’t seem to be there to drink, more like to look for someone.


Obviously, when his gaze slowly fixed on the corner, it stopped. Then, he walked toward that direction.


He Jin lied on the table with his eyes closed, his brain hurt like being pinched by a thousand needles, and his heart was beating very fast. He’s not sure whether it’s because he’d had too much coffee or he’s drunk, he just knew that he’d never felt as uncomfortable as ever after drinking.


Qin Yang came in front of him, he glanced across the small bottle of half-finished martini on the table, the half barrel of melted ice cubes, and the guy with a sharp chin, who’s his lover…


Qin Yang had been waiting in the car for two hours, and his driver had bought him a sandwich to eat inside. Aside from this, he hadn’t taken a shower, nor had he removed his makeup. Qin Yang actually had no idea what he was waiting for, and what he’s expecting, he was merely standing there and he felt like a fool.


Was he looking forward to seeing this person again? What if he did? What could he tell him?


Three years ago, He Jin had already told him everything clearly. He couldn’t dump his parents, he had to get married and have children, and he had to pursue a traditional family – none of these could be achieved by Qin Yang. He Jin didn’t even leave him a chance to beg for him to stay. He just vanished – so quickly and so suddenly.


When he thought of this man who hadn’t given him any news these three years, Qin Yang suddenly smiled sarcastically…He Jin, how could you be so cruel?


Now that you’re gone, then why are you still looking at me like you can’t let me go, and that you’re so sad? Since you don’t want me anymore, then why did you come to this kind of place to get drunk? And you’ve even gotten so drunk!


Qin Yang stretched his hand and touched He Jin’s face…he’s become skinner, he looked so depressed and even a bit unhealthy.


He Jin frowned and murmured about something.


Qin Yang suddenly felt inexplicably furious. Since He Jin had gotten so drunk, if it was another man who touched him, would he be so defenseless as well?


He grabbed He Jin’s arm without any sympathy, and pulled him up from the seat!


He Jin opened his eyelids and he was so dizzy that he couldn’t focus at all. He shook his head and tried hard to look at the person in front of him, but when he did, the whole world started spinning and he even stumbled when he tried to step forward!


Qin Yang subconsciously reached out to grab him, then held him in his arms.


He Jin leaned on Qin Yang’s shoulder and he smelled a strange taste of cologne. He felt a bit uneasy and began to struggle weakly, he also murmured something vaguely.


Qin Yue was so mad that he grabbed He Jin’s arm around his shoulder with one hand, and he was half carrying He Jin out of the bar.


When he was near to the exit, the waiter politely stopped him, “sir, may I ask if you’re…”


“His friend.” Qin Yang said these two words coldly without waiting for the waiter to respond. He also used some strength to pull He Jin who started to slip down, and walked out straightly.


He pushed He Jin into the car and ordered the waiting driver without hesitation, “back to the hotel.”


On his way, Qin Yang called his assistant and said that he needed a new room. His assistant was a bit surprised, “open a new room? The reception has already opened a special one for you. What’s the use of a new one?”


Qin Yang was a bit impatient, “don’t ask too much, just do what I asked.”

The assistant flinched and asked, “Oh…then what kind of room do you want?”


“One with a king-sized bed. By the way, buy some anti-alcohol medicine as well,” Qin Yang glanced at He Jin who was lying unconscious on him. His eyes seemed darker and deeper, then, Qin Yang said through the bracelet, “also two boxes of condoms and one bottle of lubricant, remember to get the best brand.”


“Ok, medicine, and con…” His assistant was speechless for two seconds as she couldn’t react. She asked with her trembling voice, “bro…brother Qin, are you bringing someone over?”


Qin Yang didn’t avoid the question, “yes.”


Assistant, “for this…wait, brother Qin, what if I go downstairs with Xiao Zhou to pick you up? Since you’re coming alone, there might be reporters hiding somewhere, if they get any pictures, brother Peng will surely kill me…”


Qin Yang gently caressed He Jin’s neck and said, “there’s no need. Just let them do take whatever they want. This person is mine.”


Assistant, “…”


After arriving at the hotel’s underground parking lot, Qin Yang managed to drag He Jin out of car. He Jin’s feet were so weak that he couldn’t stand firmly at all. He tried to throw up, but nothing came out.

Even if He Jin had been drunk before, he had never been drunk like this. It seems like he’d crossed the limits!

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