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Chapter 154 – Stubbornness

The attitude of He Jin’s parents had changed so quickly, and it’s beyond his expectations. If this happened three years ago, He Jin’s mother would surely threaten him that she’d commit suicide. He’s wondering whether it’s a reward from God in exchange for his change of attitude and efforts, or what he’d done these three years finally paid off. He suddenly felt light and relieved, just like the sky finally clear of clouds.


In the next few days, mother He kept asking He Jin about the background of Qin Yang. She’s surprised to hear that at the age of 26, he already opened a few companies himself and even started producing robots. It’s quite obvious that not many people could have the same achievements.


“He really earned it himself.” He Jin swore, “his mother died when he’s still very small, and his father had his own business. Since he’s 18 years old, he’s never spent a coin of his family, and he started earning money by himself that year…”


Seeing how attentive his mother was, He Jin could only tell her everything. He knew that he couldn’t cover the fact that Qin Yang worked in the entertainment circle. Although his parents were old, they still watched TV and might see Qin Yang on TV one day. It’d be better to tell her all the truth now. However, there’re still skills in telling the truth. He Jin only told his mother that what Qin Yang was doing was related to entertainment. He didn’t say clearly that he’s a “celebrity”.


“Then, didn’t his father say anything? He’s a handsome guy and also very capable. Didn’t his father give any comments on your relationship?” He Jin’s mother started to worry if He Jin would encounter any troubles in the relationship.


“I visited his family three years ago, and his father knew earlier that he likes me, he’s also very supportive of our relationship. Qin Yang also has a brother and sister from a different mother.” He Jin still felt apologetic about having mentioned breaking up with Qin Yang three years ago. He still didn’t know how to explain this to his father.


Mother He pouted, and she immediately thought about those rich and successful men dumping their wives and marrying another woman who’s prettier and younger. She also complained a bit, “which father would do this to a son? I think that he just cared about his siblings more. That’s why Qin Yang is so independent.”


He Jin became speechless. He was wondering if his mom would still say the same if she experienced the atmosphere in Qin Yang’s home. However, He Jin didn’t say anything further. Apparently, parents always want to appear the best in the eyes of their kids.


After settling the matters at home, He Jin also promised to his parents that he’d return home at least once a month. He packed some stuff and was ready to leave.


The day when he was leaving, his mother went to the market at 6am in the morning and picked some expensive shrimps and black pork. She made many dishes for He Jin.


This time, He Jin no longer felt like he couldn’t take it. The dishes were filled with love from his mother. No matter how many grievances and resentment they had in the past, they had all disappeared at this moment.


During the meal, mother He repeatedly reminded He Jin, “you’re a man. You have to rely on yourself. Even if you help him and spend your lifetime with him, you still need to be economically independent. You are separate individuals. No matter how rich he is, you need to earn the money that you deserve. Who can rely on a relationship forever? Remember that you can’t get married. Who knows what will happen in the future?”


He Jin used to think the same, but he now believed that he and Qin Yang could truly rely on each other. All in all, he still believed that his mother was only reminding him out of her experiences, and He Jin didn’t want to argue with her. He nodded. He wouldn’t ask Qin Yang for money unless absolutely necessary.


His father didn’t have much to say. He was holding a panda-brand cigarette that Qin Yang gave him earlier, squinted his eyes and smoked enjoyably. When He Jin went out, his father said, “tell Xiao Qin that it’s a good brand and thank him for me.”


He Jin, “…”


Qin Yang bought a ticket for He Jin and picked him up at the airport. In the past three years, he flew everywhere in the country, and he’s always welcomed by fans. He didn’t really try picking up anyone in the airport himself.


He dared not stay at the crowded gate. Instead, he drove and waited in the parking lot. He Jin got out of the airport and found the meeting point according to the text message sent by Qin Yang. He saw a pure white Porsche.

Qin Yang sat in the driver’s seat, rolled down the window and whistled at He Jin, “handsome guy, you want a ride?”


He Jin, “…”


When he’s sitting in the car, He Jin was curiously touching everything. This is a Porsche, a whole different level than mini and Jaguar!


“Why did you change your car? What happened to the Jaguar?” He Jin asked.


Qin Yang stepped on the accelerator and the car smoothly slipped out of the driveway, “it’s at home. This is for me to drive my wife around and show off.”


He Jin burst into laughter and he felt that the silly Qin Yang was back.


“Where are we going?” He Jin was a little hesitant. Qin Yang said on the phone that they’d get home first. However, it’s been three years, Qin Yang must have been moved. Or it could be his parents’ house?


“You’ll know when you get there.” Qin Yang didn’t answer directly, the car quickly got on the highway and headed straight to the western district of the city.


He Jin looked at the high-rise buildings and the traffic outside his window, and his heart was filled with excitement which he hadn’t felt for a long time, just like when he first arrived at Hua University seven years ago, when he first knew what freedom was.

After more than half an hour, He Jin started seeing a familiar environment. He was wondering, “do you still live near Hua University?”


Qin Yang didn’t answer. When he drove into a certain district, He Jin couldn’t believe himself, “you still haven’t moved out?” This is exactly the apartment that they rented three years ago!


Qin Yang got out of the car. Without helping He Jin with his luggage, he pulled He Jin up directly.


He Jin almost stumbled while Qin Yang was dragging him. When they reached the third floor, Qin Yang grabbed He Jin’s wrist with one hand and used his other hand to get the key and open the door. Then, he pushed He Jin inside. He got in afterwards as well.


He Jin looked up. He saw the pale blue walls in the room, the plant on the coffee table, the warm-colored sofa, and the slightly inclined sofa cushion…


The door of the bedroom was open, and there were still his pyjamas on the hangers, books on the writing desk, messy bedding and a pair of slippers on the carpet…everything had stayed exactly the same!


For a moment, He Jin almost thought that he had traveled back to three years ago!


“He Jin, it’s been three years. All I was waiting for was you…” Qin Yang took a step forward and hugged him from behind.


He Jin was awakened from his memories and he felt emotional.


“Remember, the day you left me three years ago, this was how this room looked like. When I woke up, your stuff was still here. I didn’t know whether you were passionate or cruel to me…” He bit He Jin’s neck, bit it and grinded it like he’s letting off his temper.


He Jin gasped with pain, he was leaning on Qin Yang’s arms and he couldn’t speak.


Qin Yang then slowly turned his biting into kissing, then he started licking it softly. He tilted his head and got close to his shoulders, their faces touching each other, “I was wondering how you could do this to me…you were still intimate with me the other night, and you even told me that you would never abandon me for your parents, but you still did…I really hated you to the guts!”


He Jin was silent for a moment, and when he wanted to say “I’m sorry”, Qin Yang covered his mouth.


“I was so angry that I almost smashed everything here, I wanted to look for you in Q city immediately, grab you back and not let you work, so that I could cook for you and we could stay with each other every day. Then, when your parents pass away, you would belong to me forever.”

While He Jin was listening, he shivered. He wasn’t sure how Qin Yang could have such evil thoughts.


Qin Yang sighed and continued, “however, I knew that you’d hate me if I did that. I knew that it’d be a crime also. Once I knew that you’d hate me, I dared not do anything further. Then, I gave up, just like a lost dog. And I was completely forgotten…I started comforting myself, and I told myself that perhaps I’d bump into you one day, perhaps you’d still call my name and still remember me.”


He Jin’s eyes went sour, tears dropped and they fell on Qin Yang’s fingertips.


He Jin’s lips moved gently, he was calling Qin Yang’s name…


Qin Yang kissed his ears and said, “it’s all okay now, you’re back finally. However, I could bear with you leaving me for the first time, even the second time, but I can’t guarantee that I could do it for the third time. During these three years, I thought about you every day. I had very sick ideas. I wanted to kidnap you and to keep you forever here…even now, I still have to suppress these evil ideas. It’s been twelve years since I knew you, I could have let go of you if possible, but it’s not…so, now that you’ve returned, you have to be mentally prepared that I’ll tie you with me forever. Promise me, don’t make me turn into a criminal.”

He Jin nodded and uttered an “um” from his throat. He was not afraid of what Qin Yang had said. He was feeling empathetic instead. When someone is too obsessed and stubborn, he could become a demon.


Qin Yang loosened his palms, hugged him tight and sighed in his ear, “He Jin, we’ll start all over. And we’ll do it right where we parted. Okay?”


He Jin trembled and answered, “okay.”

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