Side story (2)


The team’s activities were interrupted because of this sudden “prenatal sign” of Wild Crane. Except for Leisure Cloud, everyone looked confused. Even though they didn’t have a clue what to do, they all turned around and watched how Wild Crane was going to do it.

To be honest, they’d never really seen how a player gives birth in the game!

Although they could find the “strategy of laying an egg” after searching “Demon God” on the Internet, the information appeared to be much more thorough than He Jin and Qin Yang had known back then. For players who never went through this, it’s an extremely interesting thing.


Everyone was enthusiastically discussing behind —


Dead Water, “are you giving birth now? But where are you going to do it?”


Qin Yang, who had experiences in “being a father, explained casually, “back to the husband and wife room in the garden system.”


Twig Fence asked He Jin, “how does it feel to give birth? Does it hurt?”


“…” He Jin really didn’t want to answer such an embarrassing question.


Fortunately, Dead Water took the subject and continued asking Qin Yang, “so you’ll have a baby straightaway?”


Qin Yang, “no, it was just an egg with a soft shell after birth. And it’d only break the shell after some time.”


Dumpling nodded on the side. It’s like he knew perfectly how he was born. He Jin found it hilarious.


Nine Hall told Dead Water, “didn’t you read the strategy? Many people have shared their experiences! They said that it felt almost the same as pooping. The game company really likes joking with us!”


Dead Water looked at Nine Hall with confusion, “why did you read the strategy?”


Nine Hall, “just for fun.”


Dead Water raised his eyebrow, “is it because you want to lay an egg for me?”


Nine Hall, “…”


As they were talking, several people landed at the entrance of Wild Crane’s house. Dead Water smiled at Nine Hall while swaying his fan, “although I want a baby too, the system stipulates that same-sex couples cannot lay eggs. What a pity.”


Nine Hall, “what are you talking about? A pity? I was really just reading it for fun, can you stop your wild thoughts?”


Dead Water patted Nine Hall’s back, “I get it.”


Nine Hall almost spitted out blood…


Wild Crane couldn’t wait to run toward the couple room, and Leisure Cloud followed him tightly.


Everyone stopped in restraint, there’s only Twig Fence who persistently asked, “can we have a look?”


Nine Hall straddled the panda’s buttocks, it’s like he was letting his temper off on Twig Fence, “are you sick? Who’d let other people watch while giving birth?”

Unexpectedly, soon after Nine Hall spoke, Wild Crane exclaimed enthusiastically inside the room, “come! All of you!”


Everyone, “…”


It seems that the “forgiveness” of Nine Hall was completely superfluous, since the party involved didn’t mind at all.


As the husband and wife room could only be accessed by the couple, Wild Crane simply let the door open and let everyone watch.


Twig Fence twisted the panda’s butt, rushed to the entrance of the delivery room and watched closely. Even though the rest of them wanted to act like gentlemen, they felt pretty powerless…alright, let’s go, let’s do it anyway!


The entrance was suddenly crowded with people, and Leisure Cloud could only tolerate with the “open-mindedness” of his wife. His mouth twitched and he felt so shameful.


He Jin found that even Dumpling was flying at the top, and he was curiously looking with his two big round eyes. He found it funny – does the little thing know what he’s looking at?


“Does my baby want a little brother or sister?” He Jin whispered to Dumpling.


Dumpling tilted his head, as if he didn’t understand what He Jin was saying.


He Jin asked Qin Yang, “how smart is a system baby?”

Qin Yang explained, “according to the information that our company purchased from Demon God, babies have a higher IQ than children of the same age as humans, and they have the same emotions as their parents. They would be angry and sad for the same reasons as their parents. Therefore, they would never act rebelliously and they would never talk back. Of course, their intelligence level and reaction in the fighting system have been set.”


No wonder they were curious, Dumpling were also curious.


He Jin couldn’t help but start looking forward, “I really want to know how Dumpling is like in reality.”

Qin Yang laughed, “it’s already in the test phase. Tomorrow, you may check it out in the office first. However, there’s no memory of Dumpling in it yet, so he doesn’t know you yet.”


In the room, Wild Crane was squatting on the bed and trying to find out how he was going to give birth, but in just two seconds, he felt much lighter, and there’s already a big white egg behind him, “hell! So quick?!”


Twig Fence, “wow! It’s like magic!”

Nine Hall also widened his eyes and was surprised, “I didn’t expect it to be so easy…”


Leisure Cloud immediately reached out and touched the soft egg film, and he was full of happiness.


Wild Crane turned around, and then reached out to poke what he just gave birth to. He looked full of interest, just like a scientist who has done a weird experiment, “it’s so soft!”


Leisure Cloud patted on his hand, “be gentle, don’t poke it open!”


Wild Crane, “…”


Dead Water found it strange, “how come there’s no system announcement?”


Qin Yang explained, “there will only be an announcement after the egg is hatched.”

Leisure Cloud and Wild Crane asked He Jin to tell them about his “egg hatching” experience, then immersed themselves in the joy of becoming “new fathers”.


Looking at the two people squatting next to the bed, He Jin knew that the activities that day had to be postponed. They had confirmed that they’d go online some time later, and they started leaving one by one.

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