Side story (3)

The strength of the two was superimposed and increased by 50%, which means that if “Fire Ruthless” performed an effective attack, its damage to the opponent would be three times that of the past, and the output would be tremendous.


Although He Jin knew that it’s an effect of the combination of Golden Wind and gyokuro, he knew that he couldn’t guarantee the outcome to be successful if it was him taking the lead. That’s why it still had to be Qin Yang who did it.


Moreover, their opponent did not know that Fire and Ah Jin had already combined. They only felt that the power of Fire Ruthless had suddenly increased. Aside from finding it unbelievable, they were also panicking. They started making mistakes and were soon defeated.


Looking at their expressions and performances, He Jin could sense the invincible momentum of Qin Yang in battle, it’s the most powerful and indestructible!


By this time, Flowing Gold knew that it’d make him look ugly if he still persisted to fight. He made a truce gesture and said to Qin Yang, “Master, I admire you. And let’s fight again some other time.” Then, he quickly left with the green figure.


He Jin breathed a sigh of relief and said, “phew, how dangerous.”

Qin Yang proudly said, “what’s so dangerous? I wouldn’t lose even if I continued.”


At this moment, the effect of the medicine had already passed. He Jin separated from the body of Qin Yang and said jokingly, “next time he comes again, you might not be so lucky.”


Qin Yang shrugged, meaning that he didn’t care. Flowing Gold never came again.


About a few months later, in the new “Demon God” team competition, He Jin and Qin Yang watched the live broadcast and saw the real person of the “new master”, and the green figure happened to be Fallen Wood!


When the host asked what they thought of the first team and the legendary player “Fire Ruthless”, Flowing Gold exclaimed, “Well! He’s super-duper powerful!”


The host asked, “why did you say so?”


Flowing Gold, “one time, I attacked him with Wood, and I approached him alone first. I initially felt quite okay with it, but then he suddenly became stronger. Wood was helping me and neither of us could defeat him. For us, the existence of Ruthless was just like…gm! It’s just so horrifying!”


When He Jin saw this scene, he almost spat water on the screen!


The mouth of the host twitched, “does Fallen Wood share the same opinion?”


Fallen Wood seemed calmer and he also nodded, “yes, he’s very unpredictable…”


Qin Yang held He Jin’s shoulders while he was watching and started laughing.


The host asked again, “have you ever thought about getting into PK with him when you become stronger?”


Flowing Gold shook his head, “I and Wood both grew up watching the live broadcast of Ruthless. Assuming that he hadn’t been online for a long time, his strength must have been decreased. However, since we can’t even beat him now, I’m sure that we’ll lose when he’s at his best. I’ll never challenge him again.”


Fallen Wood nodded, showing that he agreed.


Flowing Gold laughed, “however, if I ever see him in reality, I might ask him for an autograph.”


Right, the era of Fire Ruthless has passed, but his name was still a myth in “Demon God”, and no one can change that.


The baby of Leisure Cloud and Wild Crane was finally officially “born” after a few days of hatching, and coincidentally, their baby happened to be the 100th one in the game!


That day, they went online again to celebrate it, and they saw a pair of angel-like baby with white wings and a pair of big, amber eyes behind the home of Wild Crane. It was very lovely.


Everyone asked about the baby’s name, Wild Crane answered, “since Ah Jin’s baby is called Dumpling, then ours will be Lantern! They can make a pair!”

He Jin was thrilled, “for real?”


Dumpling could feel his father’s mood, he fluttered his wings as well. He Jin asked him, “my baby will have a little sister. Are you happy?”


Nine Hall wondered, “why is it a little sister? Can’t it be a brother?”


Wild Crane was also confused, “Oh? I really didn’t check whether it’s a boy or a girl!”


Everyone, “…”


Qin Yang interrupted and said, “there’s no gender for system babies.”


Nine Hall, “hell! There’s no gender?”


Leisure Cloud held Lantern and said to it affectionately, “I prefer girls, so I’ll treat my baby as a little girl.”


Lantern looked at his father for two seconds, but it pouted. Its eyes were suddenly filled with tears and almost started crying.

The group looked dumbfounded and asked, “do system babies cry?”


Nine Hall, “is it because it doesn’t want to be treated as a girl?”


Leisure Cloud, “…”


He Jin found it strange. Previously, Qin Yang had told him that system babies were connected emotionally with his parents, and they’d mourn over the same things as their parents did. Dumpling had almost cried once when he was leaving the game. In this case, why did Lantern want to cry if both Leisure Cloud and Wild Crane were happy?


At this time, Qin Yang frowned and asked, “is it because Wild Crane doesn’t like daughters?”


After someone finally knew how he felt, Wild Crane shrugged, “yeah, I prefer boys.”


“Then that’s why.” Qin Yang explained, “system babies cry when their parents don’t agree on something.”


Gosh, this reason made all the guys’ hearts soften, they started persuading the couple, “its gender really doesn’t matter, what’s important is that it’s your baby.”

“Right, since the gender of the system babies aren’t set by the game, I’m guessing they also don’t want the players to prefer boys over girls? Hahaha…”

Leisure Cloud patted on Wild Crane’s shoulder and comforted him, “silly, if you don’t like girls, you just need to tell me. I’ll also take back what I’ve just said.”

Wild Crane twisted and said, “it’s not that I don’t like girls, I just…well, you know what I want to say!”


When everyone heard it, they became curious, “what do you mean? What does Leisure Cloud know about?”

Leisure Cloud tried not to laugh, “when he was small, he was raised as a little girl by his mother. It left a shadow in his mind. I didn’t think of this reason…by the way, he was even considered as ‘the prettiest girl’ in class.”

“Hey! It’s enough!” Wild Crane kicked Leisure Cloud, trying to make him stop revealing more of his dark history.

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